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Message from Our Andromodean Allies 08.09.19


Dearest friends, neighbours, allies we welcome you to the fifth dimension. Higher dimensional frequencies have embedded on Gaia’s plane. The destruction we are witnessing is in response to this magnificent shift in energetic vibration. We and our intergalactic allies are astounded. Written about, stories, whispers in the farthest corners of the galaxies, yet none of us were prepared for what we witness. Light warrior activation programs successfully downloaded, the light is anchored to Gaia. Her vibratory field had risen to meet the celestial realms, she was ready. Lightworkers have successfully stabilized frequencies within the higher realms of existence. We are in deep and humble gratitude for the determination and source surrender each of you has shown in your endeavours to honour our mission. We all are raising the vibrations of Gaia, her vibratory field is now within the fifth bandwidths. We cannot express enough our gratitude.

Timelines are taking shape, mesmerizing us with their light, joy and transcendence. For many moons we have watched timelines flicker, fade, dissolve and disappear now we see the opposite. Timelines are coming back, being restored to highest pathways of divine existence. Dreamweaving is key to manifestation of the higher realms. Dreams are the hearts way of communicating soul path, we awaken to the magic of the multi verse. We, Andromodeans have been through our awakening, we know the wonder of waking up.

The matrix is unravelling. We would like to impart some updates to you, please resonate with our expansive healing vibrations as you read our words. We are at once the messenger and the conduit of intergalactic relations. There is deep web sabotage, people are not what they seem. We are sharing concern that the truth is too much, still, for most people. Data from travelers on the material plane confirms our concerns. We would like to map out a timeline, a map of ascension for humanity, being discussed in alliance circles.

Crystalline codes have been triggered. Just as each of you awaken to lightbody activation so too is Gaia, and her galaxy. Expansion is the organic evolution of all that is conscious of its existence. The divine feminine has anchored. We are coming into a space of containment. Of holding safe space for expansion and growth. This space may take several earth decades, it may be less, before all truths can be fully processed. This timeline also tallies with the astral clearance programs. The matrix and its predecessors have caued many eons of damage to this small planet and the energies around and within her. We foresee a prolonged restoration phase, engineering the future as sustainable and harmonious. Preceded by assimilation phase and followed by technological advancement. We repeat. Your present and short-term future timelines display assimilation followed by integrated consolidation. People’s daily routines will feed joy and starve fear. We are looking at maintaining the cosmic pause button for some time longer, to enable people to restore Self in sovereign space. Intervention put forward by the Arcturian council are

  • Maintain neutralization of nuckear and atomic warheads.
  • Continue to closely monitor and take evasive action regarding CERN and its siblings.
  • Move slower in astral clearing thus minimizing fear frequencies from the material and astral plane whilst moving through the ascension field
  • Allow political, economic and social restructuring to play out largely unaided by external intervention.
  • Allow more linear time for processing accelerated ascension symptoms

Integration of upgrades into daily lives is evolution. Lightbody activation in the karmic swamp of the matrix is undeniably challenging. We hold in our hearts each of you clearing ancestral karma from chosen bloodlines. We respect all the work you are doing to lighten the load of humanities collective karma. The balance and harmony sought on Gaia will materialize in manifestation. Grounding and expansion of divine feminine and masculine energies within each person and for human society, micro to macro. We digress. Timelines. Materializing instead of dissolving. The recent shifts have had profound effects on the tectonic energetic plates’ humanity exists on. We can see such change, yet all that is divine feminine, even in her most warrior energy, is still gentle, nurturing and kind. The violets, indigos, pinks and yellows flowing from people as they unplug and reach for the stars is magical to behold.

2019 is assimilation. 2020 is consolidation. 2021 is expansion. 2022 is balance. 2023 is crunch time. Technological advancement in tandem with collective spiritual enlightenment is one path. Chaos and destruction would be another, there are many. Timeline divergence, red pill, blue pill defining primary dimensional space. This is what we and others see materializing from the material plane. We believe fundamental choices have been made by enough of the people of Gaia to tip the balance in favour of lightwaves of restructuring and rebirth.

Disharmony comes when conflicting energetic frequencies meet in the stratosphere. Gaia is at the centre of a maelstrom of conflicting frequencies. Each of you are like lightning rods, harnessing the light from higher planes, containing it, channeling it and anchoring it into Gaia’s vibratory field. From above we continue to hold the frontline in the atmosphere and dimensional frequencies outside most people’s current perception. This may or may not continue. If the cabal choose to push ahead with current aggressive sky war activity the federation will meet each new initiative in determined light warrior love. It is unclear whether the cabal can make a coherent decision with regards the defense of the biosphere or the integrity of the matrix. So many opportunities are opening, aligning for humanity to engineer a truly magnificent, advanced, energized harmonized society. We ask you keep dream weaving, hold your nerve, and manifest the timelines your hearts desires. For this is where the fifth dimension lies, in the passions of our heart.

We are one with all who travel the material plane, we send healing love light to each of you as you resonate with our words Now.

We are your dreamweaving tribal brothers and sistars from the Andromodean galaxy, we are here, we have your backs and we are proud, patient and passionate about all that brings humanity joy, peace and balance. Peace.

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation, Planets and Portals Energy Updates, The Matrix

Energy Update 333 Light Gateway 999 Dark Portal + 5 Tips to Keep Our Vibration Hiiigh


What does a dark portal look like or feel like? Everything is energy, interdimensional and dynamic. We are an integral part of a bigger picture, we belong to the multi verse. Our realities are perception, how we receive and interpret the outside word. Dark portals operate on lower dimensional frequencies, states of being mired in depression, paralysis, helplessness and despair. We experience dark gateways, as with everything in the fourth realm, in direct relation to our internal vibration. The fear frequencies emitted seek to lock us into their lower wavelengths. We maintain our higher vibratory fields by stabilizing in gratitude, grounding in nature and expanding in meditation. 999 dark portal is a gateway for chaos, disharmony and destruction. We combat this dark tidal wave by remaining on our cosmic surfboards, staying aligned, flexible and centred. 999 portal will close at Old Hallows Eve, 31st.10.19 (natch). It’s all about the Big Bad and our light vibbbrraatttionnns through September and October. We are being pulled right to the heart of the karmic matter by 333 cosmic waves. No messing about, whatever it is that has been holding us back, the final piece of the jigsaw blinding us from attaining alignment, is being revealed. True sovereignty is only attainable when we have the liberated space to make an authentic choice. The rEvolution is being televised, blogged, vlogged, podcasted, Selfie’d, shared and screenshot, every day, every minute, every second. The world is waking up to itself, transformation is here.

2019 is assimilation. We are grounding into the material plane whilst simultaneously expanding in to higher states of consciousness. We are like trees growing deep down into the earth, whole, nourished, our branches reaching out into the ether, exploring, greener, higher, fresher. Our core is where it’s all held together. Our trunk is our earthly chakra system, crown to root. We seek to enhance flow of high vibration energy throughout our chakra system, feeding and fueling our lightbody activation. Creating blocks with fear of the unknown is counteractive to our mission of raising the vibrations. Dark portals are rare compared to light gateways, the lightwaves coming from higher realms of outer space are magnificent, infinite and source created. Dark portals are engineered using enhanced technologies. Everything sourced from evil is artificial in its essence, there is a flatline in core energy frequency. Energy healers can see and tune into energy. As the veils thin to transparency, healers, lightworkers, volunteers understand the truth of source energy, of light and dark frequencies. We are powering up, interstellar travelers, our source light is coming online. The higher we go the more comfortable, relieved and at home we feel. The blue pill barrage of abuse for questioning the matrix, that haunted and hunted us through our lifetime here, is waning in the immoveable truth of love. We are being released from the constraints of stealth mode, this alone liberates us from dense bandwidths, we are finally forging the path to walk our truth.

