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1111 333 Shift Update Chakra Healing Meditation

4 thoughts on “1111 333 Shift Update Chakra Healing Meditation”

  1. Well, I seem to be doing this ascension by braille. It helps when you put names to things and a ‘logical’ pattern begins to emerge! I’ve just been following what is in the moment driven by one thought, one desire to be in Oneness in this body in service to All. Somedays I don’t want to hear a bloody word about it. Other days I’m willing. Some days I’m talking to my fragmented soul parts/ancestors. Last night MySelf spoke from that perspective (a first) and then I release the doubt. Usually wake up knowing something has shifted but couldn’t name it if I tried. Not sure of your name, Lulu? Thank you for putting words to it, affirming my path by braille. Much love. Kathy Kirk xo

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  2. Wow you are the first person ive felt intune w and it wasnt hard to comprehend and following you was simple and watching what you do to help get us through. I wish you had utube channel.

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