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Anunaki Update 12/21.12.19 Activation Gateway


Reaching out of the matrix, the 3d hologram of despair, depression and defeat, riiiissssiiing to spiritual goodness, beyond the dome, what can we SEE…

We are BEings of Light protected by angels, here on a mission to raise the vibrations. Five pyramid Anunaki ships have entered earth’s atmosphere, hovering just outside the biodome. We are not going to be blown up, or zapped by laser beam technologies (anymore than we already are). We’re not going to be wiped out, or any of the blockbuster bandwidths of fear they want us to think. NASA describe them as ‘harmless asteroids’, owning their existence to combat any curious night gazers and keep things hidden in plain sight. A show, a pantomime of strength to scare those of us woke enough to SEE them. Pyramid worship. Pyramid peacocks. Defunct technologies in higher realms. The cosmic version of the braying, grunting, survival of the fittest, pyramid politics we are living on the material plane. Planetary alignment is on our side. No one, not even the anunaki, can argue with planetary alignment triggering cosmic light waves penetrating the material plane.

We close out 2019 in the Fire of Light activations. We embody Air, speaking our truth into the dark winds of illusion. We Earth, grounding our light to Gaia’s plane in mindful routine, creative passion and focused intention. We align to the flow of universal love vibrations, containing our higher vibrations. We are holding space for twin 222 frequencies to stabilise. Lighting up the earthly plane with 444 lightbody activations and riding the final waves of 333 portals of assimilation. Consistency is key. Allow fears to wash over us, cleanse our auric fields with smudging, crystals and mantras. Stay in heart space for calm. Surrender to a higher source of love, peace and harmony. An energy much older and wiser than us, the quantum angels have our back.

Technologies the Anunaki use are engineered in 3d density frequencies. Able to use these technologies only within tightly controlled lower vibratory fields, their machinery is breaking down in cosmic lightwaves flooding the earth plane. Cosmic lightwaves, aligned to source, are raising the vibrations on the Gaia plane. Gaia herself is involved, as are her brothers and sisters in this galaxy and the next. Anunaki brainwaves operate on Narcisstic coding, blocking heart chakras, preventing crystalline awakening. They understand academically sacred geometry and are able to manipulate or harness celestial dynamism by replicating what they study. They miss the key ingredient, Light, the Fifth element. Five ships, five pyramids positioned in the atmosphere, peripheral to the reality plane we experience. HAARP, CERN technologies are activated. The zones are in lockdown, we just don’t know it. The truth is in graffiti, word of mouth, whispers online, #’s, third eye vision and dreamstate meditative downloads. 888 Soldiers of Light, warrior downloads dropped throughout the 333 portals of 2019. They came through for a reason. Its game on. Its always been game on.

We pierced the fifth dimension in October, under divine cosmic rays of the crystal children’s Aries full moon. Aries is fire, new beginnings, passion, persistence, belief. Aries has transitioned to Gemini and we are baring witness to the polarity of the matrix. We remain grounded in high vibrations. All Anunaki technologies malfunction, dissolve in higher vibrations. The enemy of the Anunaki is joy. Their Fear is LOVE. Their weakness is EGO. We can kill them with kindness, beautiful people. They need our compassion, living out their karma as we all are, in the frequencies of 1111 1112 quantum transformation. Karma is where we are. Divine justice is pulsing through the energies. We walk a path of surrender to our own truth.

We continue as missionaries of light. We speak of self care, self love, self awareness, self knowledge. We preach gratitude for the beauty of life. We practice, model, live mindfulness, taking joy in each moment and pushing through darker times in fearless quest for self knowledge. We are the algorithms of tribal progress, sharing not hoarding. We stand tall and speak of core values, respecting, nurturing, listening to Elders. We climb on our soapboxes about supporting all in society to prosper and flourish. We hold space for collective karmic shadow work. We have Allies, good ones, powerful ones who have been overriding nuclear warfare for decades. We have nothing to fear from Anunaki warship technologies, all are rendered obsolete in angelic bandwidths. Our higher Self, our team on the other side are with us all the time. We have Sponsors sending healing, messages of hope, guidance into the matrix for us. We work on third eye Sight to ensure we pick up and receive all gifts, guidance and protection. The Games are on.