Dark gateways will throw everything at us to bring us down. This will operate on the global, local and intimate stages of our lives. We are being challenged to hold our truth, our belief in Self and our commitment to self care. Frequencies of hopelessness, frustration, helplessness and caged in claustrophobic will challenge us, we are hemmed in by antiquated laws, thinking and procedure. The matrix is a heavy anchor round our ankles, the dark portal is magnifying these energies. We are being propelled to delve into the very heart of darkness, our own, to root out all poisons, toxins, parasites and predators. Clear the soil, the energies, for growth. Expansion is our energetic wavelength, we stay true to this process, refuse to lose focus, keep dreamweaving despite the onslaught of darkness. We stand tall and meet it head on. Grounded in gratitude, heart led and spiritualized.

We seek to understand the matrix and how it operates to unplug. 999 is energy warfare, psychic attack on a global scale, macro to micro. The material plane to astral, and everything in between. Expect more global mainstream media meltdowns, manufactured news to scare the masses and keep them mangaeable. We will witness pollution in overdrive, climate chaos, political dictators, fear mongering, fascism, war and Nazi tactics coming out into the open. The gloves come off the deeper we get into the ascension field. Fame, worship, adoration and idolatry have always been the devil’s playthings. He abstained because the wealth and benefits his scheme generated was best served by his illusions. Time is ticking on that. We will see more devil worship, satanic and free mason rituals, ceremonies, language and symbolism entering the public arena. Normalization of the worship of Selfie, power, luxury, wealth and plastic beauty through the manipulation of social media. The world is being divided like Moses parting the red sea. One side is me, me, me the other side, is us, we, the collective!

Social media is a window into how people really feel, comparative anonymity liberates people to show their truer selves. Trolls are proud to troll. Fascists are happy to spread white supremacy. Social media cuts through much of the fake alignments of the matrix, the social relationships we were supposed to foster because they are family, neighbors, colleagues, when really we may have little in common. Social media caused arguments, break ups, divorce and disagreements when people saw through each other’s illusions on politics, society, how we rate each other and the planet. The truth vibrations of social media shook all of us out of our inertia. Some chose not to play the game. The rest of us dived right in, we know who we all are now. We know who has compassion and who lacks empathy. We know. We already exist in a far more liberated space because of the internet, we know where we all stand much better than we did. We also see that the smoke and mirrors of ballot papers, counting, missing votes are antiquated, covering up corruption with incompetence. Digital technologies, leading to quantum advancement, are being hidden from us. We get select technologies, some way ahead than others with no sensible timeline, exposing corporate deceit and government manipulation. We are at the end times for smoke and mirrors governance, the return of the divine feminine will realign with the divine masculine and we will find balance, peace and harmony.

The four pillars of the matrix are the church, state, economics and royalty. These four pillars have one thing in common, paedophilia. Each plays its part in child and adult sex slavery networks spanning the global population. Oil, opium, cocaine, weapons and armaments forge dark web highways for production, distribution and sale on the black market. The shadow government are the engineers and profiteers from the whole criminal network. The shadow government is the anunaki, the archons, the humanoid puppets who thrive on our destruction. But children are their most highly valued commodity. Always have been. Humans have been tricked on such a grand and horrific scale. It really is all about the missing children. And the women. Truth is coming out, despite relentless and aggrieved resistance from blue pillers. Our lives are constructed on illusion. To withstand the truths coming from global and local stages we have to work on our internal vibration. We have to be robust, prepared, spiritualized when the truth hits the fan. Surrendering to source is the only way we can fully expand into Christ consciousness. Lightbody activation is our conscious healing of mind body and soul. Recognition that we are a mind body and soul being, connected, whole, not disconnected, disparate or divided. Soul retrieval on a grand scale.

The word Christ needs to be de-matrixed. For those who have Christ in their hearts, his truth is love. There are no rules beyond love. For those who associate Christ with a dark and sinister Vatican, detach from these negative algorithms. Everything operates in metaphor and literal in the matrix. Christ consciousness is DNA activation, kundalini rising, lightbody activation and spiritual surrender. Whether Christ walked the material plane or not, his legacy when unpicked from the spin of the dark lords, is one of compassion, equality and empathy. Everything else is politics and spin. The science bit is the crystalline core activation on Gaia and within us. The sacred geometry bit is that its all happening in a divine ascension field of interstellar proportions. Whether we refer to the thing outside of ourselves that we are part of as Christ, god, goddess, Gaia, universal love, zen vibration, faith, if its rooted in love its going to work in keeping our vibration high enough to withstand the stormy seas of dark waves.

We take responsibility for our spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing by unplugging from the matrix. The matrix aims to separate our mind, body and soul, we operate in an artificial hazy, foggy, confused, detached space, not connected to our bodies or our soul. We exist in a hyper pleasure space, the matrix convinces us the way to congratulate or commiserate life’s ups and downs is to consume. This is counterproductive to our wellbeing. Consuming should be done to meet needs, to keep us healthy and safe. Capitalist corporate democracy has turned us into farm animals, our lives fenced in, boring, limited, reliant on our masters for security, sanctuary and nourishment. We consume to feed the system. We are dehumanised in the consumerist process, we become takers, receiving gets blocked. We compete with each other, envy corrupts friendship, relationships. Feelings of inferiority and low self esteem freeze us, we lose our mojo, our sense of self. In the west we consume alcohol to mark every occasion big or small, we are conditioned to seek and desire alcohol. Alcohol carries attachments, just like all matrix toxins, they will attach to our energy field, nestle into chakras, steal our chi and overwhelm us with the need for more alcohol. The same can be said for all addiction, big pharma is engineered with nano and astral technologies to weaken the patient, the client. Antidepressants literally shut down our chakra system, we energetically flatline under the immense weight of dense matrix vibrations. The matrix wants us to be zombies, whether that’s achieved through drink, food, drugs or AI technologies, it doesn’t care.

The elite cabal engineer our lives to be mired by pain, inertia and ill health to support their wealth mongering dark web. The shadow government is the anunaki, the archons, the humanoid puppets who thrive on our destruction. The pyramid is crumbling, the Age of Aquarius is here. All of this is essentially the last desperate cries of a predator whose victim has woken up and is making their escape. However the game isn’t over, not by a long shot. This dark portal will be open till Old Hallows Eve, 31st October. Its not a flash in the pan wave of darkness we can hunker down and survive. We can’t climb into our bunker and wait for the storm to be over. We are deep in the profound 333 process of assimilation. Our mind body souls are assimilating, becoming whole again. To stay the course and keep our eye on the finish line we must withstand all that the dark lords will throw at us physically in the world and energetically to bring us down, we keep focused on our personal evolution. It’s a dual space, assimilation, integration and ascension, whilst being bombarded by black energy triggering dark thoughts.

5 Tips for 333 raising our vibration during a 999 dark portal depression.

1. Gratitude it realigns us every, single, time.
2. Mindfulness forcing our consciousness to ground into our present. Engaging in interaction, errands, workload and to do lists for positive affirmation, action sets positivity in motion. We belong here, we set the dial, not others ,to our own internal vibration. Own your life.
3. Meditation, connect to heart, feel love for self, love for the world, love for our lives our people, and you’re there, zen zone calm.
4. Breathwork, three deep breaths, throat, chest, stomach, to raise our vibration and manage confrontation, unpleasant interactions, stress and anxiety. Breath is the activation of mind body soul connectivity. We reconnect, realign and release negative energies when we slow our breath and consciously use it to manage our physical and emotional responses to any given situation.
5. Detachment is key to assimilation. The matrix makes us feel everything is our fault, something we did or said. Spiritual awakening illuminates for us the core truth that each is on their own path. We wake up to projection, deceit, illusion, lies and denial, this helps us untangle ourselves from other people’s narratives and encourages us to create our own narrative.

There is an art to detachment. Gratitude and self respect will see us through. A commitment to expanding our consciousness will hold us secure. The world has become astral, the dark portal takes us into the lower realms, yet 333 light waves continue to flood us and Gaia in their goodness, don’t lose sight of this. Sometimes we will give in, capitulate to the draw of depression, despair, frustration, rage or pain. Those who seek to destroy our equilibrium will temporarily take us down. Key word temporary. We are all equipped with a spiritual toolkit we can use to realign our vibration to joy algorithms, no matter what has occurred. We learn how to exist in a calm space of self love, maintaining boundaries of self respect and allowing others the freedom to make their own decisions. We break the chains of co dependency and regain our sovereignty. We can do this. We already are. Know we’re not alone. Know others are experiencing these dimensional fluctuations, the slippage between realms, the world changing in front of our eyes. Stay sane in a crazy world cosmic surfers #onelove.

