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Cosmic Calendar Transition Timeline


Timeline for Transition 2019 to 2020

2020 has been written about for eons, it’s a BIG cosmic year for ascension energies. Everything kicked off properly in 2012, just as the Mayans predicted, the Great Awakening. 2020 comes to us steeped in spiritual, cosmic expectation, mystery and probably a bit of fear. Let it go friends. An elder whispered in my ear ‘I hear 2020 is the year we will SEE the change’. I’ll let you into a secret, theàqàaaqq Change has already bew3gun.

The change is not going to be biblical meltdown or people power revolt. The change isn’t going to be blockbuster bandwidth mega disaster. The change isn’t going to be televised. The change is coming from inside US. Each of us who have surrendered to this path of awakening. Each of us who are detaching from the matrix, observing, learning, growing, evolving to SEE beyond its holographic prism walls. We ARE the change we will see in the world.

We are transitioning into 2020 ascension field frequencies. All that needed to be done before we hit these high vibrations, has been accomplished. We are positioned as we should be. To help us anchor into these portals, gateways of high frequency energy, we can be prepared.

Cosmic Calendar December/ January 2020

12/12/19 – 22/12/19 Activation Corridor of Light
Gateway open holding the frequencies of 1111, new beginnings, vision, transformation. 222, twin flame, divine feminine riiissssinng, divine masculine awakening, polarity, balance. 99 dreamweaving in darkness. Solstice Gaia magic.

25-26/12/19 New Moon in Capricorn. The goat, nimble, agile, a good head for heights. Harness positive energies of Capricorn, release all that no longer serves, all that weighs us down form reaching the giddy highest of Base Camp.

Christ-mas. Anchor into energies of humility and gratitude. Be grounded in divine source Christ light. Get spiritual, laugh, dance. Remember who we all work for, the LIGHT my friends, the Liiiiiiiggggghhhhhht.

Solar eclipse, ‘course it is! We couldn’t round out 2019 without some kind of celestial occurrence. Capricorn’s New Moon will take a bite out our Sun. Be ready to rid Self of stagnant, old habits, fears and self sabotage, no time for any of that jazz where we’re going.

1/01/20 – 10/01/20 Transformation Gateway

1111 Wake Up frequencies, main-streaming wake up codes through the light matrix. Expect turbulence friends, pantomime politics in overdive, war, chaos, destruction. Envy, fear and paranoia algorithms flooding the dark matrix. DETACH. DNA upgrades. 2020 downloads.

1/01/20 – 10/01/20 We are Manifestors, Creators, Dreamweavers. We embody our truth. We expand into our dreams. We anchor, hunker down, resist all negativity, stay focused on our mission. Happiness is our birthright beautiful people.

10/01/20 Full Moon Cancer. Write your manifesto, speak it to the moon, let her shine divine rays of luminescence on our weaving.

10/01/20 Lunar Eclipse darkening of the moon. The shadow lord is here, fighting for his land of chaos. WE resist. Block out all darkness. Risk of psychic attacks, take protection measures, powered up by the full moon. Warrior activations. Karmic shadow work triggered on material plane. Stay in force fields of light beautiful people.

11/01/20, 12/01/20, 13/01/20 Stargates open

Shambhala light waves flood Gaia plane. Base Camp upgrades. Access codes to the fifth dimension. Travel safe friends. Tribal Gathering on the astral. Dance, meditate, drum, heal. Be PRESENT to soar cosmic surfers.
Cancer – Leo – Virgo. The Creators Dreamweave. Embodyers expand into ecstatic spaces. Transmuters release ancient karma to the cosmos. DNA upgrades. FIRE walk with me. ANCHOR into higher vibrations by keeping an Eye on the details. Lean into divine alignment to navigate 123 transformative frequencies. Chakra expansion from crown to root. Micro to macro. Our lives will mirror, reflect, Be the change we will See in 2020.

20/01/20 Sun moves into Aquarius 14.55

The AGE of Aquarius. Lightbody activation codes, twin flame energies, crown chakra expansion. The Greta Awakening is stepping up a gear.

20/01/20 – 21/02/20 Mars energies, the masculine will make himself known. 22222 111 0000 Ground zero will experience energetic earthquake as divine masculine stirs. The Gaia plane is held in goddess frequencies. Rising archetype twin flame vibratory fields.

22/01/20 – 23/01/20 Jupiter lends weight to ascension frequencies, assisting divine masculine energies in the ascension field

24/01/20 New Moon in Aquarius – Ascension Vibrations 22 twin flame frequencies, 4 lightbody activations.

27/01/20 – 28/01/20 Venus flows into our transition, helping stabilize the earth plane.

30.01.20 – Moon in Aries, sunrise .44, the fire of the Crsytal Children will be felt by all. Cosmic Kids in da house!

123 Transitional frequencies Trinity SELF Care, mindbodysoul.

January 2020
Astrological energies to connect to Aquarius, Leo, Aries
Number codes running through ascension field 1111 222 44.

Everybody can reach Base Camp, just keep riiiiissssiiiing beautiful people. Shed the karma, break the algorithms, free our souls.

Stay tuned to awakening 5dhealing for energy updates, meditations and transmissions as we forge our way Into The Unknown!

Peace up the rEvolution cosmic surfers /\


4 thoughts on “Cosmic Calendar Transition Timeline”

  1. Lovelovelove! I feel like something whithin me resonate so strongly every time I come across one of your writings, which happens every now and then! Somehow your words strike some hidden chord inside me, and give off a sense of recognition deep down that I can’t explain (scuse ma english – not my native tongue). It is very magical to experience that kind of recognition in a world that never felt like home to begin with.
    And still. I do not know what to make of all this ascension and wake up stuff at all. It is all so surreal and abstract and the intellectual comprehension of all that is happening is just outside of my reach and impossible to make intellectual sense of (Sun in Libra).
    All I know is that for my entire life I feel like I have been wandering through the valley of the shadow of death, and I have survived, and finally 2019 had me up on my feet!?! I didn’t think I would make it. Now I feel like I can trust my path without forcing myself to cling to faith with all that I have.
    I have surrendered to all that I encountered, I have taken responsibility for all that I have encountered, I have given thanks for aaalllll that I have encountered. The pain took ripped me open and took me to the brink and I stared down the abyss and I saw darkness that wanted to lure me to cave in to it, and I gave thanks to it and turned to the light, and I learned the darkness was my friend and confidant and the one that led me home to my own light. I am forever grateful. Forever in love. My song is now sung in a clearer tone than ever. Thank you Morag for sharing. You help me make sense of this surreal life and you strike a chord somewhere inside me, I hardly even knew was there.
    Namaste, Mahalo, Ljus och Sanning, Light and Truth!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dearest Eva your comment makes me feel warm and LIT! Thankyou. Your journey echoes mine. I try to anchor all the surreal stuff in common sense and heart frequencies. I trust my gut over EVERYTHING else! Stay around SiStar loads more coming from me at 5dhealing in 2020 🧜‍♀️👩‍🚀🦄


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