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Elemental Transformation Meditation MANTRAS #solstice


Breathe it in cosmic surfers, celestial, LIT vibrations are permeating the material plane. We are moving in profound seas of transformation. Each day, each moment, each breath is dimensional realignment in the ascension field. We receive downloads in higher states of consciousness and upgrades during powerful gateways.

Meditation, dance, gratitude and mindfulness are the tools we use. Source love comes from heart spaces, it is the glue that holds the multiverse together. Love, divine, joyful, giving, compassionate and expansive, love is the vibration of the ascension.

Celsetial alignment has brought us into a sacred space of Elemental Transformation. We can align, harness and use these frequencies to Shift through Breathwork, Mantras and Light ritual. We reach for the stars.

Talisman, journaling, scent and song, gongs, bowls, bells, drums can help us reach a higher state of consciousness. In meditative ceremony we are Detaching from the material world in front of us, turning inwards and releasing our soul upwards to the light.

Meditative Ceremony
Create a sacred circle, a space of light, protection from negative energies. Use crystals, smudging and candles to cleanse and anchor the sacred circle.
Open with mantras, be intuitive, warm up. Let it flow. These are suggestions, they can be used as they are or adapted to your circumstances, beautiful people.

In light and love I breathe and connect to source light
Light cascades over me, I am cocooned in love vibrations

I am one with love

All energies not of my creation I return to sender

I clean, clear, cleanse and reenergise my auric field in divine light
I power up the force field of love that surrounds me protecting me from all negative energies

I ask my higher self to join me in my sacred circle of light
I connect with the power of Light portals
I breathe Gateway high frequency vibrations in
I exhale all lower frequencies, all negativity, out

I am one with universal love energy
I am here to raise the vibrations on Gaia
I anchor my light to Gaia
I am one with light, love and joy

12.12 – 22.12 Gateway Activation Corridor Elemental Ceremony Mantras

I am of the earth, wind, and skies, the seas, stars and planets.
I am stardust, breathing life into my universe.
I connect to light gateway vibrations of higher realms
I breathe these light frequencies deep into my soul

I activate and expand each chakra with each breath of divine light I inhale Root Sacral Solar Plexus Heart Throat Third Eye Crown

I am bathed in cosmic light vibrations

I am FIRE I burn ALL that holds me back from my highest path
I am FIRE I burn all blocks to abundance
I am FIRE I burn all blocks to happiness

I am AIR I breathe light into every cell of my BEing
I am AIR I blow the cobwebs from my auric field, dissolving them in light
I am AIR I expand mindbodysoul in shimmering light

I am Earth I am Gaia
I am EARTH I am grounded in higher vibratory fields of light
I am EARTH I anchor my dreams, I make them happen

I am WATER I contain
I am WATER I flow
I am WATER I nourish in light and love

I Dreamweave

Pick three to five things you wish to BE, receive, walk or create. We can mix big dreams and little dreams into our magical brew. Visualise and speak out loud dreams for 2020 and beyond. Connect to heart and surrender to the divine light of source, feel your dreams. We reach the vibration of Abundance by SEEing Self in the timelines we wish to Manifest

Questions to help work out our dreams. Where do I want to live/work/exist? Who do I want in my life? What do I want to welcome into my life? What am I letting go of? What is holding me back from a path of joy and peace? How can I rearrange my life to reflect my inner calm? What should I do more of, create more of, work to harness?


Take time to think of HOW we can get to realise our dreams. I need to do more of this, less of that. I AM embracing more… and releasing negative habits, thoughts and actions. Do I self sabotage? How can I support my dreamweaving?

Set Goals

Not too many, keep it real beautiful people. We are moving though the ascension field in our own way, at our own pace. No rush. Look at the nuts and bolts of our dreams. Do smaller dreams build to make the big picture dream? Focus on what can be done in the next few weeks and months. Make this fun! Feel empowered by setting tasks with focus and determination. WE make our dreams happen by believing in ourSelves.

I thank my guides, higher self and angels for their protection, love and guidance
I am grateful for all that is blessed and beautiful in my life and in the world
I offer gratitude for all that shall be, in peace, love and light

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid
I am grounded to Gaia
I walk the path of light on the material plane in love, peace and joy
I am of the earth, rooted, balanced and strong
I am grounded.

I am grateful, mindful, joyful, hopeful and balanced.

I AM a Dreamweaver

I walk the path of light.

2020 briiiing it onnnnn!
Peace up cosmic surfers βš›


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