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Black Invisible Super New Moon Update 10 Ways our Guides Communicate with Us

The ascension field we are moving through is a maelstrom of conflicting energetic frequencies. The black invisible super new moon is the black portal the dark lords have been preparing for. They step up their assault to meet the oncoming waves of 333 cosmic light frequencies. Gaia rises from her core to her crust. The threads holding the old 3d matrix together, competition, hate and fear, are splitting, tearing, snapping under the pressure of Christ consciousness anchoring on the material plane. We are living through a momentous time in the multi verse, rare, profound, accelerated and divine. Outdated versions are running on overdrive, clinging to archetype algorithms of envy, greed and entitlement. The patriarchy is malfunctioning before our eyes. Fake news, forgotten in a few days, fake policies thrown around. Fake people, clones, spouting the same grooming slogans, are glitching. The global political stage is a pantomime of scarily outdated programs. Misogyny, racism, elitism run on service to self processing units. Peace, love and harmony, goddess vibrations, run on the upgraded 5d core processors. We make this transition happen ourselves. Upgrades are there, downloads are ready and waiting, old files can be deleted, rendered obsolete as we upload new skills, our dormant DNA activated in cosmic light frequencies. Its our choice, how we approach this ascension business.

The system is crashing. Truths are being used by the cabal against each other. Significant individuals are being hung out to dry as a warning to others considering blowing the whistle, or protected as precious commodities. Truths are being used by the cabal as weapons of mass destruction. Inversion is their core code. Hyenas tearing each other apart, scrapping for their dying race, their wealth, their power. As they attack each other, we, the normal folk, are researching, waking up, using online sources to expand our minds, deepen our understanding of the world and ourselves. Soul searching on an epic scale has commenced. Gen Zers and millennials, teeming with indigos and rainbow children, are trailblazing a spiritual movement built on self respect, boundaries and sovereignty. They have a creative response to all the institutions, linear lockdowns, little boxes society has put previous generations into with relative ease. Their momentum is technology, they adapt to their surroundings anchored to the ever expanding consciousness of cybernet communication. They are immune to much of the loneliness, vulnerability and fear their woke predecessors faced. Their’s is a free flowing, free styling, free wheeling dynamic space of supersonic content creation. We existed in pods, isolated from anything but our immediate surroundings before the technology age was birthed. Mind control conditioning in religion and education was more intensive because we had nothing to compare it to, it was all we knew. For older generations this new millennia business is an absolute goddess send, the world was so small, limited, boring(!) before the internet. Bring on the ascension and all the ecstatic and exhilerating energies it brings with it.

Our mind body soul systems are transfiguring to crystalline cores. We are upgrading from primitive programs, to high level, technically advanced, operating systems. All of this, the whole profound transcendental experience we are having is kind of summarised in a nutshell by the coming black invisible super new moon in Virgo. It’s the macro to the micro, an easter egg in the game, a grand celestial event of epic proportions and its going to shift us to the next level. The ascension is dropping a gear, gunning her engine, ready for take off. The party really is about to start. Gloves off, masks dissolved, illusions shattered. We all walk our truth from here on. What we did. How we are managing 2019’s 1111 wake up, game changing, quantum leaps of consciousness is going to be magnified by the super new moon. We are entering a consolidation period. We experienced activation in April, followed by active learning in the following months, we are moving towards alignment. Alignment with Gaia. Breaking free from the chains of the cabal matrix to raise our vibrations and reach spaces of joy, peace, calm and happiness. These are the goals. The end game. Don’t lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Make time for meditation, visualise, dreamweave, ritualise and manifest the timelines our hearts desire. All of them. New moons are the time to breathe life into new projects, new relationships, new endeavours. Unleash our passions, see where they take us. New moon in Virgo amplifies recent planetary alignments in Virgo. This Shift is about the details, nuance, micro expressions, the fine print, colours and shading, consolidation. Be specific with the universe, get down to the nitty gritty, even when it makes us feel uncomfortable. Those are the things we should look at most. When we feel resistance, we know there is unresolved karma, blocks to be aired and released. Once cleared we move on into fresh spaces of higher vibratory fields. It all comes back to self care. Self care is divinity. Self care is revolution. Self care is evolution.

All of light is mirrored in darkness, the key to seeing through illusion. We unravel the mysteries of the matrix when we see through its holographic imprinting. Conditioning works using reinforcement psychology, symbolism, trigger words, grooming and dark magic. The close of August is the close of our second 333 portal of 2019. What we learnt, we live. What we sowed, we pick, what we nourished, we reap. We are heading into 09.19, its going to be a big month beautiful people. We did the work, we were present, attended meditative seminars on growth, expansion and energetic welfare. We were conscious of our karma. The Invisible, Black Super New Moon is planetary dis-alignment. It is the inversion of light filled supermoon gateways. We are heading into a black portal. We witness the cabal go into hyper drive of fear mongering, chaos creation, and destruction. This will play out on any screen, conversation or interaction we allow it to. Its goal is to knock us off our lit perches of divine calm. Its mission is to render fear into the depths of our souls, to corrupt our motherboards with sticky, dense viruses, engineered to clone themselves within our energetic bodies, to lock us down into low vibrations. As lightworkers, earth guardians, volunteers, starseed and indigos we stand in the face of onslaught of darkness with persistent, relentless and complete devotion to Self, to Light and to Peace. We cannot let the black plague of night drown us in its soon to be obsolete algorithms. We are running on much faster processing units, we are riding lightwaves to freedom, emancipation, redemption and reformation. We are building a new earth in our hearts, in our heads, in our lives. We cannot lose sight of the end goal, sustainable, advanced systems, eco balanced, thriving Gaia and her people. Its all possible, its right there, some of it has already been built, created and manifested. The rest is up to us.

Invisible is the mark of the devil. He is the master of trickery, his illusion so great he convinced us he didn’t exist. He is back in da house, after a misplaced absence during which his mini masters lost their tiny minds and created the internet. It is like a Bond movie, or Star Wars or Star Trek, its all very dramatic. Its all about an energetic force that everyone wants to harness for evil. In truth its about mass slavery focused on children and those in female frequencies. It’s got angels and demons all over it. And yeah, we are living it. Woke folk can see through the illusions, so we’re going see some freaky, scary, downright devastating stuff come at us from the worlds of politics, entertainment and sport. Some real shockers are coming our way. We witness the breakdown of rationality in economics and social welfare. We see the effects of service to self policies in overdrive on our streets, in our schools and hospitals. It’s going to be hard to maintain optimism, lit from the inside. As our perspective of our world, our lives, our existence shifts, we are left in an existential no mans land. Go inwards to find faith. Reach for the stars for belief. Hug a tree for Gaia goodness. Stay in heart love and all will be well. Navigate this black portal by channelling the vibration of detachment. Unplug from mainstream narratives whilst remaining super focused on creating the details of our own narrative. We are writing the synopsis for our book right now. The akashic records are buzzing with the colective energetic activity vibrating from wakened people as we map out our futures, land on chapter headings, structure the plot, build characters, direction and dialogue into our new earth dreamscape. This is a war for energy. We are not losing our compassion, we are prioritising Self after many lifetimes of abuse at the hands of a corrupt, soul recycling, karmic assault. Warrior mode is activated.

Energy is neutral. Intent is the activation of positive vibration or negative vibration. It is our mission to stay in positive vibratory fields throughout the coming intensive space. Colliding portals of light and dark are bringing all that is not authentic to the surface. The streets we walk will reflect our internal vibratory field. If we feel negative we will see, experience and be exposed to negativity. The world will vibrate on multiple frequencies. There will be times when interaction is ill advised. Other times when its safe to be exposed. For energetic and divine direction and guidance listen to our gut, our guides and our instincts, they see the bigger picture and can be trusted.

5 sign your guides don’t want you to do/say/go something or somewhere. A negative energetic space is being created or manifest, to be avoided.

