1111 Transits, Twins and Transformation #taurusfullmoon #theShift #mercuryretrograde

11/12.11.19 Taurus Full Moon is going earth us beautiful people. He brings all the magic and mysticism of full moons, rooted in Taurean self belief, focus and commitment. Connect to Taurus Full moon vibration in grounding ritual and mantras. State our intentions under the glittering gaze of the full moon. Honour our worth in the maintenance of boundaries constructed through painful self work, Self healing and self love. Cultivate Self awareness. Anchor our divinity to the material plane. Use yoga to dynamically move our energies from root to crown and back again, get our chi flowing. The energies are transforming from dark to light, connect in meditation, dance and mindfulness. Know yourSelf. We are putting in the foundations of our new earth lives. Make them strong and flexible. When we know ourselves we lean in to rip curls, tidal waves and tsunamis of Light and dark portal activations. Inner peace comes from cultivating harmony and balance in our lives. What roots are you putting down? How are you manifesting your dreams? How are you protecting your energy, heart and mind? Enjoy insights from Taurean truths, tune into full moon high vibbbraaaattions for dynamic dream weaving beautiful people.

Mercury’s 3rd and final retrograde for 2019 will close 21.11.19. Glitches will test our resolve. Delays and obstacles will manifest instantly if we are out of alignment with our lit path. 66 karma accompanies Mercury’s Retrograde. It’s getting messy out there folks. People whose lives revolve around shallow standards are getting real grumpy as retrograde 66 karma bites em where it hurts. Sketchy, bad, toxic moods accompany karmic payback. Folk refusing or resisting reflection, blame others for their own perceived misfortune. Empaths breaking narcisstic chains detach and observe. Energy vampires kick off when their energy supply is cut off. Exposing their deceitful, manipulative personalities, their selfish agendas. Some folk are walking round with karmic whiplash, karma mirrors have shown them some uncomfortable truths recently. When folk cannot uphold their neat, Self congratulatory narratives they face a choice, dissolve the storytelling and get real or deny, refuse, resist truth. People whose lives revolve around status, require Extras, bit players, human props, to substantiate, colour in the stories they tell themselves. Projecting their anger and frustration as one by one empaths wake up and cut negative energetic cords. Spidery people weave webs of deceit and lies because they cannot face themselves. All illusion is being dissolved in 1111 Shift awakening vibrations.

666 dark portal is still in mid flow. For those souls whose karmic output goes into darker, evil, violent energies their karmic payback with 666 shadow frequencies is vicious. Watch the folk who are getting mindbodysoul ill, whose hyena personas are slipping to reveal something bitter, desperate, unpleasant behind their matrix masks. Fake facades crumble in searing 333 lightwaves. Step away from those panicking, twisting n turning, shrieking and howling in the new paradigm. Integrity, compassion and truth, cosmic surfers, are the biorhythms of our new earth. Each walks their own path and deals with their own karma. The astral dark web fights hard for survival. The Spider weaves his black matrix, his soldiers working overtime to keep his web secure. The light matrix is plugged into the mainframe. We witness light and dark operating within the hologram. 666 Transits to 999. Too much pressure on blue pill folk? Everyone is spacing out. Time is no longer linear, it’s fully automated quantum. Sleepers operate in short memory cycles, the only way to break them is to Wake Up. Meditation, mindfulness and gratitude breaks memory loops. For woke folk observing sleepers operating in entitled, ignorant, short memory loops we disentangle from seed sowing and detach from their journey. Enough work has been done for now.

222 twin flame, soul mate vibrations ripple through the ascension field. Twin flames hold the knowledge. Twin flame sacred union anchors source frequencies onto the material plane. Twin flame union is a quiet, underground, stealthy movement. Mirrors teach. Reflections help us understand who we are. Illusions dissolve. Soul mates ignite our spiritual enlightenment. Soul mates have travelled together before. Soul mates are the building blocks of alignment on our journeys, we meet when we are ready for each other. There are still a lot of 1s around highlighting individual vision, sovereignty, integrity, worth, value, nourishment and nurturing. 222 vibrations permeate the 3rd 333 Portal. Our soul Self work releases negative algorithms, clearing energetic space for positive connections to be made. Breathe into 222 vibrations, let them wash over and through you if you are already with soul mate or ready to connect. Call twins and soul mates in meditation. Harness Taurean full moon energies, consolidating all we have learnt about Self, securing us for the journey of love.

