The Art of Slow

The art of slowing down is guaging energy, adapting our day to suit our flow. It’s resisting pressure to speed up to meet demands of never ending to do lists, micro managers and bills. The irony, the circle, is the less we worry the more life flows. Don’t be a mouse in a maze, a hamster in a wheel, instead sniff the air, attune to energy. Release stress by liberating yourself from the glorification of busy. Slow. Down. Push back against the machine. Stop and smell the flowers. Look up. Breathe. Only you can enjoy your life. Allow it. Untangle knots of nerves with breathwork, meditation, yoga and nature. Journal, mood board, Pinterest your dreams, visions, heart’s desires. Believe in yourself. Make it happen.

Selfcare isn’t just spas, long walks and argan oil, it’s weaving a higher vibratory field into our reality. It’s decluttering our lives of energy drains, removing blocks to expansion. That takes work, focussed intention, self set accountability and comittment. We find our core compass of self love in healing and meditation. Connecting to higher frequencies illuminates us. We understand, before we could not see, divine love light. It is humility, grace, compassion and wisdom. Divinity unlocks akashic records of awareness, we quantum leap to higher states of perception. Our higher self hangs out in the akashic library, down loads come through, the world becomes interactive. We level up.

Busyness, lists, deadlines and fuss fog up our third eye, block our hearts, lock us down in low energy fields. Reassure your ego everything will be ok. Instruct your inner child to have a nap, she is safe. Dissolve anxiety by drawing chi breath deep into your gut, exhaling long and slow. Let go the reigns a little bit, trust the universe has got your back. Detach. Observe. Ponder. Create space to hear your heart. Trust her. We are clearing blocks and drains from our energy field to enable assimilation in higher dimensions. It’s a process. It takes time. There is no hurry or competition. It’s all about energy beautiful people. Be kind to yourself. Peace cosmic surfers 💖

Gratitude @art.of.slow @cosmic_trips
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5 thoughts on “The Art of Slow”

  1. Hey Kira….hot on the tale of our comversation this morning. Thought you’d like this. 🐌💗💚💜🐌 Neri


  2. Ahhh…. so well and succinctly put. Working on fine tuning. I often say if I went any slower I’d be going backwards – now for the Quality of what I’m doing/the awareness/being Present in the slow down. Thanks so much. xo

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  3. Mmm … “being in a rush to figure it out” is of the mind, which is not able to handle/allow “any unknown” and so impatiently fills “any unknown” gap with “assumptions based on old/known knowledge/experiences” only … nothing “really new” can come in this way …

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