1. Shaking body, especially legs and hands
2. Palpitations, heart fluttering, tightness in heart chakra as it constricts
3. Breathless, flustered, stressed, short tempered,
4. Clouded thoughts, fuzzy mind, resistance
5. Feeling held back, slowed down, forward motion is as difficult as pushing though mud.

It could be anything, an incident on the roads that will hold us up if we leave now, a confrontation in the car park, best avoided, a hold up on the train that could take hours to get out of. Our guides can see the bigger picture, the map around us, timelines of near future events unfolding all round us. These physical manifestations are communication from guides, connecting to our light bodies with data, relevant information to help us traverse the ascension field with as little drama and trauma as possible.

5 signs your guides are positive about your decision, plan, choice. A positive energetic field is being created or manifest.

1. We feel good, light and airy
2. Number sequences pat us on the back
3. Synchronicity buzzes, nature chats to us
4. Routines, errands, to do lists align and flow
5. Meditation and yoga appeal and feel easy and natural

Like all celestial portals the frequencies are cosmic, out of this world and extremely trippy. Dark portals are the mirror, or inversion of light gateways. Those who chose the black pill will revel in the authenticity karma this dark portal will illuminate. Secrecy is so last century. Devil worshippers, evil doers, paedophiles and rapists will experience a revelation of knowing themselves and accepting themselves. They seek truth, to be recognised for their sins, their scare mongering and power play tactics. They are tired of hiding in the shadows. They want to come out and show their true colours. They want, even crave, recognition for their dedication to darkness. Haters gonna hate, doncha know. The normalisation program of paedophilia and rape will step up a gear. Images in advertising, mainstream media, tv, music and movies will trailblaze this agenda. For woke people the matrix is going to become a very sinister, disturbing space. Bus shelters, billboards, boardings and hoardings, all in the public domain, will reinforce using sexualised, demonised children, glamorising suicide and the undead, drug use, and cosmetic surgery. The response to Epstein will be blatant misogyny, hostile assault on the women taking the case to court. Extreme sexualisation of children and the act of sex with children impressed on the mass population through subliminal means, observable to the awakened. Discussion and dialogue will be had in mainstream media journals and papers about the ethics, each will reach the same conclusion “aren’t we all simply the children of this world”.

The Zionist, Nazi agenda, superiority of the Aryan race, is also gearing up for hyper drive. Refugees, immigrants and displaced people demonised into nothing better than insects, ants, peasants, dirt on the white man’s shoe, will be public enemy number 1. The cabal ignite racist hatred in the expectation we will turn on each other and forget about them. Micro dosing fascism through tabloid headlines, prime time talk shows and Hollywood blockbusters, the matrix will heighten its hate algorithms. Blue pillers are the main target, vulnerable in their wilful and conditioned subservience to their selfish egos, they will puff themselves up in the face of enlightened people and reassure themselves they are ok because there are others far worse off than them. Security in anonymity is core code in the 1984 matrix. Isolationism, feral and primitive in its distrust of fellow humans, its like trying to run a PS4 game on a PS1. Impossible. The technologies are incompatible. Separation will be frequency. SIMS folk sat in front of their tvs, zonked on big pharma, junk food, alcohol or inertia will remain hooked up, plugged in to the outdated versions. Others are intervening from higher dimensional spaces to disrupt this engineered program. The rest of us, the woke folk and the awakening, we are experiencing these dimensional shifts in our daily lives.

The next few weeks are going to challenge us on every level to stay centred on our cosmic surfboards. Whatever they can throw at us to lower our vibration, they are going to do it. This will happen on the global and local stages but also directly in our lives. The word is out on the astral, the black invisible new super moon is the opening of a dark gateway, all systems go for the dark assault. The astral field is interplaying with the material plane. Our light will offend people’s demons. We may find we aren’t even talking to our friend, neighbour, colleague, but their demon, envious, greedy, self serving, bitter attachments who find our happiness infuriating. We should be taking calm and pragmatic responsibility for our energy. Protecting ourselves with high vibration activities, thoughts and behaviours. There is no place for naivety now. We are in a warzone, a hostile environment. We level up. We prepare. Game on. We choose the vibratory path we walk. We can let others bring us down, lower our mood, drain us, bully us or burst our bubble. Or we can say ‘whatever mate, I’m off, got me some living, got me some lovin’ to do, some dreams to weave, some light magic to manifest’.

Detach from mainstream anything as much as possible. Be active in positive ways. Sign petitions, pray for peace, challenge folk with compassion and sovereignty intact. We all walk our own path, yet we are integral to the transcendental tapestry of the world. We are part of it. The universe is us and we are it. It’s mystical, infinite and glorious. All we need to do to see it is step into our heart and break the chains of negativity. So breathe deep friends, we are heading for a dark energy earthquake, the tremors have already started. We will see the world change before our eyes in the coming weeks, we must not lose focus. This is an illusion, created to make us then co create the illusion. They feed us dark fairy tales, horror films, so we know the demons warlords who rule our world, so we see them in our minds eye, like calling cards we hear their name and boom, they are there and we are haunted by their dense, fearful, negative frequencies. We wake up to and see the matrix to break the matrix.

Hold onto the light of optimism, love burns bright in positivity, she dwindles and fades in negative vibrrations, maaan. Stay tuned to the light, most of all when the lights go out and all goes dark. Our inner light, the angelic light of gratitude and humility, creator source light are all we need to rise from the ashes, the embers of the dying matrix, to build and live our 5d dreams. All of this is entirely possible, because it’s in our heads and our hearts, the change. We transition our head sets to optimism, our hearts to love, and all will be well. September is coded in manifestation with attention to detail, self care and dreamweaving. Don’t let the ensuing dark madness cloud our creativity, dampen our vision or dissolve our resolve. We are building the new earth come hell or high water and we may well see both! Breath deep, buckle up, and look after yourselves cosmic surfers. The light is found in meditation, dance, love and laughter. Our inner goddess is unfurling her wings, stirring in her chrysalis, keep feeding her, nourishing her with self love. The divine masculine is stretching his wings, opening his eyes, he too is awakening to Self. Divine balance, harmony and prosperity are our goals, don’t lose sight, keep our head in the game. We create, we make it happen. In light and love beautiful people.

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Energetic Whiplash Symptoms and Solutions

Wavelengths are crisscrossing in a maelstrom of micro to macro fluctuations. Many of us are experiencing energetic whiplash, cosmic overload. We are caught between the onslaught of matrix programming and the vibratory pull of Gaia to higher dimensional frequencies. We are immersed in a tense atmosphere, nothing is as it seems. Confusion, distrust and fear of the unknown draws people back into the matrix. We are updating our mind body soul system. Our DNA, having been dormant for so long, is now being activated. Cosmic forces, magical and organic, are rolling out and we are part of this grand evolutionary process. We are inherently and consciously active in our own growth.

The whole spectrum of negative emotional responses cause friction, static, interference, density in our energy flow. This can build up over time, gritty, grimy, sludgy energy burrowing deep into our beings. We may feel unmotivated, low in self confidence and more sensitive to confrontation than normal. Our emotional triggers are raw as we fluctuate between matrix wavelengths of mind control and fifth dimension freedom. Our challenge is to recognise negative triggers through heightened awareness. Adapt our behaviour and thought patterns, switching to higher wavelengths of emotional energy.

Quick fixes relieve the fear and stress of facing the unknown. They also anchor us into the matrix. As our vibrations rise our chakra system expands, reconnects and comes online with universal love frequency. Like ping pong balls we bounce up and down the frequency spectrum. This can really make us feel weird! To stabilise our cellular vibration in the fifth dimension we respond to these changes. We seek moderation. Balance. Enjoyment of life from organic, rather than, synthetic or artificial sources. Our bodies are where we feel many effects from energetic whiplash as they detox our energetic system from the matrix. Common symptoms of energetic whiplash:

  • vertigo
  • uncontrolled shaking
  • palpitations
  • breathlessness
  • ear popping and buzzing
  • dizziness and nausea
  • stomach upsets
  • cravings
  • sinus issues
  • headaches
  • blurry vision
  • injuries
  • lowered immune system
  • increased sensitivity to synthetic products
  • skin irritations
  • weight fluctuations
  • heightened empathic responses
  • increased need for solitude
  • increased sensitivity
  • creative impulses.