333 third and final cosmic gateway of 2019 closes with the passing of Chiron’s retrograde on 12.12.19. Aligned with the 12.12 Portal we will experience a surge in high frequency energies, Momentum. Heart Chakra activation has been ongoing throughout 2019. The collective consciousness is experiencing the Shift from greed politics to empathy policies. 12.12 will be an opportunity, a cosmic gateway, we can move through as a collective. The Shift will be from service to self to service to others. Whether we, as a collective, make this quantum leap will depend on politically awakened blue pill folk and the engagement of indigo millennials. Will they make their voices heard? Are they strong enough to fight for their sovereignty? Heart chakra expansion is release of fear, and integration of spiritual enlightenment. Humanity is Shifting from Ego to Heart. Chiron retrograde, the wounded planet, is healing our collective consciousness to facilitate this transformative quantum Shift. Her transit through the Crystal Children’s constellation of Aries continues till 2027. All is in divine source light alignment.

Transformation is happening. The Light Matrix is plugged into the mainframe. Detach and observe. Soul Retrieval is in full swing on the astral planes, more of this soon. 666 Transits 999. Protect our auric field from dark portal energies with white and black crystals, light warrior mantras and higher self love. Shield up. Create vortex of protective light round our homes using selenite, tourmaline and obsidian. Smudge. Clear energies of self, family and home regularly through this 666 portal. The light is spreading across the ascension field like wildfire, nothing can stop it now. Intense unrest on the astral plane as CERN floods lower etheric realms with demon entities. Warrior uploads coming through in response. Traveller activations. Calmly download, collate and integrate in meditation, creativity and journaling. Conservation of our energy is key to assimilating DNA upgrades. Now isn’t the time for dimensional jumping, the astral is dangerous in its desperate disarray. Our higher selves are handling that side of things for now. Trust the assimilation of material plane organic existence and crown chakra akashic wisdom. Surrender to source, love, angelic, higher self vibrations. Trust, listen to our gut!

Chiron, the healing planet, remains in retrograde through Aries constellation until 12.12.19. Activated by Scorpio new moon, we are balancing the birth of the new earth with the harsh realities of the matrix. Protect our new, ecstatic, enlightened Aries energetic core by cultivating protective Scorpio vibrations. Scorpio holds the vibrations of magic, wisdom, caution and care. She is deliberate, pragmatic, sensitive, gentle and kind. Let our third eye do the talking. Be instinctive, intuitive, stealthy by channelling Scorpio energies pulsing through the ascension field. Protect Self, be Lit and Love in safe spaces. Trust the universe in her alignment of divine masculine and feminine. We are at the heart of a great dance between light and dark. We can surrender to the Light and allow her goddess frequencies to hold us through our transformation. We can detach from negativity and choose to open the doors of perception, to See 5d shahmbala Light. We are allowed to be happy. Read it again. We are allowed to be happy. Revolution of the matrix is Dreamweaving our happiness into our reality. Manifesting our joy will break the 3d hologram for good. Hold Self in heart space and all will be divine in source alignment. We are the new paradigm. We hold ourselves sacred, create circles of divine light, as we move through current clashing energy waves.

Light workers rest, enjoy zen energies on the higher realms. Integrate downloads in peaceful contemplation. Stretch, engage in stimulating interactions. Our time is coming. We prioritise peace of mind, security and safety in upholding boundaries, keeping all those who seek to disrupt and lower our higher biorhythms at arms length. This is their karma as much as it is ours. 444 Lightbody activation codes, root to crown activations coming through. Are we welcoming the transformation from 3d to 5d? Soak up Taurean full moon rays for consolidation of assimilation activated by the Crystal Children’s final 333 Portal of 2019. Load up on 1111 Light fuel held in cosmic lightwaves for the coming months of physical, organic Shift from Fear to Love. Take it easy in these last few weeks of 2o19, we really have worked so hard this year. Love yourself extra special at this time. Set goals, intentions for 2020 under the profound power of all these immense energy portals. Dreamweave. Anchor. Earth. Alchemy is the elemental Shift from ego to heart, mindbodysoul activation, expansion, unification and elevation. We are responsible for our growth, our evolution is in our hands as individuals and as a collective. Be present. Be awake. Be kind to yourself. In light and love beautiful people.


I am thankful for all I have learned this year.

I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.

I am one with universal love frequency.

I am having a calm/magical/reflective/energised/joyful day.

I am of the light all that is dark cannot harm me.

I am protected at all times from anything that may mean or cause me harm, in divine light.

Shield of love up.

I call my twin to me, if he or she is ready I am here.

I call my soul mate to me, I am ready for the growth we shall ignite in each other.

I call my soul tribe, I am ready for the love and joy we will create and share.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

Namaste 🙏🏼