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12.12 Portal Twin Flame Elemental Meditation and Mantras


Breathe it in cosmic surfers, celestial, LIT Twin vibrations are permeating the material plane. We can see through the mist, the path is clearing. We are moving in such profound seas of transformation, each day, each moment, each breath is dimensional realignment in the ascension field. The world is moving in a surreal, metaphysical space where atoms no longer obey the old 3d rules of play. Quantum dynamics has perforated the material plane, we are fluctuating in multiple reality portals. Our perception of reality has become a strange fusion of cybernetics, concrete and commutes.

Meditation, dance, gratitude and mindfulness are the tools we use to break free from engineered chains of control of our mind bodies and souls. All of this machinery is being dismantled. The cabal are imploding before our eyes. Distraction politics has reached a premium, we are watching the mask while the hands make the deals. Talking heads are in a hunger games frenzy of scandal, siphoning off folks intelligence piece by piece. Programming algorithms are coming at us from all directions. Codes woven into the fabric of the matrix, triggers to make us think, feel and behave in certain ways. Is the machinery still working? Who is falling for it? Who has woken up enough to see through the holographic lies, smoke and mirrors, illusion and delusion.

Source love comes from heart spaces, it is the glue that holds the multiverse together. Love, divine, joyful, giving, compassionate and expansive, love is the vibration of the ascension. In divine response to hyper activated cabal war machinery, cosmic intervention has brought us into a sacred space of Twin Flame frequencies. Gemini 12.12 Portal is about political polarity, inner balance, outer harmony. Its underlying fuel, is twin energies. Electrifying, deeply spiritual, ecstatic love frequencies can be aligned with, harnessed. We can shift our cellular vibration to the frequency of the twins through breathwork, mantras and light ritual. We reach for the stars.

Meditative Ceremony

Create a sacred circle, a space of light, protection from negative energies. Use crystals, smudging and candles to cleanse and anchor the sacred circle.

Open with mantras, be intuitive, warm up. Let it flow. These are suggestions, they can be used as they are or adapted to your circumstances, beautiful people.

In light and love I breathe and connect to source light

Light cascades over me, I am cocooned in love vibrations

I am one with love

All energies not of my creation I return to sender

I power up the force field of love that surrounds me protecting me from all negative energies

I ask my higher self to join me in my sacred circle of light

I connect with the power of the 12 12 portal

I breathe 12 12 high frequency vibrations in

I exhale all lower frequencies, all negativity out

I am one with universal love vibration

I am here to raise the vibrations on Gaia

I anchor my light to Gaia

I am one with light, love and joy

TWIN FLAME Meditation

I connect to the sacred source energy of twin flame love

I release all blocks holding me back from finding my tribe

I call my soul mate, twin flame, soul tribe to me

I am ready to receive your love

I am ready to gift you my love

I am ready to walk my highest path of divine surrender

I reach out to my soul mate, in my heart, my root and my third eye

I am ready for you

I detach from all that holds me back from Being happy

I release trauma holding me back from walking my highest path

I SEE my soul mate, my twin flame, my heart’s desire

I am ready

We are beautiful like diamonds in the sky

We are love

We are READY


I thank my guides, higher self and angels for their protection, love and guidance

I am grateful for all that is blessed and beautiful in my life and in the world

I offer gratitude for all that shall be, in peace, love and light


I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid

I am grounded to Gaia

I walk the path of light on the material plane in love, peace and joy

I am of the earth, rooted, balanced and strong

I am grounded.

We can use music to enhance our ceremony. Talisman, journaling and song, gongs, bowls, bells, drums can help us reach a higher state of consciousness. In meditative ceremony we are detaching from the material world in front of us, turning inwards and releasing our soul upwards to the light. We receive downloads in higher states of consciousness as well as upgrades during powerful gateways.


I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.

I am ready to receive downloads to help me attain my highest path

I welcome twin flame/soul mate activations in this Gemini gateway

I embrace all lightbody activations available at this time under the protection of my higher self.

12.12 Gemini Gateway Elemental Ceremony

I am of the earth, wind, and skies, the seas, stars and planets.

I am stardust, breathing life into my universe.

I connect to 1212 gateway vibrations of higher realms

I breathe these light frequencies deep into my soul

I activate and expand each chakra with each breath of divine light I inhale

I am bathed in cosmic light vibrations

I am FIRE I burn ALL that holds me back from my highest path

I am FIRE I burn all blocks to abundance

I am FIRE I burn all blocks to happiness

I am AIR I breathe light into every cell of my BEing

I am AIR I blow the cobwebs from my auric field, dissolving them in light

I am AIR I dreamweave my life in shimmering light

I am Earth I am Gaia

I am EARTH I am grounded in higher vibratory fields of light

I am EARTH I anchor my dreams, I make them happen

I am WATER I contain

I am WATER I flow

I am WATER I am nourished in light and love

I am a spiritual being having a human lifetime and (doing my best) to be grateful, mindful, joyful, hopeful and balanced. I walk the path of light. 2020 briiiing it onnnnn!

Peace up cosmic surfers ⚛