The internet is a playing field for much of the mind control warfare going down among those of us woke enough to switch off Saturday night mk ultra tv and turn down tabloid streamed brainwashing. There are many rabbit holes to darkness in cyberland. Rabbit holes that can destroy a light workers mental health, soul grounding to their mission. We approach the internet cautiously, surrounded in light, but we USE it. We NEED it to breakdown mainstream firewalls between us, and maintain lit networks. The Zones are being locked down. Angry Birds, Candy Crush couch potatoes, X Factory hooked-up-to-the-machine sheeple will not accept restrictions to the internet. Its how they stay in touch with family and friends. Digital communication is a core unit in their 21st century programming systems. If the internet is taken away, they gonna cryyyyyyyy. Screeeeaamm. Throw tantrums the elite don’t want to deal with. Potential French revolution stylie, give us OUR social meeeedddiaaaaa, photos of granny in Barbados, our online shopping, our online convenience, our online lives. The Anunaki cannot risk this yet.

Removal or limiting use of the world wide web, aka China, would be escalation of transparent Orwellian state control in the West and would be perceived as such. The hologram operates by fooling most into thinking they are free. Those perceived freedoms for the West, are anchored in the digital age now. We are allowed carefully controlled physical movement between the zones, that appears fluid, aligned to current political agreements. Its an illusion. We travel, but only where they want us to go and how they want us to get there, a clever illusion of freedom of movement. Tricks, trips and traps pepper the system to shift us, maneuver, manipulate us back onto the main routes, destination Shell Beach. Movement of ordinary folk between countries, zones, started in the 70s for westerners. The package holiday was matrix response to pressures from society to acknowledge technological advancement. If we can get to the moon why can’t Sadie from Massachusetts visit her elderly aunt in Paris?

Fulfilling the illusion of freedom at the dawn of the technological age has been a tricky challenge for the Anunaki and their puppet masons. Cyberland, the world wide web, is the cabals Frankenstein monster. A necessary evil they had to declare to acknowledge progress and enable them to tighten their grip on our minds. It backfired. We rose to the challenge of international communication, the human spirt is ignited by community, creativity and connectivity of the internet. It is the Awakening, the Age of Aquarius, of enlightenment. The Anunaki fulfilled their role in the great prophesies despite their better judgment and now they’re playing catch up. Mary Shelley was accurately prophetic in her story, the villagers like the monster too much and they can’t kill it off now.

Currently rolling out staggered restrictions disguised as new algorithms, updates, improvements, to our operating systems. They are chaining up their monster, sleight of hand, so that we don’t SEE what they’re doing. ‘New algorithms’ as a phrase is being conditioned in fear response. We, the consumer, already know, they can mean trouble for us, a less informative, dynamic and vibrant internet experience. The tussle between the villagers and the mad scientist continues. One of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse, Facebook has already sustained drops in footfall and flow to their app since introducing their new algorithms, which have restricted our enjoyment, and interaction with the platform. This will boil down to people power in the end. The villagers save the monster and make it their friend, their companion, destroying Frankenstein in the process, simply because there is more of them. Can we do this with AI google? Probably not. We can however make it clear by our active choices and use of the internet what we accept and what we reject in their restructuring of our access. We are their revenue after all.

The core unit of Fear in the Matrix relies on us aligning with narcissists’ brainwaves of resistance to change. They program us to associate change with disruption, negativity and inconvenience, to be avoided. Stick with the status quo. We have the real power, because there are more of us, a core weakness of the pyramid system. Ultimately we can overthrow them. We are trying to do it from the inside out, rather than come at the whole thing from an external intervention space. We have infiltrated the infiltrators over several human generational lifetimes to crack it open from the inside, raising the temperature, literally baking light into the biodome. By breathing love, walking light, refusing to give in to envy, greed, hate, competition, entitlement, arrogance and ignorance (narcisst core coding) we are breaking the matrix. This is our mission.

