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Spirituality and Politics #peaceispossible

Today is Friday 13th, an omen of change or transformation? We have a magical Solar Eclipse bringing renewed energy and focus. Visible over the southern hemisphere, powering up Gaia’s solar plexus, Uluru. Tonight’s solar eclipse will breathe the fire of renewal into the core of humanity. Truths are being exposed every day. To be asleep is becoming more of a choice and less about mind control or matrix induced apathy. Celestial events mark our transition, they fuel our realignment to higher vibratory fields of light. We have the chance to raise our frequencies beyond the third and fourth dimensions. In religious terms heaven is beckoning and hell has a grip on us. We know what hell looks like, we see it every day on our tv screens and for many of us it is our daily lives. Heaven is zen. It is raising our cellular frequency to align with higher realms where violence, hate and greed cannot operate. It’s all about energy and frequencies. It’s also all about choice. Who are the enemy? Who can we not trust? Who do we need to vote out? How do we right the wrongs of human history?

I write from London where Donald Trump has arrived despite huge opposition. Last night as we went to bed, and this morning as we woke up, he sent his military aircraft circling London’s skies. A boyking trying to intimidate us. Memories and knowledge of the blitz get disturbed. Children are scared. Adults feel uneasy. What Trump doesn’t yet understand is Britain and Europe are old. A lot older than him or the country he represents. We are long in the tooth when it comes to being reminded we are at the bottom of the food chain. Trump doesn’t hide his power he flaunts it. Royalty and the political elite flaunt their wealth, status and power through official pomp and ceremony. Trump does it by beating his chest. It’s two sides of the same coin. Pretty pictures of obscene royal wealth are no different from Trump stomping around London like he owns us. It’s time to wake up. Focus our intention. Enough is enough. We can overthrow this tired and desperate cabal. We can vote them out. We can boycott their products, turning our back on chemical toxic plastics and pollution. We can refuse their junk food, junk tv and music and junk news. We can say no. There are more of us than them. We are not slaves, we are sovereign beings.

London is red, Corbyn’s core support. Trump’s showing off will only cement our disgust at the US/UK political bedfellows set up. Maybot, Boris they’re all the same. Boris believes because he has Trump’s backing he will be PM. Maybe he will. They dismiss the masses, the voting public in their appalling arrogance, as inconsequential. It’s time to stand up and be counted, otherwise we will be bending to their will again and again. Just as the US fights corruption, rigged elections and propaganda posing as media, so too do we. Fundamental shifts in the institutions that govern us must occur if we are to reinstate any form of true democracy. Voting systems must be regulated to ensure truth. Corbyn and Sanders and others are offering imperialist feudal Britain and capitalised corporate America a way to change the system from the inside. We must exercise our right to vote and use the system they built against them. Or we revolt. Apocalyptic times or transcendental transformation?

Humanity has lost its soul or sold it to the devil. We must regain our focus, wake up from matrix induced trance state, smell the coffee and turn this world around. It is up to us to power up our core, our centre, for the months ahead. Whilst intergalactic intervention protects us from nuclear attack, the rest is up to us. Trump is the joker in the pack. His arrogance knows no limits. He is the elite’s bad seed, the one they should’ve dealt with and didn’t, and now he is taking them on, he knows them from the inside. He is a misogynist, a raging capitalist, a fascist and a fraud. He is turning everything on its head. A Clinton government would have been all systems go for the cabal, same as always. Stealthy mind control suppression and oppression. Trump doesn’t have the sophistication or patience for long established elite tactics of enslavement, he wants to be the biggest ape in the jungle and he wants everyone to know it. His actions reveal truths.

Very little is left now to be exposed. Ufo and alien interactions with earth have been disclosed by the pentagon. Whistle blowers and ordinary people with a smartphone are sharing evidence of intergalactic visitation. Our world has shrunk in the technology age. The elite are global citizens, the planet their monopoly board to cut up, trade and scrap over. Putin watches and waits. He owns half of London or rather his oligarch pups do. What will he make of Trump’s displays of dominance? Russian media regularly runs stories on Putin’s intergalactic allies, his disappearance for several days was widely put down to him being on a space craft having meetings! The West has been suppressed intergactically but other countries not so much.

Spiritually the West has also suffered suppression. Fake religions built on demonic and fascist foundations have turned spirituality upside down. Yet there are millions of people across the world who are deeply spiritual and know the world is not as the western institutions would have us believe. Just as there are those who equate power with wealth there are many others who recognise true power comes from inner strength, balance and stillness. We cannot separate politics from spirituality anymore. We cannot compartmentalise our existence from the planet’s welfare or our responsibility for each other. Capitalism, competition, imperialism, power play politics are how the elite maintain their control. Displays of military prowess, arms deals, the fabricated wars on drugs, on refugees, on terrorists, on each other, have to stop.

