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Fourth Realm Realness

Ok so this is a bit creepy folks. Caught on my Samsung Galaxy earlier this evening, some spooky goings on. A floating Victorian maid, a Halloween mask peering through a gap in the curtains and a too-dark-to-name face at the window. Hmmmmmm. Images, layers from past, present and future, not entirely unexpected. We will eventually make friends with the faces of the fourth realm. The astral plane is home to many lost, scared, angry, tortured souls. As our vibrations rise we will become more accustomed to shadows taking form, flickers in irises, the fluttering of dimensional veils. We will retrain our minds from fear to love, holding our light space as we rise through the fourth dimension.

We are invincible in love vibration. Fourth Realm beings cannot penetrate those bathed in light. Our greatest weapon is our love. A frequency whose resonance is equal to nails creaking down a chalk board for low vibratory souls. We repulse, revile, frighten them. They may peer, sneer and snarl but they can’t touch us. Our energy field would singe them, burn through their heavy cloak, crack through karmic armour and pierce their heart with light. Those who have no wish to leave will stay away from us. The lost souls may seek us, knock three times, whisper in our ear, let us know they are here. Don’t be put off by spooky stuff, zone in on the energy, good or bad, happy or sad, scared or scary? Remember it’s always about energy.

Maintaining a sacred circle of light protects us and shows the way for those looking for the exit sign. Healers already active in the fourth realm will be seeing a surge in activity. Hosts will be flocking to their shepherd instinctively knowing the time has come. Lightworkers be fierce gatekeepers. Protect your light from infiltration with love in your heart, courage in your core and meditative self care. Say no sometimes, we cannot heal everyone. Repeat, we cannot heal everyone. Prioritise stabilising your own light. Healers know the darkness, now we see it, for it has memory, residue of image. Ascended beings are on quantum alert, they are literally everywhere at once, all we need to do is ask them. For protection, healing, guidance, love and light. Boom it’s ours.

Zen frequencies weave in and out of the fourth as we bubble to the surface of the fifth. We pace ourselves, adjust gradually. Easy does it cosmic surfers. The world is going wavy, woozy and maybe a little bit spooky. We can handle it. It’s always been there. The light is capturing the shadows, illuminating dark corners, chasing away the monsters. Be a lighthouse in an ocean of darkness. Stay real on the material plane, interact, be part of manifesting unified consciousness. We make real, real here. We can clear karma here just as we have in the third. Same rules apply even if the game has changed. Stay rested, hydrated, healthy and high vibe with meditation, nature, laughter, mindfulness and love. Same old, same old, just a new board πŸŒ€. Raising the vibrations one ripple at a time. Heart led living. Third eye activvaatttion! Bring it on πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸŒˆπŸ™πŸ»

We are warriors of Gaia, of peace, of love.
We are here to assist in the great shift from dark to light.
We exhale fear and inhale love.
I share love, I receive love, I love.
I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.
I am protected in a sacred circle of light at all times.
I am grounded, I am grounded, I am grounded. Namaste πŸ™πŸ»


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