The effects of Anunaki pyramidships are subliminal. All the military warfare that is being used on us soundwaves, chemtrails, consumption, consumerism, mk ultra nazi mind control, brainwashing, toxins to kill us off….nothings changed. We’ve made it this far despite all of this and more to take us out the game. In fact a lot of us are feeling healthier, stronger, fitter, more powerful than we ever have. Cosmic activations aligned with allied interventions have upgraded us beyond matrix densities. Lightbody activation, if we have responded to the triggers, ensures many of us are living cleaner, healthier, spiritualised lives. Phase 5 has begun. 2020 will be the year we hunker down, anchor our light stubbornly, willfully, rebelliously into Gaia’s grid on the mainframe.

The timing of all of this is just too convenient. The Anunaki and their freemason, devil worshipping, illuminati puppets work to sacred celestial geometry just as we do. They use it for dark, we align with it for guidance and light. The UK general election vote for Service to Self, Greed and Hate fuelled by Fear, during 12.12 – 22.12 Gateway, is no accident. This Corridor of Manifestation we have entered is profound in cosmic source power. The cabal are harnessing the energies for darkness, by hitting us where it hurts most, in our political, desperately-striving-for-compassionate-fundamental-change gut. Our lives will be harder now. The lives of those around us, many who will have voted for the lizards, will be harder now. That is the reality of this war. Does it shake our resolve? Nope.

The Anunaki can flash their pyramids in the sky, inert in our higher frequncies, rub our noses in Johnson’s barbaric jubilation, bomb parts of our world every day, destroy rain forests, eat up our resources, spit out our souls….its literally been going on for thousands of years, and it is OVER. These are the last dying embers of a darkly twisted and truly evil regime. The Anunaki know this. The Goddess is the game changer. The human female, the divine feminine, she is the holy grail Satan is obsessed with. He stalks her. He chains her. He rapes her. He tortures and abuses her for his pleasure. Her divine beauty is both an insult and an obsession for him. He takes joy in stamping out her fire. He steals sexual energy from her Empress light and gorges himself on it. To OWN the divine feminine, to POSSESS Her, Satan has birthed a machine that sabotages the divine masculine entirely to ensure he keeps the divine feminine in her place, His world.

Misogyny is the beating heart of the devil’s playground on Gaia. We fight to free the feminine. We fight to free the children. We fight to free our souls from an ancient evil striving to control us in lower vibratory fields. Its all about energy. Everything else is just words on paper, images, streaming of deception, smoke and mirrors. The truth is in the heart of each of us. We go inwards and step out on a path aligned to love. It’s a bad word in their world. Say it LOOOOUUUD, say it PROOOOUDDD. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Lets stir this whole thing up now folks. We’ve been playing it safe, stealthy, strategic, the gloves are coming off. People are dying on our streets. We tried from the inside out and we will keep trying, but those warrior downloads didn’t come through for nothing.

Jedi knights, light workers, healers, teachers, givers, empaths, travelers, volunteers, warriors and goddesses, we know what we have to do. Stubbornly refuse to back down. Stand tall in divine rays of cosmic source light. LOVE LOVE LOVE – like water to the Wicked Witch of the West, it burns darkness, dissolves evil, cleanses hateful thoughts in shimmering high vibrations. The best way to clear your life of negative people is to be stubbornly committed to inner peace and happiness. Really. The key to blowing out all the darkness and welcoming joy and harmony, we make the changes ourselves, and refuse to give into misery algorithms. The matrix is miserable, those most committed to it are the most miserable of all. We drop into HEART space for quantum existence within the hologram. We punch our way back out of the energetic biodome, raise our vibrations to the stars. It’s the only way to maintain, hold and increase the vibrations on the ground. We KNOW what we have to do. Light is joy. Light is laughter. Light is self care and self love. Light, heart led living, is the answer. We walk the path of light and others step into our warmth, healing with love frequencies. The cabal are desperately trying to make everything seem ‘normal’, nothing is normal anymore. Not the weather, politics, corporations, education, health, the stars and space. There is no normal anymore. Those who cling to this narrative are in chains of manufactured fear blocking access to their own divinity. We don’t have that problem. Hold your truth cosmic surfers, trust only your gut, everything is smoke and mirrors here. Third eye, heart and gut…and we walk the path of divine justice, blazing a trail of calm love, compassion and connectivity. In light and love beautiful people.