Primitive politics reflect a primitive society. To evolve we become collective. We strive to take care of each other, not see each other as the enemy. Lies about resources and population need to be exposed and fair distribution of resources established. Those who have greed and fear in their hearts will reject the above sentiment. They will want to hold onto the elite in the hope they may one day join them and get the wealth and material pleasures. Those who resonate understand in their soul that we have simple needs, safety, sanctuary, nourishment and each other. Not having the chance to own our own island, private jet or Hollywood star is the pay off for knowing your family’s health will be taken care of. For some this is a no brainer, they feel the pain of others. For many however it seems the gold carrot dangled in from of their eyes is enough to sway them to service to self. So it’s up to us, the service to others folk to step up. Focus our intention, break apart matrix apathy and grow up. Take back our world. Reinstate our sovereignty. Rebuild our institutions for a fair society.

The greedy and the selfish have had it their way too long. We need to get over our shock that others can be self centred, superior, cold and heartless and start accepting this and taking the political fight to them. Sign petitions, go on demonstrations, vote with your buying power and your conscience. Stop wasting energy trying to change those who like the dark, who enjoy misery and mayhem if it cloaks them in gold and silver. We have to take the power back to the people for the people. Tonight’s Solar eclipse, Friday 13th, is highlighting our mission, powering us up for change. Hammering home our intention. We change the world, heaven or hell, it’s up to us. Spiritually we can reset our vibration with self care and self love. Practically we need to roll our sleeves up, be fearless and understand this is a quantum world. We have many lives, many chances for evolution and many opportunities to experience love. We are spiritualised beings in a highly politicised realm. Actions speak louder than words always. Ignore the rhetoric and look at the actions, this is where truth hides. Smoke and mirrors, illusion and fakery, predators and prey rule this realm. We can transcend by being at once elevated in our soul and grounded to Gaia. The two are not exclusive. Spirituality is politics just as politics is everything. Focus our intention under the magic energies of Solar Eclipse core renewal, power up. We will transform this world together. Peace is possible cosmic surfers. Namaste.


14 thoughts on “Spirituality and Politics #peaceispossible”

  1. Trump is NOT a fascist. Hilliary, Obama, and the cadre of European globalists ARE fascists. Trump was persuaded to become President by the U.S. Military to prevent America from going down the drain like Britain and the EU. Look to your own lethally corrupt government.

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      1. Those photos are from the Obama era. Obama encouraged South and Central American children to come to the border and so they did… and thousands disappeared into human trafficking rings.
        The definition of fascism is to put everything into the hands of the government which will then dictate what the people do and don’t do. Your own gov’t (and yes, most of your leaders are fascist globalists) is fascist. Trump and the Alliance that backs his efforts are attempting to make our gov’t smaller, to bring back the Rule of Law, common law which we inherited from you Brits. If you believe ANYTHING that the current Democrats represent as being “Trump’s fault!” look behind the accusations as the classic narcissistic move to blame the one they are attempting to destroy by accusing them of their own crimes. Trump is NOT a fascist, he is a PATRIOT. He did not have to become President, he choose to serve for the sake of the American people, his people whom he loves (every color and economic level) and is opposed in everything he does by a rapid, corporate-controlled (Soros) media. You are WRONG about Trump.

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  2. Hi Morag, I really love you but feel you are very wrong about Trump. He is not as the media portrays him. I am surprised when the spiritual community views him this way because he has the heart of a lion and it is plain to see in his speech and actions.
    He is fighting a huge battle world wide to take down the cabal systems that were funded primarily with America tax dollars.
    I feel (which is knowing for me) that he is being used by the prime creator to bring about this change as America is a flashpoint for the ascension. We are close to it here in America and can see it without the media filters of propaganda.
    Ask the Arcturians you channel so beautifully, they know. Look up the Mark Taylor prophecies online. He is a bit religious but the words are true.
    Morag those so called children in cages is propaganda pure and simple. It is working here in America for those that are still mind controlled as they play on the emotions and broadcast in frequencies of hate and anxiety rather than publishing the facts. It is simply not true nor the fact of the matter. Just want to let you know you are wrong about this one.
    He and his family have given up everything for God and country. Our great military protects him and we in a war behind the scenes to take down the globalists. There have been over 7 assasination attempts and 2 missile strikes that the media doesn’t publish. Ask yourself why are they so hellbent on destroying him? Look into SGT Report, X22 Report and perhaps Praying Medic on You Tube. There you will find some truth.
    It is just hard to see outside America, I understand that because his persona is very large as it must be to face these demons. And the truth of him is unpublished and distorted on purpose. He wants peace and prosperity in a world that works for us all. Please check it out online and on You Tube. There is a huge truth movement here is the US as the Indigo souls awaken. Love you so much!!