As our minds expand our eyes open to cold capitalism, mainstream fear media, religious rhetoric and cultural conditioning. As our bodies transform our ability to process toxins decreases. As our souls awaken we seek inner stillness and outer peace, we feel distressed by the destruction in our world. The elite keep us focused on what is missing, a key algorithm of the matrix. We are programmed to fill the spaces with short term, low vibration fixes. We ignore our true selves, we neglect our mindbodysoul system as we get dragged down in the quicksand of matrix mind control. We can haul ourselves out with self love. We can retrain our minds to focus on what we have. We can release fear, wake up to harsh truths, change our behaviours to ground and balance. We can seek to counter matrix vices with nature, soul tribe, self care and meditation.

The red pill comes with homework. We can ignore all of this. None of it has to happen. There is a magical trinity at work here, universal and mysterious, organic and ethereal, the realignment of our mind, body and soul. Gaia and the cosmos can go only so far before we have to take the reigns of our own evolution. Expansive consciousness is the realisation we are part of a multi verse of quantum dimensions. There is no magic wand that will take us there, no clicking of our heels three times. No instant fix. We take responsibility for our mind body soul system. When symptoms kick in, energetic whiplash can topple us right off our cosmic surfboards. Learn from each step in the process. Avoid setting finite rules instead listen to your mindbodysoul.

Life is to enjoyed, removing stress, pain and fear enhances our present. We are able to connect to the universe in a meaningful way. Clear out the static, respond to symptoms with self care and self love. Seek out holistic healing for our trinity being. Sound healing, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, essential oils, crystal healing…there are so many to choose from. Research and go with what resonates. None of this happens overnight, very few of us are, or ever will be, levitating, breatharian monks! We are human and we are part of a world of pressure and expectation. Go easy on ourselves, take changes slowly, allow time to adapt, transition and transform. It’s about mindset, love not fear, everything else is just the process. Drink water, take vitamins, get fresh air, hug a loved one, stretch! Safe zen surfing cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏🏻.


I am a being of light, mind, body and spirit.

I inhale love, I exhale fear.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

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Cosmic Update Zombie Nation or Zen Zone

When we talk of upgrades, DNA activation, quantum spirituality many can feel confused, curious or cynical. There is truth being revealed in our 3d reality. Harsh truths of predatory control, manipulation and oppression. Our planet, Gaia, has enough resources to feed, clothe and protect us from the elements. We have been told this is not the case, programmed to accept war over resources, competition for survival. This foundation deception creates a have and have-nots status quo. Gaia is a victim in this deceitful war for resources, for energy, for our hearts, bodies and souls. She has sustained wounds, aching sores, land fills, pollution, war and destruction. It is Gaia who has had enough. Sleeping people could sleep for another thousand years unaware they have the power to change the world. Awake children and adults, indigos, are here to demonstrate a new way of living in tandem with Gaia. Way sho-wers, warriors of light and of Gaia stand against the tide of helplessness, hopelessness, fear and depravity. Here to illuminate the darkness and light pathways to manifestation.

None of this is as hard as it sounds. For some their wake up call is so profound, so fifth dimensional that they can’t go back to the limited, locked down perspective of the matrix. For others the way to enlightenment, to expanded consciousness is slower. Fear can stop us in our tracks. Paralysed perspectives can prevent organic growth. We are the only ones who can change how we see the world. Battles rage in the skies and in the seas for Gaia’s sovereignty, we go inward to find our truth, our power and our self love. Actions are how we change our thought grooves. What we do, say and think can be overhauled with a spiritual perspective. We have been karmically locked down and lost for thousands of years. Celestial events herald the arrival of the Age of Aquarius. Transmutation from dark to light, transformation and transcendence.

As organic beings we are coded with innate abilities, DNA. This coding, the sequences which activate telekinesis, energetic communication, expansive consciousness are being triggered. Photon blasts of high frequency light waves flood Gaia. Gateways to higher vibratory fields have been open for some time. Our chakra clearing and alignment has been triggered, we are able to come online as energetic beings. Consciously we make choices as to how we will respond to the changes we and planet earth are experiencing. We can choose to grow beyond the third dimension or stay where we are. We can choose to ignore our soul, our spiritual wellbeing, staying immersed in and focused on the third dimension. We may be programmed from birth to conform, compete and comply. We may be conditioned to materialism, to fake lives driven by fake desires. We may be victims of intensive mind control algorithms from religion, culture, economics and politics. This is the 21st century, times have changed. There is no normal anymore. How we respond to upgrades, our cosmic get-out-of-jail-free card, is our choice.

Unlike the matrix, the fifth dimension is accessible only when we focus our intention towards love. There is no room for superiority, hierarchy or status. We can step into those higher frequencies by changing our mindset, by releasing blocks, karmic, synthetic or man made. As sovereign beings we can choose to stay in fear frequency, sheeple in the matrix doing as we are told. Cutting off our soul or boxing it into tight little algorithms of control. Our bodies remain foreign to us owned and sanctioned by the matrix. Our minds remain closed, walled in by oppression, ignorance, arrogance and fear. We take back control through love. Loving ourselves, others, Gaia unconditionally. Setting boundaries of self respect, changing our behaviour to authenticity. Not conforming. Not being frightened. Not hating or being vengeful. The language we use sets our frequency, if it is negative we will vibrate in negative wavelengths creating and manifesting more negativity. This is the fuel that feeds the matrix. Revolution is self care. Illumination is self respect. Evolution is self love.

We may not be batteries as Morpheus claimed but we aren’t free humans and nor is our planet a free being. This is what is changing. If there is an awareness on the periphery of your vision that something has changed, shifted, opened this is what it is. Truth is cracking apart the matrix. Built on foundations of deceit, greed, power and fear, the system thrives on pitting us against one another. It grooms us into little mini Agents spying and judging one another, tittle tattling to our superiors for a crumb of acceptance. We turn on each other, we do the dirty work for the elite. We watch each other, police our neighbours, our families, our comrades and colleagues. We enable the system.

We can own the matrix. We can all be Neo. All we have to do is take care of ourselves as whole mind body soul beings. Love and respect our bodies, drawing clear lines against toxins, pollution, poisons and self loathing. We can ignite our souls with meditation. We can become whole beings connected to nature and the multi verse. We can expand our minds by walking away from mainstream media in all its guises and seeking information and truths through our own research, not relying on what others tell us. This freedom, this liberation is our right and our choice.

Way sho-wers light the path, we choose whether to listen and expand or remain where we are. There is no judgement only choice. We choose who we are, what we are, where we are and how we live. We can blame our governments for incompetence or abuses, we can feel justified in our anger at corporate control and manipulation of our lives. We can reject religious rhetoric, rules and restrictions that reveal a sinister agenda in organised world religions. We can choose not to spend time trying to please people who see themselves as superior, standing in judgement of others. Or we can choose to reject sections of global society, adhere to the matrix narrative of bigotry, polarity, prejudice and separation. We can choose to remain frightened, seeing risk everywhere. We can choose to bury our heads in the sand with matrix distractions and toxins. We choose who we are and what we do.

Enough exposure has occurred, enough disclosure of intergalactic communities visiting us and affecting our planet. The excuses we had, mind control algorithms, fear conditioning and sheeple programming won’t cut it for much longer. The matrix still holds us in its grasp but nowhere near to the extent it did. The fifth dimension is here, Gaia has reached a plateau of higher wavelengths. Humanity now makes her individual choices. The onus is not on warriors of Gaia to convince or persuade people of inner light and cosmic potential. Way sho-wers live the life of the adventurous, the curious, warriors who do not fear the matrix though they respect it’s power to destroy lives. Warriors of Gaia fight for truth, freedom, equality and ecolution. The world has already changed.

