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Energy Update Cosmic Turbulence 08.18

Easy goes it cosmic surfers. As we transition through the lions gate portal, we are experiencing intense cosmic turbulence. Use daily routines to stabilise energetically. Breathe. Solitude, connecting to the light and staying in it at all times. Be still and quiet. Breathe. Listen. The airwaves are buzzing, tune up your third eye antennae. Be protected with sage, crystals and mantras. Shadow your light. Remember our guides on other planes are by our side always. Lay low and let the storm pass. Now is not the time, for many reasons. Witness the matrix malfunction from a calm, grounded and expansive space. Don’t forget to breathe. Stay green, in heart led vibrations. See but don’t see. Allow processing time, downloads take awhile. We are one with universal light.
Mantras I power up my shield of love, cloaking it in quiet stillness.
I am one with love vibration.
I am calm, I am grounded, I am safe. Namaste
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3 thoughts on “Energy Update Cosmic Turbulence 08.18”

  1. Namaste! This is wonderful and powerful advice. Yes, waves of energy are very potent at this time. Calming gemstones like Kunzite, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and Turquoise are my recommendations as well as wearing Jasmine, Rose, or Sandalwood oil.

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  2. My ears are buzzing, needing the space & quiet, living in the now, feeling the presence of Angels, diet changing for the better, helping others stay in the light & staying calm…….thank you for your continued love & support……namaste x

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  3. Oh, so that’s why everything aches, and I want to sleep all day, but then I feel worse. My angels are extremely persistent reminding me to get out for long walks on nature. That helps some. Sigh. I remind myself to breathe out and release. Then I breathe in and fill the empty spots with him as yang love. Mary all Beings receive peace and joy.

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