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Energy Update Lightbody Activation Love & Fear


Lightcode frequency waves through February 2020 are 444 lightbody activation and 222 source heart chakra expansion. 669 dark matrix fear and hate algorithms have been triggered, Tick Tock, moves and countermoves. Lightbody activation codes are upgrades. Our bodies are being upgraded for fifth dimensional existence. The fifth dimension vibrates on light frequencies. There is no hate, fear or competition, instead the higher realms vibrate on frequencies of love, progress, expansion and peace. Many societies inhabit multiple dimensional worlds, galaxies of growth and technological advancement pepper the multiverse of higher realms. Lower realms, vibrating at bandwidths below the fifth dimension membranes, play home to all of the darker elements in the known universe. For some this is a necessary evil, the point of tension that sets all else in motion for eventual enlightenment. Others believe it is a travesty, engineered, a nemesis of the great source coder, seeker of deviance and chaos.

Once we transcend to higher realms we only return to lower dimensions out of choice, as volunteers or travellers or missionaries. Life span is vastly extended in most communities living beyond the veils of the fifth realm, quantum technologies operate in quantum spaces only. To ascend on Gaia’s material plane we transform our mindbodysoul beings. We lighten our cellular vibratory fields to retain our physical human body in higher realms. Lightbody activation is the process of raising our vibration by cultivating a cool, calm, collected, connected and cosmic perspective. We disconnect from the matrix and rebirth in divine rays of upgrades, expansion into light.

Push through the aches and pains of recalibration, the lightness of being we experience, held in floaty light vibration, as we ascend, raise our vibration, makes all the physical discomfort totally worth it. We break through barriers, like athletes, there is intense pain for a week maybe two, maybe a few months and then boom, we are more flexible, we can bend, move, stretch much further than before. We can aid karmic cracking in gentle exercise, warm baths and meditation. Yoga, dance, movement helps melt the energy karma on our bodies and increase the flow of chi through our chakra system. We do the work, mind, body and soul, and we expand into light fields of joy, peace and beauty, we Level Up. Karma cracks off us, our bodies can feel sore and uncomfortable through this part of the process. We seek healing therapies from lightworkers to heal pain and trauma. We have a toolkit meditation, music, smudging, self care rituals, healthy nourishment for mind, body and soul. There is no set timeline for karmic cracking from calves, muscles, limbs, spine, and organ rebirth. It takes as long as it takes.

For those of us in generation X or above we may experience a lot of pain, crown chakra headaches, third eye soreness, lower back and pelvic aches. We have been operating inside the matrix a lot longer. Indigo and crystal children will be experiencing headaches, sinus and throat issues, as well as some aches and pains as they wake their bodies to their natural vibratory field, much higher than the matrix. As our mindbodysoul energetic being comes online, our cellular motherboard is restructuring, processing cosmic upgrades carried on dimensional frequencies. Our energy levels can plummet, our limbs weighed down, our minds foggy, floaty, expanding. We can feel like astronauts in zero gravity or Agent Dale Cooper as Dougie trying to negotiate eating some fine cherry pie. We can shovel ourselves out the sh*t as Dr Jacobi does or we can drift off into other timelines and dimensions, sometimes hijacked, other times out of choice. The challenge is negotiating all these different dimensional spaces whilst still operating within the matrix, albeit a seriously trippy, Ai, SMART fourth realm matrix.

Disturbed sleep patterns are part of us busting out the linear Tick Tock timezones of the machine. We align to Gaia, to nature, to our innate cyclical rhythms. We find blocks to meditation dissolve during lightbody activation, meditation becomes our life force, a space where we can step out of the matrix and release our spirits, reconnect to our bodies and expand our minds. We crave meditation, dance, movement and quiet spaces. We forget about some of the habits, conditioned behavior of self sabotage and self hate we have been operating on and begin the magical journey of self discovery.

Source Code frequencies 222 run right through the heart of 2020. Just as 2019 pulsed on dark vibrations of 999, 2020 is all about heart activvaaatttion. We are falling in love with ourSelves. We are enjoying BEing us. We are creating spaces for self care and self love. We are expanding into love vibratory fields flooding the atmosphere, cultivating inner peace to magnetise outer harmony. Networks of light are forming, superhighways of love across time and space. Quantum connections, gold ropes of fire and ice criss cross the biosphere. The biodome is cracking, just as our karma is cracking off us. The pressure cooker of love vibrations inside the 4d matrix is celestial intervention, the great coder, divine alignment, sacred geometry, encrypted crystalline expansion, ancient prophesy and enlightened ascension. Our lives are transforming, we are seeing what we couldn’t see before. We shoot, we score. We are becoming souped up versions of ourSelves. We manifest in dream weaving. We release control, and surrender to the flow of love, that will heal us.*

222 is collective opportunity to drop into heart consciousness and relieve the ego of its manic control. 222 is divine feminine and masculine healing. Source code balance of yin and yang. Destroyed by darkness, sacred harmony resurrected, rebirthed, recalibrated in higher dimensional frequencies. We can all make our hearts desires come true. We can walk a path of surrender to love. Our heart chakra replaces the ego, abused inner child or entitlement coding, as Captain of our ship. We do everything from a space of love, grounded in divine detachment and connectivity. We know we are of the angels, we are part of a much bigger picture. We resonate with a vibratory field shimmering in light golden waves of love.