Whether we jump on our cosmic surfboard and join the recalibration game of quantum life or remain as we are is our choice. It is not up to others, to wrap us up in quantum quilts, easing us into fifth dimension light. Each individual makes their choice and their choice is inward, it is the nuts and bolts of our energy. Do we run positive or negative? Are we bitter, cynical, judgemental, angry or hate filled. Do we exist paralysed by fear? Do we aspire to control and oppress others to make us feel better about ourselves? Do we gossip and judge others for their beliefs, actions, words and choices. Or do we live and let live. Concentrate on our own development, go inward to get to know who we are, not the matrix avatars we were given. Do we choose solitude for meditation, expansion of consciousness and growth? Do we choose self respect and self love to detox our bodies from matrix muck, cleaning out our systems? Do we choose to notice synchronicity, communication from other dimensions and from loved ones passed on? The keyword through all of this is choice. It is no-one else’s responsibility but our own. Who we are, who we aspire to be, is an algorithm we can set.

The answers are not on tv, they are not in sanctioned religious narrative or politicians deceit. The answers are inside us. To feel part of something bigger, greater, more vast and beautiful than we can ever imagine, we go inside. We quieten our ego with love and reassurance. We activate our soul with gratitude, mindfulness and releasing fear. We go inside to meet our soul, to get to know who we are from past lives, quantum worlds and inner equilibrium. We expand our minds by unplugging from the matrix. By seeking stillness within. There is no red pill to be handed by the great Morpheus with a pat on the back. There is no scripture that will give us a blue print on how to live in the fifth dimension. No ascended being can magically transport us to higher dimensions. We do it. We make it happen. We let go of fear. We surrender to the Zen Zone.

The game of quantum evolution is our planetary energetic space. How we play, what moves we make are up to us now. There has been enough disclosure to warrant truth in the matrix. Do we have excuses anymore? To ignore depravity, destruction, disease and poverty? To allow prejudice, hate and fear to control our lives? Who are we? Are we warriors or zombies? Are we freedom fighters or complicit? Do we continue to expect others to fix us, enlighten us, change us or do we begin the journey inwards to enlightenment and empowerment under our own steam? This is our choice. Zombie Nation or Zen Zone love vibration? We decide. We hold the reins. We hold the power. Go inside, find our groove. March to the beat of our own drum. Be fearless. Be loving. Be grateful and humble. Be graceful in all we do. Our angels, our guides, our higher self are all cheering from the sidelines. In light and love beautiful people.


I am a sovereign being of light and love.

I choose freedom, I choose love, I choose life.

I am grateful for all the beauty, love and light in this world.

I activate flow in my chakra system under the protection of my higher self. Namaste.

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Blood Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 31.1.18

As the super moon reaches her full glory Gaia is bathed in lunar light. The Trinity Gateway Portal to unified consciousness has taken us to new heights of awareness. We have been introduced to quantum existence. We are changing from the inside out. More and more people come online. The momentum of transformation has accelerated. For those waking up it is with a jolt, a powerful nudge from guides and higher self. Now is the time to do what we came here to do. For others there is consolidation, embedding of our frequencies into higher vibrations, triggered by cosmic waves of light. The portal was activated by our first super moon in late 2017 and expanded by January’s early supermoon. This third super full moon creates the final point in the pyramidal trinity gateway. We are deep in the Shift, this Portal enabled a quantum leap forward in our evolution.

We have been activated, our consciousness expanding. We experience this expansion in different ways. Our connection to nature transforms, we see through the glitching matrix hologram to the true feel, smell and sight of nature in all her glory. We learn nature rejuvenates, realigns, refreshes and centres our energetic being. We can power up, charge our batteries in nature. Trees speak to our energy, our senses, tuning up our vibrations. We are reconnecting to a past time, a time when humanity and Gaia existed together, understood each other and complimented each other. Celestial events herald future timelines where Gaia and humanity are once again connected in symbiosis.

The meta physics of portals of light can be understood through the all powerful symbol of the pyramid. Three super moons mark the three points of the gateway. A triangle of light, a doorway has been opened. Gaia is moving through this gateway, she has initiated this transition, seeking liberation from predators and destruction. Each individual has a choice, to travel with Gaia or remain in the third dimension. We choose to stay where we are by consciously rejecting higher frequencies. Choosing to remain in energetic grooves of fear, greed, hate, envy and anger, the frequencies of the matrix control hologram. Our free will is a sovereign right in the infinite multi verses.

Each of us journeys solo when it comes to our choices. We set the dial of our frequency, we decide whether to embrace and embed higher wavelengths of love and empathy. We do this through our mindset, our actions and our inner emotional world. To hold love in our hearts, compassion in our words and humility in our actions is the key to higher vibrations. We don’t need to know about portals or gateways, about the war for our hearts, souls and bodies. Our frequency is our truth, it cannot deceive universal vibratory fields, dimensions of light and dark. Who we are determines where we are in all this cosmic chaos. We hold the reins, we choose our path, our destiny.

January’s blue super moon is also a blood moon. Red is our root chakra, the karmic clearing we and Gaia have pushed through recently has been root chakra work. Traumas of childhood, this life, past lives, ancestral karma and attachments ready for release. Behaviours, thought patterns, wavelengths of dense low frequencies rooted deep in our beings loosened. Stuck pockets of fear, grief, unresolved traumas and hate broken apart, aired and let go. Anxiety and stress buried deep in our psyche comes out as random memories, emotional outpouring, the dark nights of the soul for many. The release of ancestral attachments, fourth dimension shakedown has also occurred. As our internal vibration rises, when we make positive changes in our lives, lower frequency entities, cannot stay with us. We all, every soul, choose our wavelength, our path.

The lunar eclipse will act as a great vacuum for all the negative energy released during the gateway’s opening. As Gaia moves in front of the moon, like a black hole it will suck up all the dense heavy karma globally released. Alchemy, the transmutation of dark to light will occur on a celestial scale. We will be lighter, freer, there will be greater flow between us and Gaia. The grit, grime, sludge and dirt clogging up Gaia’s ley lines and chakras released. Cleansed. Gone. Slowly but surely we are getting there. This cosmic spin cycle, the energetic deep clean of a planet and her people, is quantum evolution.

We and Gaia shift up a gear. Fifth Dimension existence becomes the norm for some. The fifth dimension is the goal, the mission. It is where we want to be with this beautiful, vibrant, glorious little blue planet. To be part of her, to nourish and grow and cherish Gaia. To live in every moment of life. To create and love, to be joyful and expansive, to be wise and curious. We are the creators. We manifest our world through our vibration, through our emotional wellbeing, our mindset. We are the ones running our own show. When enough of us come together in the belief and knowledge that we can live better, healthier, creative and joyful lives then it will be.

It’s the future we see for ourselves that matters beautiful people. Breathe in rays of magical lunar light, let her energy wash over and through us, clearing our energy field, our aura, our psyche, our soul. Release last fragments of deep rooted negative karma to the power of the lunar eclipse. Let transmutation from dark to light realign our mindbodysoul system to universal love frequency. In love and light cosmic surfers 🙏🏻.


I exhale fear, I inhale love.

I release all that no longer serves my highest purpose.

I connect to universal love frequency.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I release all negative energies to the magic and beauty of the supermoon’s rays. I embrace love and light into my mind, my body and my soul. Namaste.

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2018 Frontline Gaia Energy Update

Indigos, lightworkers, healers, channellers and volunteers are here as way show-ers, to illuminate pathways unlocking quantum potential. Warriors of Gaia are bit by bit lifting the lid on the third dimension. The thinning veils is frightening for many conditioned to fear frequency. We can expect some of this fear to translate as hostility, as aggression, as personal attacks. This is natural in a world waking from such a long slumber. A world awakening to depravity, greed and deceit at the heart of global society. We could diagnose the planet with Traumatic Stress Disorder. Its people karmically, emotionally and intellectually overwhelmed to the point of energetic paralysis.

Compassion is fundamental. Ignorance, arrogance, entitlement, intimidation, hostility and deceit may be thrown our way. We are on the frontline of a traumatised planet. We are here as organic beings to connect with her people. Some attacks may be preordained, ancestral karmic clearing. We have the power to cut cords, end contracts and exit negative spaces. The way out of the darkness is to go inside and find our inner light. We heal by releasing pain or anger or any of those other dense energies stored deep in our bones, our psyche, our gut. Using meditation, mantras, holistic healing therapies and nature to release and realign.

