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Whispers in the Atmosphere

Trust your gut. Tune up your energetic antennae and take evasive action if necessary. 44 is the number for the Warriors of Light. Grasshoppers show us all we need to quantum leap successfully, is our intuition. Shield of love up beautiful people. #theShift #awaken #protection #theevent #listentoyourgut #trustyourself #staysafe #fourleafclover #shieldup #woke #meditation


5 thoughts on “Whispers in the Atmosphere”

  1. 10/4 Good Buddy. That’s the movement I was sensing during the night – along with the 1:44, 2:44, 4:44….xo It was a ‘quantum leap’ so to speak in leaving the 3/4D habits, thoughts, mindsets totally behind. Quite the thought actually. Thanks for posting.

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