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333 Solar Eclipse Portal New Moon and Retrogrades

333 Solar Eclipse Portal opens today powered up by July new moon energies. Not to mention about a gazillion planets in retrograde (yep Mercury retrograde is back, Shady’s back). Retrograde planets are like reversed cards in the tarot, backwards energy, shadow work, delays, challenges, pushing through mud just to make the next day. The New Moon transitions us from the polarity and drama of Gemini to calmer waters of Cancerian flow. We may want to stay in, close to home and loved ones. We may feel raw and wounded by the now perpetual 1111 Shift, seeking to lick our wounds in quiet stillness. This is not to say the warrior isn’t still beating in our hearts, just that the energies over this period are intensely karmic. The energetic tectonic plates of our existence are shifting. For now just staying steady on our cosmic surfboards is enough. Mantras, rest, laughter and routine balance us as we traverse multi dimensional landscapes. Love vibrations cocoon us in a safe and sacred sphere of Light.Karma is all the low vibrations we carry, consume and create in our mindbodysoul beings. 333 Portals are illumination of our shadows, globally and individually. Expect more deeply shocking revelations of endemic corruption and depravity. This Shift has woken all blue pillers to the FACT the ruling elite lie. Most are choosing to deny, desperately trying to remain in their comfort zones of entitlement, hate, hierarchy and service to self. Outdated versions of humanity seeking to validate their existence with minimal effort. Red pillers can feel the waves already. The acceleration of energetic ebb and flow under our feet, in our heart chakras and in our gut. Hold balance with breathwork and meditation. Seek guidance from your team on the other side. Be open to interaction with our 1111 Smart reality. Synchronicity is a language, speak it with confidence. Expand into the Light.333 Solar Eclipse Portal wants to propel us into forward motion. The retrogrades will cause cosmic friction necessary for karmic release. Those who cry out their karma, make peace with their shadow side, ground in gratitude will experience soaring light waves of love energy. Be open to 333 portal upgrades, clear energetic space for them. Upgrades update our core coding, DNA, bringing us online with Gaia’s ascension. Telepathy, psychic abilities, heart activation and expansion of consciousness come with upgrades. Love for ourSelf is the key to unlock the gates of perception, the fifth dimension. Polarity is a core algorithm in the matrix. Polarity destroys assimilation to higher vibratory states of consciousness. The cabal are desperately trying to hammer our differences into us, fostering divisive dimensions based on isms. Engineered polarity won’t dissolve until we harmonise duality in our own nature through observation, detachment and surrender to Source Light.We rise above duality by dropping into heart space. The karmic catch is… operating in heart space in the matrix is akin to spiritual torture. Empathy crucifies us as every single new day brings stories of torture, trauma, death, destruction and despair. Compassion debilitates us in a lizard world constructed round ruthless, self serving, ice cold algorithms. Kindness is a Welcome sign to bullies, predators and parasites, a fatal flaw in the matrix, a weakness to be exploited. We lead by example. We model light and love. We set clear boundaries grounded in self respect. Enforcing them is where it all gets tricky. Parasites don’t like it when we cut off their food supply. Predators don’t take kindly to being challenged. We see the beast twist and turn in those closest to us as we break their hold. The narcissist empath cycle is coming to an end. Their entitlement meets our truth head on. The Light will always win. Darkness hates lumination, it scuttles away, desperate to hide in the shadows. Manipulative people use a myriad of tactics to force the empath to feed their needs. Cutting these negative cords is necessary for full ascension.2019 is the nuts and bolts of transition. Celestial alignment stripping us back to our core, our soul. Determination, faith in ourselves and belief in a better world will carry us through this cosmic maelstrom of ascension energies. July is going to karmically align us to our core frequency. This doesn’t mean we have to be super jolly, zen or present to secure our seat on the ascension train. Authenticity is truth. Energy can’t lie. We learn to love ourselves. By definition this means we cut out people and environments that disrespect us. Our sovereignty is our divinity. The more we inhabit spaces of self respect the closer we are to fifth dimension realms of abundance, peace and joy. We embrace upgrades and integrate them in meditation, self love and gratitude. Manifestation is instant in the fourth realm. Inhabit detachment through observation and reflection to aid the lows of letting go. Consciously create space for joy, stillness and self love by cultivating awareness, we walk a spiritual path. Red pillers hold onto your hats, this is going to be a doozie of a Portal. In light and love beautiful people 💫🌀💚

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