The matrix locks down the heart in fear, giving the ego way to much power. Our ego is our weak point, our Achilles heel, it is fragile. The extreme vulnerability of human babies and children leaves us wide open to reconstruction of our mind body soul connection long before we hit adulthood. Survival instinct has meant against the odds humanity thrives in heart led love filled tribal living. Her heart does beat with Gaia’s. Despite the onslaught of war, poverty, disease and predatory abuse humanity continues to thrive. There is anger and rightly so. There is ignorance and understandably so. There is fear and we learn as we wake up this is all instilled into humanity. We can get stuck on the ‘humans are a virus on the planet’ shock and shame part of awakening. We can resonate so fully with this that we fail to grow beyond it. We do not then recognise the innate humility in humanity. The small, beautiful, joyful interactions that pepper the planet every day in high frequency love.

Dialogue, space to communicate across the polarity chasm is the push for 2018. To recognise our adversaries, to protect and be kind. There is a dark force at work here, of that there is no doubt. Many people are caught in the karmic crossfire of the war of light and dark raging in the third dimension. The goal for the elite is to keep us all here rooted in our own dense frequencies, unable to raise our vibration to fifth dimension freedom. We have been catapulted into the Age of Aquarius and Kansas is going bye bye. Much has been revealed, disclosed, exposed. More will follow. There will be justified anger, frustration and fear. There will be vast swathes of heavy karma released for clearing, cleaning, transmuting. Empaths and transmuters will continue to work hard every day doing this monumental light work. Energy healers will steadily become more in demand as the word spreads.

The practice of self care is paramount to efficient karmic clearing. To educate ourselves, esoteric wisdom of frequency, energy fields, third eye sight and zen vibrations. The rainbow children, the indigos, the way sho-wers are born expansive. They illuminate with art, inventions, designs for a new earth, recycled, rebalanced, redesigned in harmony with nature. All of this is possible and its happening. We are here as humans. We are here as Warriors of Gaia. We are here to show the world doesn’t have to be this way. We can and are changing the world one small interaction, one creative pulse, one love filled gift at a time. Stay strong and kind. We are living the rebirth of a planet and her people, a giant quantum leap in the time space continuum. We are good people and the world can and will be a better place. Its going to be stormy and wild at times. Go within to calm, centre and thrive in fifth dimension love frequencies. Stay golden cosmic surfers. Namaste.

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Energy Update Portal to Unified Timelines

Awakening to a world in crisis can make us feel overwhelmed by the state we, the planet, our world is in. Spiritual awakening, soul activation, shows us everything is changing. The Trinity Supermoon Portal, due to close with the lunar eclipse super blue full moon on 31 January is propelling us through this process. Humanity strives to reach the tipping point of fear to love. As unified consciousness spreads, illuminating our world, we try to make sense of it all. We come to see clearly the problems and seek long term solutions.

Humanity unifying as a planetary people under one name Gaia, is our path forward through cosmic chaos. To rebuild, redesign and recreate systems, foundations of society, built on love, peace and compassion. This is our calling. To liberate Gaia and her people from slavery, mind control and predatory oppression. We do this by starting with ourselves. Our immediate reality transforms with mindfulness and gratitude. We integrate self care into our daily lives, resisting toxins and toxic people. We embrace high vibrational activities, nature and people. We are creative beings, we are manifesters. To tap into our creative potential is to trigger an awakening of our soul. Our chi starts pumping through our chakra system, waking up our energy, brightening our aura, raising our vibration at a cellular level.

Everything is circular, a spiral of convoluted quantum multi verses. Keep pushing through the sludge of karmic purge. As transmuters, creators, alchemists we are deep cleaning our world of dark, dense, sticky, tricky, heavy karma. At times we may feel we are caught in quicksand, sinking down into lower frequency energies. At other times we are soaring, flying, riding waves of high frequency bliss. This is transcendence. This is evolution. We are living it, breathing it, making it happen. What we are looking for is within us. What we seek is deep inside us waiting to be activated. Turn the dial up cosmic suffers. Even as we get sucked down into the sludge and the grime, the relentless fear, drag ourselves back up to spaces where light fills our beings. Connecting to universal love frequencies, nourishing us from the inside out, as we transform ourselves and our world.

Take one day at a time. Use mantras to set intentions that can be revisited throughout the day. Listen to energy, tune into your energetic environment, to others, to cosmic vibrations. Work within these parameters. Be quiet, be vivacious, be wise, be kind. We are riding the crest of a gateway wave of planetary evolution. Go easy on ourselves at this time. Prioritise self care to enable completion of upgrades. Meditate, float to beautiful music, dance around the kitchen, chat to those who resonate, give space to those who don’t. Tap into dreamstate for inspiration and karmic clearing. Eat well. Stay hydrated. Rest and be creative. Stretch our mind, body and soul. Listen to our soul waking up. Follow our heart, our passions, our dreams and hopes. Honour our true path, our highest space of being. Find our true nature. Learn to walk to the beat of our own drum. Quieten the ego with a healing hug, reenergise with holistic healing therapies. Plug into nature. Hit flight mode and take some time out. Be light. Be love. Be grounded in Gaia.

We are mid quantum leap. We are recalibrating whilst still following routines, honouring responsibilities and running round the rat race. Holding our heads above the matrix waterline. We are being upgraded without going offline. Cosmic evolution has introduced us to the fifth dimension now we need to consolidate those higher frequencies into our mindbodysoul systems. The Trinity Super Moon Portal offers us the opportunity to integrate and solidify DNA activation. We can stabilise in the fifth dimension. We release fear frequency, embedding our energetic beings in love vibration. We are expanding our consciousness, we are living through momentous times. Kansas is going bye bye and a new world is coming our way. Peace is possible beautiful people xxx


I will have/am having a calm/safe/joyful/creative/efficient/peaceful/fun day.

I inhale love and exhale fear.

I connect at all times to universal love frequency.

I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.


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Energy Update Exiting the Third Dimension

The matrix is disintegrating as we and Gaia transition through the trinity super moon gateway. The fabric of our fixed holographic reality is unravelling, we are experiencing quantum awakening. A portal of light flooding us in zen wavelengths, triggering DNA upgrades. Recalibration. Coming online as energetic beings activated into hyper reality, we are catapulted into a chasm of chaos. From this chaos will rise a new earth. Gaia has had enough, the cosmos has come to her aid. Her travellers, her tribes, her people transition with her to higher planes of existence.

Heart chakra activation can be felt as fluttering, spinning, flipping sensations in centre of our chest. Timeline switches, loops and Mandela effects are palpable, as our consciousness expands, our perception of reality bends and oscillates. This creates a heightened awareness of the moment, choice, different timelines spinning off in front, behind and all around us. We are transforming and our understanding of the world around us is changing. Coincidence becomes synchronicity. Numbers take on a life of their own. Time becomes fluid accelerating and slowing down, the walls of our reality breathe. It’s getting really trippy friends. Breathe into the waves of high frequencies. Allow changes to occur. Our bodies are lightening. We are organic beings in this lifetime. A trinity temple of light and love, mind, body and soul. We fly up and down the frequency spectrum still experiencing waves of third dimension paranoia, fear and confusion. These bouts lessen in frequency and intensity the more we embed our vibration into higher wavelengths.

Our mission is to reach across the third dimension polarity, duality chasm. We share light, knowledge and wisdom of oneness, beauty, peace and progress. Cutting off from those we disagree with is to renege on our contract. To meet fear with compassion. Hate with patience. Hostility with shield up love. To separate ourselves into bubbles of fifth dimension zen is tempting. We do and should indulge in this through meditation, music, dance, nature, soul tribe and yoga. We balance by grounding, not floating off into hyper space. Knowing when to step back and let universal karma resolve situations. When to speak up and stand our ground. When to back down and show forgiveness. These are the lessons of the fifth dimension. Lessons we are all learning. None of us is better or worse, everyone has a heartbeat, be they of Reptilian, Arcturian, Plaiedian descent, lightworker or darkworker or any of the myriad of astrogenetics seeding Gaia. We all exist in this organic plane of dimensional experience. Avoid derision of unawakened people, many would be surprised by the depths of these ripples of awakening, and may not see through the avatars presented in the matrix. Stay kind people even when the world slumbers as she ascends.

