Silence isn’t always Golden #divinefemininerising

People are silent towards others for many reasons. Something on their mind, not as engaged as normal. Distracted, unwell, bored or maybe just rude. Some folk project their mood onto others, dominating the frequencies with their low vibrations. Others use silence as a power tool, leverage for powerplays, agendas and manipulation. Silence has become a weapon in our patriarchal society. Domestic abuse, mental and emotional, often circle round the use of silence. Silence as punishment. Silence as judgement. Silence as criticism. Silence undermines the listener. Being left hanging is never a nice feeling. In our digital world silence infers potential ghosting. Oh hi feelings of rejection and abandonment, great to see you guys again, not! No one likes being ghosted. Nor do we like having the reasons for our termination explained to us. It’s a tricky one. Ghosting hovers round online silence like a bad smell. Makes us jittery, defensive, uncomfortable. People seek authenticity in their relationships to avoid the uncertainty of silences.

How does a person facing a wall of silence respond? A person secure in their worth will NOT fill the silence with nervous chatter. They will not soak up negative energies conveyed in the silence. They will not chase the silence. They will not interpret or over think or second guess motivations behind the silence. So what do they do? Give the person space till they feel like filling it? Reach out? Stay present but get on with their own lives? A comfortable silence is cultivated when folk know and like each other. It is a secure vibration. Silence outside of a confortable connection is an insecure space, one that can vacuum our identity, drain our self esteem, lower our self confidence. Silence in families delivers oppression, dense low frequencies, a bitter brew. Self expression, awareness and emotional development can be stunted in families where silence is used as a power tool. In relationships silence can become a weapon of mass destruction, belittling the receiver. In the work place silence can be used to keep people on their toes, nervous for their job security, causing stress, anxiety and illness.

Silence is golden only when it is chosen.

Divine feminine throat chakra expansion is the activation and celebration of Voice. Women breaking through barriers of silence. In families, loaded with expectation. In job interviews, crackling with inequality. In work spaces, weighed down in job in-security. We find our voice we break glass ceilings, people pleasing algorithms, we stop chasing. Breathe into other people’s silence. Detach. Are they rude? Distracted? Players? Unkind? Who knows?!! Only they can express their feelings. Step back, protect Self and see what they do. For women this is challenging, we are intensively conditioned to seek approval from others. Goddess energies ripple through the ascension field. Tap into Empress vibrations when feeling vulnerable, insecure or unworthy if dealing with someone’s silence. Walls of silence can erode our self worth. Block silence. Dissolve it. Step away from it. Go deep into Self. Seek guidance in meditation. Filling another person’s silence is never a good idea. Own it makes us uncomfortable #awkward. Give yourself a hug. Remember You love You so it’s ok if someone else chooses not to expend energy to communicate with us. It’s ok. Look out for souls who enjoy our energy, our company, our humour. The folk who will love us, challenge us and grow with us #soultribe.

Peace beautiful people ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ


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