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Energy Update Go with your Gut

Massive solar geomagnetic pulses are blasting us and Gaia with high energetic frequencies. As the world appears to be imploding many of us are reporting high vibrations. Dizziness, nausea, buzzing in ears, sinusitis and disturbed sleep are caused by the disruptive fluctuating solar frequencies. We may feel eerily aware of other timelines. We may witness parallel lives in dream state. We may have strange interactions with nature during periods of high vibratory pulses. Global politics take an apocalyptic turn and many of us are responding in a bizarrely calm manner. There is intellectual recognition of supposed imminent disaster in some form. Economic collapse, world war 3, a return to open imperialist slavery… We are experiencing anger, shock, sadness and disbelief. We can feel overwhelmed, exit stage left, if we spend too much time or energy engaging with the hellfire of the dying matrix.

Distance can be created by rising to the fifth dimension, by cultivating and inhabiting a space of inner calm. We find ourselves intuitively surrendering to the day. To the universal flow of energies. We allow our days to happen according to our instincts. We seek to be present in each moment. We are kind yet tough. We can spot lies with laser precision. We see time wasters, narcissists, lizards and parasites clambering for drama and attention. We are able to turn down their energy field, block it from interfering with our own. Energetic antennae buzz long before danger or trauma come along. We are getting better at interpreting the signals. Responding to our energy over our other senses.

Solar Storms are creating waves of intense higher vibrations. Like a radio we are being flooded with multiple new stations operating at previously inaccessible wavelengths. We can tune into gratitude, love, compassion, peace and zen bliss. Sometimes as the waves wash through us we may feel like we are on a rollercoaster being propelled higher and higher. The crash back down to the third dimension can be quite sudden or subtly gradual. Grounding in the present helps us to release the blocks to zen and let our spirit soar. Even when everything around us is terrible, it cannot shake an internal feeling of stillness. Trust in the universe steadily builds. Surrendering to the universe, allowing our days to breathe. To be what they are. Letting go of control or trying to micro manage our lives enables us to create positivity. Accepting mistakes. Embracing growth and change. Learning to surf and upgrade is learning to trust our intuition in the present moment. Expanding our consciousness to step off the matrix hamster wheel of fear requires three fundamental life changes.

Gratitude replaces want, need, envy and greed. Gratitude releases stress. It evaporates anxiety by forcing us to re-prioritise our lives. We begin to see what truly nourishes us and what doesn’t. We are thankful for love in our lives and in turn create love. We become kinder, gentler humble people. We grow inner strength to protect ourselves and our lives by being grateful for what we have.

Mindfulness high fives love vibration and kicks to the ground competition, stress and insecurity. There is no time for negativity when we are appreciating the moment. When we recognise every interaction holds cosmic potential. We can raise the frequencies or lower them. We can spread bad juju or we can shine light into dark foggy 3d frequencies. We have the power to own each moment. The elite programme us to apathy and helplessness, gaslighted into victim mindset. Mindfulness breaks us free from chasing our tails to maintain the status quo. We make waves, we stand up for self respect in the moment.

Meditation is where the true expansion of consciousness happens. When we understand we are part of something far greater. We excavate dirt and grime and let light flood our soul when we meditate. We ignite our chakras and become whole beings again. Mind body spirit stimulated, nourished and connected.

Knowing when to switch off. Which battle to fight. When to lower our guard or raise our shield. These are the skills required to navigate the coming months. Knowing when it’s time to be a warrior and when to recharge. Never forgetting to use appropriate protection at all times. Crystals, mantras, sage, guides and ascended beings all play a role
in protecting us as we raise our frequencies with Gaia. How we handle situations during and after become a matter of emotional energies. In our lives our daily routines become simpler as we allow our core, our solar plexus and third eye to lead the way. We listen to our gut. We let go of worry by allowing the present to be our primary concern. We accept who we were at any given moment past or future. We seek only to remain calm and heart led in the moment of consciousness.

All of this doesn’t mean we spend our days levitating like monks. To be calm and still is to be in love vibration. To meet each new situation, interaction in love. We do not become push overs or weak in our surrender, we regain our sovereignty instead. We come to a place of acceptance, we make peace with who we are. We are less frightened by linear time. The timescales and deadlines of the polarity propaganda machine lose significance. One week merges with the next as a flow takes over. We come to understand we are part of something greater than us. Synchronicities teach us the universe is knowing and mysterious and magical and we are part of it. We separate further from matrix, capitalist, rat race algorithms of more more more. We disengage from draining people, we recognise their sovereignty. We learn to protect ourselves. We sense danger. We get blown away by moments of peaceful bliss.

Geomagnetic storms are causing all this and more. Deep in Jupiter’s retrograde we are being shown that even when everything goes wrong, when the worst is out there, we can still feel happy. We can still experience joy in our lives, contentment, appreciation and love. We learn the fundamental lesson of awakening, we are in control of our own emotional dial. The waves of emotions will keep coming but we can choose which ones to ride. We can pick our battles wisely. We can walk away or stay. We can cry or laugh. It’s up to us. Empowering for some, terrifying for others. Recognising we hold the reigns to our own lives is the red pill, blue pill moment. Remain plugged in, or face the harsh truth in the darkness of the real world. Freedom in our world is free thinking, compassion and creativity.

Avoid second guessing at this time. Try not to let the ego, our inner child, dominate our thoughts. Switch off from global media for awhile. Relax people. The pantomime politics being played out is distracting us from sinister shenanigans. We always knew that. They’re always staging hatred and wars. Nothing has changed except many of us are waking up and questioning why. They have tracked our data like deranged stalkers for what? Targeted adverts? Political manoeuvring. Money and profit. Who knows. Who cares. We are an open tribal species, we like to share and communicate. We shouldn’t change. The cabal should leave, their time is up. Let humanity and Gaia soar well earned zen fifth and beyond dimensional frequencies. Peace is possible people. Believe it. In love and light cosmic surfers πŸ™πŸ».


15 thoughts on “Energy Update Go with your Gut”

  1. Absolutely beautiful and so true!! Shenanigans hahaha!! perfect word (not working to well anymore in the new energy construct πŸ™‚

    The whole thing is quite amazing to experience and watch unfold. Thank you for your article from a fellow surfer with love!!


  2. Yes! I love your posts, they bring so much comfort, clarity & calm to my life. So beautifully & eloquently written, as always. πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ’ž

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  3. This morning around 7, a surge of energy went through me from my feet to my head. It felt good. Also rid me of one small fear that had been hovering. Then I read your article and then the solar weather report saying that pulses would begin to hit the earth today or tomorrow. Last year when Pluto went retro in late April, I woke to a quake. I researched the possibility of its validity. We live on a fault that has been inactive for a long time. Not a known fact locally. I had to do some research. Surprise. I am fairly sure that my bedroom is right on top of a minor β€œtributary” to the more major fault that is in the middle of the river. Since that night my feet have been tingling. I now am fairly sure that when we experience a break in the magnetic field, the earth under me vibrates the energy. Sometimes I wish that I lived elsewhere so my feet would stop tingling. So, thanks for your report. When I see your energy reports I read them immediately. Helps to know what is happening.


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