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Lightbody Activation, Psychic Attack and Spiritual Lockdown

We are travelling through a profound transition in space and time. Our world is upgrading. Our existence is transforming from automaton to interactive. The reality we perceive is becoming SMART. To access upgrades we must go through an intensive and active process of recalibration. We wake up to the illusions in our perceived reality. We connect to divine source light. We embrace lightbody activation. We upgrade at the DNA level, our cellular beings transform from the inside out. We are energy. Everything is aligning around us depending on core frequency. As our lightbody activates we become super sensitive to anything of low vibration. Working out symptoms and causes can be confusing in such tumultuous energetic times. Some are witnessing all dimensions fluctuating around us. From hell to heaven and everything in between. We bear witness and testimony to the ascension of humanity and Gaia.

Higher consciousness is rising above duality. Integrating our mind body soul being whilst assimilating into Higher realms of existence. Structurally we are recalibrating to crystalline core coding by dissolving AI algorithmic modifications. We push through a minefield of changes as we ascend the multi dimensional universal frequency spectrum of all living beings. There’s a lot going on! Add to this we are in a hostile environment where predators wage war for our chi, our minds, bodies and our souls. Phew!

Lightbody activation is our bodies readying for fifth dimension existence on the material plane. The density of our bones transforms to crystalline structures. Our skin changes, becoming much more sensitive to manmade fibres and poisonous products. Our eyes stop being our primary source of information, as we transition to energy beings. Our muscles ache for flexibility to accommodate higher vibratory fields of light. Our spine lengthens as we release karma in shadow work and meditation. Our chakras are activated to facilitate this transition. We respond to all these changes from a space of surrender and commitment to raising our vibrations. We experience the Bends, Decompression Sickness, when we move too quickly or switch energetic environments suddenly. We steady ourselves on our cosmic surfboard with core balance, mantras and mindfulness.

Self care is key to lightbody activation as we transition to higher realms. For those levelling up we have become hyper sensitive to any and all kinds of negative energy. Matrix toxins, pharmaceuticals, alkohol, processed foods, chemtrails, pollution and cleaning products can make us sick. Our bodies tell us and we respond, this was not good for us. Toxins, negative energy lower our vibration. Our bodies may suddenly develop allergies to food and chemicals. This hyper sensitivity extends to our energetic system, our chakras, our whole being. TV operates on a low 3d frequency, we become averse to watching t.v. On the other hand music can raise our vibrations. Our mind body spirit being becomes our antennae for ascension. As our lightbody activates we become super sensitive to anything of low vibration. We are on a steep learning curve. We commit to improving our selfcare in response to our changing needs.

Symptoms of lightbody activation.

  • Skin allergies to previously acceptable products
  • Skin blistering and irritation in response to products, anxiety or stress
  • Dehydration, water is essential to avoiding many of these symptoms
  • Exhaustion, inability to perform our usual tasks at our usual pace
  • Sickness, indigestion, stomach cramps, inflammation and vomiting, our body rejects low vibration food and drink
  • Breathlessness, feeling like there isn’t enough oxygen, similar to Altitude sickness.
  • Dizzy or light headed if we move too quickly or when we are in intensive light waves.
  • Hyper sensitive to our physical reactions to stress, confrontation and fear.
  • Hot hands, as our chakras are activated our palm chakras can be unprepared for the flow of energy
  • Third Eye headaches due to prolonged exposure to low vibration people, technology or environments.
  • Aches and pains in our limbs as our body starts to crack through layers of toxins, karma and energetic armour.
  • Blurry vision, irritated eyes, sensitive eyes as we transition to third eye navigation.
  • Claps, bangs, tingles and crackling at our major chakras as they are triggered, cleared and come online.
  • Buzzing, popping and crackling in our ears as we move through different frequency spaces.
  • Physical transformation, we shape shift depending on our energy, looking younger.

There are layers to go through to clear negative energies from our systems. Everything from junk food to gossip can affect us adversely in the fourth realm. An envious colleague at work talking behind our backs, previously we may barely have registered this, now it can energetically flatten us. Its the low vibrations that are directed at us that will mess with our higher internal vibratory field. Toxic words and thoughts directed at us can make us sick in the fourth realm. We are light beings now operating in a world of energy and vibrations. Bad feeling catches us, we sense and experience metaphorical knives in our backs. Before lightbody activation we were dumbed down, desensitized, blocked from our energetic being. We were largely immune to directed negative energy because our vibration was dense in fear frequencies to start with. Now we are connected, we feel.

Symptoms of directed negative energy, psychic attack.

  • energy levels so low moving becomes difficult
  • tongue tied
  • confused in our thoughts
  • unable to get to the end of a train of thought
  • limb paralysis, weighed down
  • feeling physically held down
  • memory loss
  • time loss
  • loss of ability to meditate,
  • despair and depression coming in where once gratitude and light flourished
  • struggling to connect with day to day life, unwilling detachment
  • feeling locked down, sabotaged
  • illness, viruses, fevers, sickness
  • loss of appetite
  • disturbed sleep, nightmares, sleep paralysis
  • loss of confidence due to detachment from normal routines
  • feeling like you are pushing through energetic mud in day to day life.

