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Capricorn Christmas New Moon Solar Eclipse #basecamp #tribalgathering


We are awash in cosmic light vibrations beautiful people. Dissolve fear. Release stress. Elevate soul with mantras, mindfulness and meditation. We can soar on the wings of angels. We can glide like eagles far above the earth plane. We can dissolve into source twin vibbbraaaatttiiiioonss. Its all there, just across the dimensional realms, our light reaches out, ripples across the material plane. Stabilizing. Harmonizing. Balancing. Riiissssssiiiiing. The divine feminine and divine masculine made it through the tumultuous tsunamis of dark activity that flooded the material plane throughout 2019. We made it cosmic surfers. Base Camp tribal gathering, choons dropping, dancing is ecstatic, glorious, wavy, floaty, lush and lit. It’s trinity portal time, travelers! Christ-mas, New Moon in Capricorn and Solar Eclipse. Harness third eye vision. Meditate on INVERSION, to SEE through the illusions. Everything here is inversion. Black to white, good to bad, light to dark. We raise our vibrations to SEE through the darkness, illuminate our senses in light waves of golden shimmering transformational energies. Cosmic surfing is learning to ride frequency waves, stay centred, core balanced, resistant to drama, welcoming transformation.

Christ-mas in the matrix is synonymous with consumerism, consumption and competition. We are programmed intensely by main-stream advertising, it’s a terrible time for too many folk, with everything meant to be picture perfect. The pressures can be overwhelming. Moments of joy and happiness are clung to. Rest is for the wicked, inversion, and all else is set up to make us feel inadequate, unworthy and exhausted. Turn the whole thing on its head, INVERT the Inversion friends. New (ancient) codes for Christ-mas running through the light matrix – ABUNDANCE GRATITUDE HUMILITY. Channel these frequencies consciously. Be aware of negative thinking, reset. Be ruthless in avoiding mainstream marketing, movies and music loaded with dark matrix codes, envy, depression and suppression. March to the beat of our own drums, break people pleasing algorithms, seek inner peace and joy. We know who loves us, appreciates us, returns what they receive. We can generate love or we can chase our tails trying to please folk who never will be pleased, its not in their game plan or coding. We relax, lean into the flow, let it all wash over us. We find our truth, we set our path to happiness, we walk with confidence and compassion.

We are creative light beings, connected to source. We create our own vibratory field for 2020. We are cautious, careful, wise to dramas, traps set by folk seeking to disrupt our high vibes. Be prepared, lose the mask, be yourself and observe. Show your teeth if it will help cosmic surfers. Every now and again us empaths, us givers, lightworkers, healers, we gotta show our teeth. Let out the warrior inside. Let them see a little spark of the sacred rage that drives all of us to stay here despite the unpleasantness, abuses, dirt and grime, disrespect, ignorance, intimidation, entitlement and arrogance so often displayed. We have a mission. Offset all the negativity, hostility in spiritual release. Meditative prayer, ecstatic dance, laughter, joy, good times. We can be MODERATE. We can say no, yes, maybe, its down to us. We are the pilots of our own ships, we say where we go and what we do. If these words resonate as dreams – DREAMWEAVE beautiful people. Identify what we don’t want and take control of our own behavior. We don’t need a nanny state. We don’t need a twisted cabal telling us how to think, act, BE. Strip it back to what matters. And do more of that.

New Moon in Capricorn. We can be ambitious, boss it up. We channel Capricorn energies by taking ownership of our lives. New Moons power up our dreamweaving, indulge in our hearts desires. We embody agility, flexibility in our bodies, quick thinking, caution and care. We can reach the heights of Base Camp. We climb friends. INVERSION alert. CLIMB in the matrix implies climbing the ladder of perceived success, status symbols, selfish drives, hierarchy and service to self motivation. In the higher realms we climb, we REACH for the stars. We raise our vibrations, we expand our minds, our energies, our hearts to embody higher frequencies of peace, joy, abundance, prosperity and harmony. The pyramid dissolves. When we make all choices from the heart we can steer our way through this ascension business, dark portals, all that jazz. Centre into Capricorn new moon energies with conscious focus on all you want to be, who you are and who you are transforming into. Be specific, keep an Eye on the details. Opportunities, footholds, come along. We are sharp, hyper aware, instinctive, to catch them, secure our core into each higher step. We keep going beautiful people. The higher we go, we learn to lean into stormy weather, trust our guts, and use our sixth sense to guide ourselves to higher planes.

Capricorn gives us the Goat. We know he is here. We know he is fighting desperately to keep his machine in working order. We know he doesn’t want to destroy it, its too valuable. We know he knew this was coming and, despite all his efforts to thwart the great awakening it’s here, happening. Right now. Quantum fields vibrate all around us. We disconnect, detach, dissolve low vibration cords in consistent, daily spiritual practice. We stay connected to crystalline coding, to angels, our higher self, source, to granny across the veils, whoever, and however we feel comfortable describing it. We stave off the darkness by choosing and aligning with a light source outside ourselves and simultaneously within us. We surrender to the fabric of the multi verse. We TRUST. We communicate with our guides and we know we are protected.

