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Cyber to Cellular Expansion of Consciousness

The matrix creaks and cracks around us. In turn strengthening its grip or flinching and glitching. In a world where we are conditioned to compete, conform and comply we focus on what’s missing not what’s already here. We then feed this, as the snake eats its tail, consumerism and capitalism can never be satisfied. We are programmed to feel bad about ourselves with the matrix offering one quick fix after another. We are made to feel negative which causes us to draw more negativity to us. We manifest our negativity, our fears. This is matrix utopia. We become the driving force of 3d holographic reality. We become the protagonists. We do the elite’s dirty work for them. Breeding negativity within and so without.

Layered over our natural environment, the holographic matrix operates on a system of ignorance and fear. Long buried ancient sites of mystical knowledge are revealing themselves to the eagle eyed google earther. The skies light up with ufo activity, captured on phone cams, people gasping in the background. The technology age has arrived and with it a return to tribal consciousness. We know what the rest of the world really thinks through social media and the internet. The mainstream media machine grasps at straws to keep us hooked. Whispers crackle online as truth spreads like wildfire, piercing the darkness with light. The technology age gives us a voice, a crucial means of communicating with each other. Can the elite strip us of these luxuries in a locked down global society? Will the apathetic West accept limited social media, research, access to information?

The interweb offers us communication, connectivity and expansion of consciousness. It is a library we can explore anytime we choose. The elite are desperately trying to find a way to lock the internet down, they recognise their monster may turn on its maker. For the West where programming, fear and toxins have kept us in our place, the internet offers a vast range of entertainment, information and fun. The elite understand that taking our 21st century toy away or limiting its use may shake us out of our trance induced state. We may get out on the streets in justified rebellion if we can’t check how our granny in Istanbul is, or play global games or giggle at cute kittens. There is a great risk for the elite in limiting the internet in the West. We like our new toy and we are unlikely to give it up without a fight.

The predators running our governments have given birth to their technological monster, now they watch as it rampages. Tearing down their carefully constructed world, relinquishing rules, destroying walls of division and letting information, communication and enlightenment stream in. The interweb has given us back our village mentality. Organic global tribal communities sharing information, hobbies, passions and wisdom spring up every day online. We no longer rely on acceptance and validation from our immediate community, those most likely to condition us to conformity. We are able to resonate and align with others across the globe, this is cyber expansion of consciousness.

For the first time a generation is growing up hyper aware of the thoughts, actions, beliefs and even looks of people in countries far away from themselves. American millennials know European youth are frustrated and fed up with selfish politics. American young people know no other country in the world arms its citizens the way the US government has. People are increasingly aware of control and conditioning. This awakening of the next generation is profound in that they do not know limitation of communication. Silicon valley boasts a new breed of human, the geek with the evolution of a species in his or her hands. We see demonstrations across the globe for equality if we follow the white rabbit. If we unplug Murdoch media and dig on the internet we find truth. Ordinary people’s truth. We see what others see, not what we are being told to see. Cyber awakening from algorithms of control.

The trance fear programming of the matrix is being cranked up. Trigger words, colour programming, subliminal conditioning appear to be putting some people in a catatonic state. Unable to resonate with, engage with, or respond to global concerns. Fear mongering by the global political elite is shutting others down. Locking them into a small dark box of apocalyptic paralysis. Many others are overwhelmed by personal upheaval. Some are internalizing much of the negativity in the atmosphere, lowering their inner vibration. It’s all about energy. Love is high frequency, fear is low. For some the intensive programming here in the matrix has rendered them unable to raise their vibration, they become almost holographic. For others their frequency is so high, they vibrate so light that some in lower densities simply cannot see them. Multiple dimensional realities operating at once on the material plane.

When we rise like phoenix out of this holographic hellfire we realise our potential as co creators of our existence. Blasts from solar storms bring bright light waves we can ride to transcend lower planes of existence. Choose which emotions to ride and which to shelve. Tune up as an energetic being. Research, follow the white rabbit wherever she takes you. Balance matrix knowledge with spiritual care. Awakening is two fold. Seeing truth in the reality we are fed with independent research and thought. Coming online as energetic beings with meditation, mindfulness and mantras. Peace is possible beautiful people. Namaste.

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