The fourth dimension is being healed also as we travel up and down through 4th dimension frequencies. This shakedown of karmic energy is liberating many lost souls wandering the fourth realm. It is illuminating the darkness skulking in the astral plane, parasites and devilish entities who have fed off humanity for too long. Fifth dimension light streams in, there is no place to hide. As the shakedown intensifies human hosts of astral entities may exhibit more of the characteristics of their demons, as they come to the surface for clearing. Meditation, reflection, emotional release, holistic and talk therapy can all help this process. There are specialists in the area of releasing attachments who can perform this process energetically. As the vibrations raise, this process of release is becoming easier, healing the fourth dimension is rolling out as we speak.

We may become more aware of fluidity in our dimensional perceptions. Shadows in corners take form, shape. Some may see passed on relatives, hear voices of loved ones, receive gifted messages as the fourth dimension reaches its redemption. A space for communication it has served humans in complex ways throughout our time on Gaia. A bridge between the third and upper dimensions the fourth is a call centre, an astral plane buzzing with activity. Still caught in lower vibrational fields duality is rife here. Our loved ones can visit us here, able to reach our wavelengths, they then return to higher planes of existence. The fourth realm is home to entities unwilling or unable to cross over to love frequency. They are caught in negative cycles of hate, envy, addiction, fear and greed. They haunt the third dimension matrix and serve to build fear into our atmosphere. As Gaia rises the fourth realm is being healed in love vibration. A quantum evolution of mystical proportion. Surrendering to love, relinquishing all negativity can and will heal many millions of third and fourth dimension souls.

We are being freed from a cycle of slavery. Our heightened awareness reinstates our sovereignty, our energetic balance, our core strength. Our heart chakras are activated, we aspire to heart led living. We are switched on by gratitude, compassion, we surrender to universal love light. Our third eye has been opened, we can see through the veils of deception in the matrix and through dimensional realities in our universe. It’s quite a ride cosmic soul brothers and sisters. There is no pressure, no hierarchy, no competition in the fifth dimension. We travel through the time space continuum learning, growing, expanding our consciousness as souls of the multi verse. We are stepping into a new universe of light where we can rebuild this world with respect for Gaia and ourselves. All are welcome, none are excluded. We set the dial of our own vibration. We are the owners, the creators of our reality, our future. In love, peace and light beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantras: I am one with universal love light.

I ask my higher self to power up the shield of love that surrounds me at all times.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

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Phase 2 5th Dimension Shakedown

Light bulb moment 🙏🏻 non attachment is surrender. To give ourselves to universal love vibration is to relinquish anxiety, worry and fear. Surrendering to the karmic scales of universal flow means being in the moment, being energetically self aware. We are good people, we try, we hope, we pray, we cry and we love. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of your choices, they shape us, good or bad. Release those who drain your energy, celebrate those who enrich us. Clean up our lives. Sort out our home, recycle, donate, declutter, simplify. Clear out our minds by unplugging from mainstream media, cultural programming and religious oppression. Free our heart chakras from fear, get into the present. If we don’t like something we have the power to change it. We control our own lives. Recognising this, owning it is sovereignty, this is freedom. 

The carrot at the end of the stick? The Sandals holiday in the Caribbean? The imposing new Merc? The perfect house? The perfect partner? The perfect life? Shiny adverts disguised as articles, posts or Insta photos of glamour, security and beauty. Its all bullshit. Matrix mirage programming. Carrots on a stick. Shell Beach. Strive for this. Work for that. Change this. Try and be that. Its toxic mind control. Dump it. Unplug from it. Burn it from your soul. It creates static, residue, sticky, dark energy of envy, self hate, negativity and disappointment. What the neighbours do, what they think, see, feel doesn’t matter. What you say, think, feel does matter. Take back the reigns and be who you are. We find ourselves in the darkness by simplifying our thinking. By decluttering our energy field. By being real in a plastic world. Self care is always the name of the awakening game. Shiny people in shiny houses with shiny lives are either fake, faking it or fabricated. Truth lies in the cracks spreading everyday through the matrix hologram. 

Release fear of solitude. Release fear of connection. A balance is what we seek for energetic alignment. Clear out your soul with high frequency activities yoga, holistic healing, nature, soul tribe, dance and meditation. Darkness can hide in clutter, it can fester and spread. The multi verse is beautiful, expansive and floaty. The matrix is harsh, dark and heavy. Unplug. We know how. Wake up. Be alert to energy, to frequencies and vibrations. Research. Open your mind before it’s cracked open by the malfunctioning matrix. Get there first. We are one people, despite the chasm of polarity growing and dividing and separating us every day. Cosmic waves continue to raise the vibrational energy field of Gaia. Her crystalline heart has been activated and we are coming online. To deny this truth is to deny ourselves freedom from anxiety, fear, hate and insecurity. The rules have changed. The game has changed. Kansas has gone bye bye. We are in new territory, people. Its a quantum world. 

The fear many experience about the higher consciousness community is back to front. The third dimension, the space  those clinging to sleep are in, is the real scary. Where we are is harsh in it’s transparency and truth but it’s awake. It’s a space where we can be nourished beyond comprehension by universal love zen frequencies. Where we learn we are manifestors, we can change our world. It is enlightenment, empowerment and illumination. We are at a tipping point, a cosmic crossroads. Let go of matrix programmed fear of spiritualism, of meditation, of healing, love and peace. Find out for yourself. Sit quietly. Calm the ego, open the heart and be. Our ego will rev up its engines and start talking at a million miles an hour about how rubbish we are. This will happen. But it can be managed. Many find gentle drumming, chanting, flute or space music helps to quieten the ego. Others find yoga, stretching and movement helps to activate chi flow in turn softening the ego. Hugging our ego as we would an anxious, fearful child with mantras ‘I am safe, I am love, I am protected’.

Escapism from ourselves comes in many forms. We can use drink and drugs to ignore our true selves, drown out our relentlessly negative ego. We can use any number of matrix 3rd dimension distractions, burying our heads in the sand. Creative passions and outlets and being in nature allow us to realign. This is different from the relaxation we may get from a good book or movie. To quieten the ego, expand our consciousness and open our hearts is to have a fearless willingness to meet yourself. To step off the hamster wheel of the rat race. To push energy sucking people away. To take time for quiet contemplation, reflection, spiritual growth. These are acts of rebellion in the matrix. Being with ourselves in stillness and serenity is a beautiful thing. 

If it’s guilt that plagues you release it. Let it go. It does no-one any good. What is done is done. It’s what will be that matters. If it’s fear that holds you back look at what truly scares you. Face it. And let go. What will be will be as our hearts desire it. If shame destroys your confidence examine where that shame comes from. Look at it as if you were outside being told about it. Would you blame you for what happened? Were there other forces at work, forces that you could not control? Release pressure on yourself. Stop trying to be perfect. It doesn’t exist. Even on the 11th dimension imperfection, flaws, quirks and kinks exist. Perfection is a manufactured algorithm of control, a matrix mirage to lock us in a never ending cycle of want. Disconnecting humanity from authenticity. 

Gaia is birthing us into an infinite multi dimensional world of beauty, wonder and potential. All the rumours about magic, other dimensions, parallel universes it’s all true. It’s quantum physics. It’s spirituality. It’s intergalactic politics, technology and rEvolution. We are making a giant evolutionary leap. Let go of what is holding you back. Open your heart, mind and soul. Feel energy. Trust energy. Connect and surrender. It’s a magical world we enter and a depraved one we leave. We physically don’t change. Everything around us changes when we change our inner self. When we take control of our own frequency dial. When we say no to bullying, manipulation, to negativity. When we stand tall, firm and strong. Warrior stance people, light saber of love ready. Game on.

2018 is the year the veils come down. Phase 2 Ignite Light Warrior has begun. Are you going to reject your inner warrior or embrace her? Are you going to step into your power? Are you going to spread light, healing, love and peace despite the up hill climb of humanities deep slumber? Light Warriors step up to the task at hand, the mission. Save the world! With love, love and a bit more love! Ride cosmic light waves to higher dimensions. Believe and create. Magic manifestors of light the time is now. Bring it on! Don’t give up, you know it’s true, got to do what we came here to do! Peace is possible beautiful cosmic surfers 🙏🏻