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Blood Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 31.1.18

As the super moon reaches her full glory Gaia is bathed in lunar light. The Trinity Gateway Portal to unified consciousness has taken us to new heights of awareness. We have been introduced to quantum existence. We are changing from the inside out. More and more people come online. The momentum of transformation has accelerated. For those waking up it is with a jolt, a powerful nudge from guides and higher self. Now is the time to do what we came here to do. For others there is consolidation, embedding of our frequencies into higher vibrations, triggered by cosmic waves of light. The portal was activated by our first super moon in late 2017 and expanded by January’s early supermoon. This third super full moon creates the final point in the pyramidal trinity gateway. We are deep in the Shift, this Portal enabled a quantum leap forward in our evolution.

We have been activated, our consciousness expanding. We experience this expansion in different ways. Our connection to nature transforms, we see through the glitching matrix hologram to the true feel, smell and sight of nature in all her glory. We learn nature rejuvenates, realigns, refreshes and centres our energetic being. We can power up, charge our batteries in nature. Trees speak to our energy, our senses, tuning up our vibrations. We are reconnecting to a past time, a time when humanity and Gaia existed together, understood each other and complimented each other. Celestial events herald future timelines where Gaia and humanity are once again connected in symbiosis.

The meta physics of portals of light can be understood through the all powerful symbol of the pyramid. Three super moons mark the three points of the gateway. A triangle of light, a doorway has been opened. Gaia is moving through this gateway, she has initiated this transition, seeking liberation from predators and destruction. Each individual has a choice, to travel with Gaia or remain in the third dimension. We choose to stay where we are by consciously rejecting higher frequencies. Choosing to remain in energetic grooves of fear, greed, hate, envy and anger, the frequencies of the matrix control hologram. Our free will is a sovereign right in the infinite multi verses.

Each of us journeys solo when it comes to our choices. We set the dial of our frequency, we decide whether to embrace and embed higher wavelengths of love and empathy. We do this through our mindset, our actions and our inner emotional world. To hold love in our hearts, compassion in our words and humility in our actions is the key to higher vibrations. We don’t need to know about portals or gateways, about the war for our hearts, souls and bodies. Our frequency is our truth, it cannot deceive universal vibratory fields, dimensions of light and dark. Who we are determines where we are in all this cosmic chaos. We hold the reins, we choose our path, our destiny.

January’s blue super moon is also a blood moon. Red is our root chakra, the karmic clearing we and Gaia have pushed through recently has been root chakra work. Traumas of childhood, this life, past lives, ancestral karma and attachments ready for release. Behaviours, thought patterns, wavelengths of dense low frequencies rooted deep in our beings loosened. Stuck pockets of fear, grief, unresolved traumas and hate broken apart, aired and let go. Anxiety and stress buried deep in our psyche comes out as random memories, emotional outpouring, the dark nights of the soul for many. The release of ancestral attachments, fourth dimension shakedown has also occurred. As our internal vibration rises, when we make positive changes in our lives, lower frequency entities, cannot stay with us. We all, every soul, choose our wavelength, our path.

The lunar eclipse will act as a great vacuum for all the negative energy released during the gateway’s opening. As Gaia moves in front of the moon, like a black hole it will suck up all the dense heavy karma globally released. Alchemy, the transmutation of dark to light will occur on a celestial scale. We will be lighter, freer, there will be greater flow between us and Gaia. The grit, grime, sludge and dirt clogging up Gaia’s ley lines and chakras released. Cleansed. Gone. Slowly but surely we are getting there. This cosmic spin cycle, the energetic deep clean of a planet and her people, is quantum evolution.

We and Gaia shift up a gear. Fifth Dimension existence becomes the norm for some. The fifth dimension is the goal, the mission. It is where we want to be with this beautiful, vibrant, glorious little blue planet. To be part of her, to nourish and grow and cherish Gaia. To live in every moment of life. To create and love, to be joyful and expansive, to be wise and curious. We are the creators. We manifest our world through our vibration, through our emotional wellbeing, our mindset. We are the ones running our own show. When enough of us come together in the belief and knowledge that we can live better, healthier, creative and joyful lives then it will be.

It’s the future we see for ourselves that matters beautiful people. Breathe in rays of magical lunar light, let her energy wash over and through us, clearing our energy field, our aura, our psyche, our soul. Release last fragments of deep rooted negative karma to the power of the lunar eclipse. Let transmutation from dark to light realign our mindbodysoul system to universal love frequency. In love and light cosmic surfers πŸ™πŸ».


I exhale fear, I inhale love.

I release all that no longer serves my highest purpose.

I connect to universal love frequency.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I release all negative energies to the magic and beauty of the supermoon’s rays. I embrace love and light into my mind, my body and my soul. Namaste.


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