669 dark portal activity will be destabilized throughout 2020 by 222 source light codes. 669 will be fuelled in odd months, 222 will be experienced more intensely in even months. The numbers are aligned, the machinery of all things is sacred geometry. Dark matrixes invert all that is source, of light, to create upside down worlds, dimensional fields holding all captive in lower realms. Darker realms fueled by the matrix are struggling to maintain their hold on the collective consciousness as the light matrix fuses with the dark matrix. We are being forcibly kept in lower dimensional realms by the manipulation of our internal vibratory field. Fear frequency is recycled in matrix machinery, different names, places and people, same algorithms. War. Plagues. Poverty. Old reliable algorithms to ensure we are obey, consume, compete. New algorithms of fear are climate chaos, pollution and the ‘impending zombie apocalypse’.

We can allow the machine to force feed us fear on a daily basis by engaging with ‘news’, watching entertainment/reality/talent/daytime main-stream tv shows and listening to fascist rhetoric dressed up in the borrowed robes of high brow discussion. Souls addicted to the news are morphing into zombies, automatons hooked up to an IV of perpetual fear through brainwashing data and information consumption. The Selfie culture hides fake people in fake smiles, groomed beyond repair. We turn on ourSelves, we become our own enemy. We hate our bodies, hate our skin, hate our lives. We become sheep, desperate to stay with, and keep up, with the herd. Old matrix status symbols still prevail, fast cars, fancy homes, futuristic gadgets. The transitioned 4d matrix conditions us with comparison, competition and envy. We are still peasants forced to watch the wealthy in their ornate carriages, silky clothes and grand homes. The super rich today flaunt their obscene wealth on billboards, social media and everything main-streamed. We consciously switch off. Unplug. Stop caring what others think or say about us and start caring only what we feel about us. Inner work is the best remedy for a sick world.

Fear algorithms unleashed on the public consciousness currently are Plague codes, climate chaos and war mongering. Fascist programming links plagues to one group of easily identifiable people. Carefully constructed climate disasters promote panic and hopelessness, money and hate underpin all war and violence. Activation of the physical web, our perceived reality is dynamic, synced with cyber and astral algorithms. We are stalked, tracked, monitored, trolled and copied in cyberspace and in our physical worlds. Facial recognition technologies blurring the lines between cyberland and the material world. The good ol ‘Peacekeepers’ illusion, terrorists or insurgent, native or colonialist? The Empire Strikes Back indeed.

We break this control by raising our vibrations beyond Fear and Hate. Resistance algorithms are woven throughout the matrix, we can find woke tv and films to entertain and expand our minds. We can relax to healing, uplifting, high vibe music, podcasts and literature. We can access a world of research online, expanding our intellect, activating our critical thinking skills. We can expand way beyond the parameters of the matrix and not change anything in our lives, except our inner vibration. We turn the dial up cosmic surfers. Not easy but soooo worth it! We have a spiritual toolkit meditation, music, smudging, self care rituals, to heal our mind, body and soul. We go easy on ourselves and use what works for us to keep us balanced and steady on our cosmic surfboards. Peace up the rEvolution beautiful people.



5 thoughts on “Energy Update Lightbody Activation Love & Fear”

  1. Much better! Clearer. What I suspected. Is this a grand experiment to see if we can upstep our physicality to 5D beyond their range of influence? Thanks for your post. Helped me tremendously. Lots of aches/pains in physicality. I blogged yesterday to keep focused within and on things of beauty and disconnect completely from 3/4D tv, radio, etc…other devices. Distractions from self care, loving self, reaching for Oneness – only thing that matters now. xo


  2. Tonight I was like I wonder if Morag has anything new out she’s my favorite writer and boom getting the update. What’s even spookier is I’ve been singing Alexa Sunshine Roses song/mantra for like a couple weeks now after my yoga teacher recently starting playing it for shavasana at the end of class. What is going on? Are we, like meaning the star seeds or 3 waves, twin flames or whatever just getting more telepathically linked? So many 222 synchronicities everyday as well.

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    1. Wow! Synchronicity! So much going on, had loads of downloads recently, I’m trying to collate it all and get it out. Stay tuned 🦄 I’ve been singing it for couple of weeks after hearing it at a Goddess Circle…. pow! 🌸🌸🌸


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