New moons offer a chance for Reflections. Take our time, let the energies wash over us and through us. Divine alignment comes from knowing energy better than the concrete in front of us. Trusting energy over all else. Our eyes can be fooled, our minds are programmed and our hearts are blocked. Bust it all apart, break free, pull the plugs, cut the cords. We are travelling through immensely powerful timelines, we are transformimg into lightbody BEings. Release the Remnants of our old lives, old ways of thinking, old habits holding us back. Embrace expansion, embody the awakening soul brothers and sistars. Lightbody activation, upgrades, DNA, the Library of Gaia is Open. We move through transformation Corridors of Light. Laser beams piercing the dome, crackling into the densities, the fog, smoke and mirrors. We are embodying the ascension friends. Solar eclipse activates a light path to the lunar eclipse in January. We are held in light. Align with laser beams of light by consciously raising our vibration. Solar heat will be cooled, shadowed by lunar luminescence. We are SEEing the immense power of light and dark battle it out, and we are part of it. Shadow work is healing. We face our demons, our ghosts, our nightmares. We OWN them. We release, block and sever, to enable us to soar.

The light matrix was successfully woven into the machine. It will take time friends, but the signs are already there. Self care algorithms have penetrated the matrix like a virus. Sleepers wake up in spiritual spaces of self care. Self care is revolution, absolute revolt in the system. Sleepers aren’t supposed to care about their health, their wellbeing, their enlightenment, or their happiness. They are cogs in the wheel, fuel for an evil system that relies on their brainwashed ignorance for its continuation. Angelic light surrounds us. In the skies above, light and dark dance for us. Anunaki warships hover, empty threats, dark baubles in the starry skies, obsolete technologies. The angels, immense, their wing span greater than continents, quantum, dragon-fly fast, emanating source coding. Everyone can feel them, their divine energies piercing the biodome, quantum leaping the membranes by being present in so many human hearts. Christ light does the same, his unconditional love having touched the hearts of many, people who are lost, hopeless, helpless, drowning in the seas of apocalyptic programming, their hearts still beat to the rhythm of angelic Christ light.

DNA memory fuels our ascension. Tribal shared history, cosmic alliances forged, ancestry identified and chosen for clearing. None of us are where we are by accident. Preordained contracts can be broken, dissolved anytime if we feel they no longer serve us. Travelers here on a mission, Gaia healers, dormant DNA memory has been awakened. Triggered. Activated. We are coming online with MEMORY. The library of Gaia is OPEN friends, earth’s akashic records. Ask and we shall receive answers in vision, dreamstate, meditative alignment, synchronicity and instinct. The knowledge is imbuing into us, like osmosis. DNA strands wake up, fire up, connectivity comes online. We are becoming one again, tribal consciousness in technological advancement. The quantum world is ours, its here friends.

We have been in the fourth realm for sometime now, and it is trippy, surreal and magical. We are in an interactive, SMART world, we download updates and process upgrades to FREE our MINDS. Access codes are hard wired into the system and have been for generations. Wake up calls encoded into music, movies, song, faery tales, language and folklore. We’ve always known ghosts, ghouls, devils and demons are out there. We knew it better as peasants in the fields, fishermen on the seas, nomads crossing deserts and tribes hunting in jungles, living off the land, watching the skies, listening to our ELDERS. We KNEW more then than we do now. The shrinking of our world with digital technologies has meant the cabal had to step up their control of our minds. They did this by subverting all new technologies to Big Brother codes. Tv IS the drug of the nation. The doors of perception do exist, we can break on through anytime. Hotel California is a place you can never leave, God is a DJ, we are all buffalo soldiers, seeking to live our lives like they are golden. We keep on dancing people, feeling the beats, riding transformative, magnetising light waves, strengthening our minds bodies and souls in divine transcendence.

We can do this, we are doing this. Block all negativity, ditch it, dissolve it with detachment and Self care, it’s ALL engineered to lower our vibration. Everything is energy friends. We play the game in switched on, lit stealth mode. We watch, observe, detach, catch our breath. Connect to higher vibratory portals, it really is immense out there beautiful people. KNOW we are safe, protected and loved. KNOW we are manifestors, creators, engineers of our lives. We are all soulfluencers. Tribal gathering on the astral, bring your favorite choons, and dance friends. Move, be free. Release all heavy energies from our auric field in movement, shake off stress and tension in stretching, blow away matrix cobwebs by stoking our spiritual fire. We ignite the light inside us. We are the light. See you at Base Camp cosmic surfers.