Psychic attack can come at us consciously or unconsciously from the source. Old wives tales are full of home truths about the power of dark thoughts directed towards someone. Witchcraft, voodoo, black magic ritualise harnessing energy for negative purpose. Shudder down my spine, someone’s walking on your grave, women passing down the knowledge of energy wizardry or witchcraft from generation to generation. Cat got your tongue? Witchcraft, spells used to prevent us from communicating. Locking down our throat chakras is prime target for black energy, they steal our voice, they steal our soul. Ancestral karma comes into play here, as do past lives. Handlers, hosts to astral entities seeking to drain our chi, keep us in low self esteem spaces. Curses or negative karma from bloodline activity can plague our attempts to align. The Shift is giving us the opportunity to clear ALL negative karma from our chosen ancestral bloodlines. We are breaking the matrix by dissolving density from our ancestral DNA memory.

Self care blocks, modifications and energy wizardry.

For lightworkers seeking to level up to transdimensional travel yet struggling to access full empowerment, there may be a deeper issue. Ancient dark energy wizardry causing spiritual lockdown, preventing cosmic soul activation. Modifications coded into our DNA can cause spiritual headlock or a self care shutdown. The giver who can’t give to themselves? The carer who puts herself last? The empath who doormats himself for others to trample on? The yoga teacher who cannot access divinity. The spiritual guru whose context is hierarchy not love. The teacher who cannot care. The lightworker still plagued by envy and competition? Fear frequency maintaining it’s hold, blocking divine light vibrations.

Not all of this is matrix programming or toxic energies. Quantum modifications can keep us in spiritual headlock. Translucent film coating the spine, preventing full kundilini rising, making yoga, breathwork and energy exercise difficult. Our immune system can be compromised, making us more susceptible to matrix toxins and negative energy. Ancient, quantum modifications are exposed in the higher vibratory fields of the fourth realm. If this resonates the second Shift will have highlighted these deeper issues through synchronicity, number sequences and glitches. In other words, your guides have been trying to tell you!

Symptoms of quantum modifications on spinal cord, chakras or DNA causing spiritual lockdown or self care blocks.

  • loss of motivation for self care,
  • Resistance to love
  • Inability to surrender to source light
  • Cynicism of divinity
  • Loss of faith
  • Trouble accessing higher states of consciousness
  • Envy and low self esteem
  • Witchcraft
  • Competitiveness
  • Short sighted responses
  • Embroiled in 3d politics, economics and fear
  • Inability to unplug despite awareness of the matrix
  • Intellectual understanding of the awakening, blocked emotional resonance
  • Blocked psychic abilities
  • Confused synchronicities
  • Shadows
  • Memory Loops
  • Poor transmission from guides, blocked airwaves
  • Ego led living blocking heart led living
  • Selfishness born from Fear and envy
  • Repetition of ancestral curses, glitches, traumas and negative behaviours despite knowledge of karmic clearing
  • Blocks on previous self care routines
  • Matrix addictions maintain their hold despite consciousness
  • Trapped in spiritual headlock, trouble accessing zen vibrations
  • despair, depression, anger, frustration
  • loss of mojo, mission,
  • mantras lifestyle, meditation and spiritual care
  • loss of energy,
  • each day experiencing new symptoms, different symptoms, never a healthy day.
  • Injuries
  • Strangers approaching in darkness,
  • sinister relationships
  • Narcissism
  • Narcissist Empath cycle unbroken
  • Negative algorithms control decision making
  • Viewing guides as entourage
  • Messiah complex, feeling superior to sleepers, sheeple, blue pill people
  • Lack of humility
  • Loss of or resistance to gratitude
  • Resistance to detachment,
  • Negative manifestation, problems, dramas, obstacles
  • Blocked soul mate, twin flame reunion
  • Can’t see the wood for the trees
  • Self harm behaviours
  • Hierarchical perspective
  • Remain service to self despite generosity of spirit.

In 4d lightbody activation is hampered, delayed or blocked by this type of advanced genetic and astral warfare. Quantum modifications on our cellular development limit our ability to fully move into heart chakra space. Cutting off or limiting flow between the chakras. Locking some into spiritual ego, hovering just above the third dimension frequencies, enough to feel superior, not enough to experience humility, true spiritual awakening. Twins hold the knowledge to break the codes. Activated shamanic healers working with ascended beings, carry out spiritual surgery neutralizing negative binding. We can align and activate our light beings with karmic clearing, crying out our traumas, talk therapy, healing therapies and meditation. Be positive and the world will reflect positivity back, this is the divine mirror of the fourth realm. All are bathed in angelic divine light. I wish you love and light beautiful people.


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