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Cosmic Light Codes the Language of the Multiverse

Cosmic light codes are energetic frequencies carrying data. The vibrations they carry have the potential to upgrade our mindbodysoul beings.  Celestial alignment opens gateways, interdimensional portals that allow cosmic light-streams to permeate earth's atmosphere. All is created in Source. Subtleties, complexities and nuances speak of a game creator of immense, infinite humility, love and intellect.… Continue reading Cosmic Light Codes the Language of the Multiverse

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Watch “1111 Energy Update Twins and Transformation” on YouTube

Third Eye Activation Mantras for Levelling up through 1111 portal. Energy Update signature frequencies in Gaia's 1111 ascension field 222 Twin Flame 444 Lightbody Activation 66 Shadow work. Activation for Upgrades and Downloads. Peace cosmic surfers 🌸