London Calling Fear won, for now

The frequencies we are riding currently are illuminating polarity, fear versus love, hate versus compassion, right wing versus left wing, black and white. Rinse and repeat. Three decades of political unrest, demonstrations, passionate rhetoric and petitions have been wiped clean, we have been reset in Thatcherite Britain, with BoJo as frontman. Memory loops. Brainwashing. Energy wizardry. Can we trust these results? Despite living in a digital age where we can vote for our favorite plastic performer in an online instant, yesterday the British public marked crosses with pencils on bits of paper, counted by who? How? Is there a neutral algorithm to standardize and ascertain legality? The US elections bore witness to all kinds of old school corruption shenanigans. The result, though probably fabricated, feels authentic. The UK is a cauldron of people who suffer from a collective form of Stockholm syndrome after generations of feudal system, nanny state control. Voting for Boris Johnson was a vote for the Rich and a slap in the face for everyone else. I guess they must have private health insurance…

If we are to accept the main-stream version of 12.12 General Election results, the majority of England is racist, misogynistic #lilyallen and in compliant servitude to their masters. The people pay for the rich, obey the rich and vote for the rich.

The atmosphere in East London is so sad today. Folk know we will see more souls die, more addicts wandering the streets, more beggars outside tube stations, more dereliction, more gentrification, more social cleansing. Tory policy is to starve the public sector till it’s on its knees, then ‘rescue’ it by selling it off to the highest bidder. All jobs for the boys, secret handshake, PPE corporate shark ideology. Everyone below the Chelsea Kensington streets-are-paved-with-gold, tax haven, super wealthy, is hussling on some level. For survival. London heaves with folk from Europe, the States, Asia, Africa, Australia, the world come to this great marketplace to sell their wares, experience life in a super city and delve into its histories, its creativity and its passion. I don’t see the hardcore leaving, I see us staying and fighting. But Brexit will force a lot of talent, a lot of creative dynamism out of the UK. On the other hand, despite winning an election, these cronies can barely tie their own shoelaces, so Brexit still may never actually happen. A racist, highly effective, distraction and division tactic that has worked for the fascist elite. Divide and conquer, failsafe for millenia. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves. If Jesus did his best and ended up on a cross, we are doing alright just breathing love vibration, healing self and realigning to our highest path. Divinity rises way beyond all this bollocks.

The 3d reality we are presented with should always be approached with caution. Energetically, historically and statistically cities are progressive, visionary and evolved, smaller towns, villages and communities tend to stagnate, cling to tradition and resist change. London follows this trend, thriving on the frontiers of cultural evolution. Fear is rippling through the population. Will we have hospital beds when we are ill, elderly, injured? Will we pay premiums for basic health like folk in the US? The UK statistically aligns with third world countries. There really is not a lot positive to say about this result. We thank Jeremy Corbyn for his candour, his commitment and his compassion. Four decades of diligent work in the name of equality. We wish him well for the future, in gratitude Obi Wan Corbyn 🙏🏼

Peace up the rEvolution cosmic surfers ⚛

(Piers Corbyn, Jeremy’s brother is worth checking out, David Icke meets Einstein, woke decades before the word existed).