    1. Hi Cheri I hear you, I’ve thought and felt everything you say. I’ve also been told by the Arcturians and posted it that he is a divine catalyst. So yes I understand.
      I’m going to share how it looks from the UK. His wife looks scared of him. His language, tweets and speeches are moronic, frightening and fascist. He has made tax cuts for the rich and is against universal health care. We marched in London last week to save our National Health Service from capitalists like trump.
      I don’t doubt he is taking on the cabal. I don’t doubt he is a profound force for change. I see his attacks on fake media and the nuggets of truth in his irrational rhetoric. But…
      As I put my kids to bed on Thurs night three enormous military aircraft circled above. The noise, the vibrations, the energy was unbelievably dense. Fear. Intimidation. A bully telling Londoners he owned us. Nope. We are a tough crew us Londoners. No-one has ever done that in our airspace. A crass primitive display of brute power. Friday morning school run we had the same display. Mums looking up in the playground, scared, disturbed, kids running about freaked out.
      So yes. I am off the fence on trump having met him, so to speak, as a Londoner. He is a bully. I believe we can take down the cabal in a peaceful way from the inside out.
      The US has Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others. There is another way to take down the cabal. Vote rational compassionate Jedi knights, Jeremy Corbyn here. New York stepped up and showed the way recently.
      We don’t have guns here. We don’t have that level of normalised violence. Trump is a step beyond what we, as ordinary folk in the UK, fighting our own l8zard parliament, have ever seen.
      I really hope we can build a bridge here. I have no concept of how scary America must be to live in. I have compassion for those who voted trump in a rigged election.
      We are all doing our best in a volatile situation. Many of the banners at the march showed solidarity with American people. Let’s not let the system divide and conquer us. We are on the same side cosmic sister 🤗🙏🏻


      1. Yes Beautiful Morag, we are indeed on the same side sister for sure!! And we can agree to disagree on ideology. We as the people of our respective nations hold our own ideals on how society should be governed and let’s face it we have all been raped and our governments corrupted and abused by the new world order. So Trump is the catalyst for change in America and I fully embrace him because we almost lost our country to the cabal. The Democrat party election was rigged to favor Hillary and she stole it from Bernie Sanders for obvious nefarious reasons. They expected to control both parties. Elizabeth Warren is cabal, Sanders is not. I do not believe in socialism personally because America was founded on a small government and much individual freedom as a republic. Work hard and build your dream rather than big government programs. So the majority of voters came out in droves to get Trump elected because the last 32 years of elections in America on both sides have been cabal controlled. We lost hope and fell into much apathy.
        I am so sorry about out military planes over London but it is not about power Morag but huge security for our very threatened President. I don’t know why he had to go to England anyway. Everyone knew it was much more dangerous even than him going to Russia or North Korea because he is dismantling the heart of the cabal which thrives in both of our countries and he has frozen their assets and stopped all funds for terrorism, guns, drugs, world wars, sex trafficking, pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse. They are quite upset and have pulled out all the stops to bring him down. It is hideous what we are witnessing here in America, the level of corruption and bribery of almost the entire apparatus. The entire government was weaponized against we the people and anyone not cabal. They control the broadcast media 100%, distort his speeches with sound bites put together to purposefully distort what he said and are spewing hate and vitriol to emotionally control the unawakened masses and start a civil war. Trump came on the scene, self funded and independent in the American Spirit. We both know the tentacles are deep and more horrid than one ever could imagine.
        6 years in lightbody now working full time (24/7) on my soul mission with my team on clearing these cabal timelimes which have been totally denied and for my part reengineering the entire universal time matrix which was so badly infiltrated and corrupted. I keep waiting for this work to be done but this program running inside me never rests omg!! It is what I came here to do but it is exhausting as all the energetic abuse and emotion has to run through me molecularly to heal. I mean we are fixing photons and all the distorted elementals, removing the implants and clearing the astral. Luckily I have the spirit for it but it has been totally exhausting!
        Thank you for feeling and sharing with me as one in spirit. We are getting this done at all levels. What makes our world so interesting is the diversity of our cultures. Once the nefarious elements are clear we can open our borders, live in peace and love each other once again. I refuse to be manipulated by the media and learn best about the world when we share with each other openly and honestly.
        Really love your blog and your spiritual work as a divine communicator. I feel you too!! Big hugs to the Arcturians, I am one myself!!
        Love to you and your family Morag!
        I am Cheri of the soul monad Hilarion
        House if Ra
        Order of the Seraphim

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      2. Hi Cheri x I asked the Arcturians for guidance and posted their response last night. They are so kind and caring. We are building bridges cosmic sister 🤗 talking to each other and trying to understand. In light and love 😊 Morag 🙏🏻

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  3. I’m American, and totally agree with you about Trump! I’m dumbfounded by those who believe he’s a good guy here to save us from the baddies. IMO, what you see is what you get. My dream world is one where Bernie Sanders is POTUS, and we live in love, peace, harmony, kindness, tolerance, and compassion! I can’t associate any of those words with Trump and his administration. They’re exploiting Gaia, and are hurting real people in real time! Those who don’t think the separated immigrant families are real are showing their white privilege.

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  4. Mrs. Clinton was my Senator, Mr. Trump a (local) NY businessman. They met and had a mirror/mirror moment. Both use others for their own aggrandizement and self serving agendas. Same ego just different packaging.
    Perhaps Mr. Trump is a catalyst but he’s no more divine or caring than any other politician. All That Is uses whoever we provide to evolve us back into our lost divinity. Simply put…Thank God!!!!

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