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1.01.20 – 10.01.20 Cosmic Upgrade Gateway #groundzero #letitbreathe


Cosmic Upgrade Gateway activated 1.01.20 – 10.01.20 taking us to 11.01.20, the first 1111 quantum leap portal of 2020. Buckle up beautiful people. Stromz are coming cosmic surfers. As the light penetrates the matrix deeper, the dark responds with an aggressive offensive, attacking us on all sides. We stay centered in core light, living our lives like they’re golden, holding onto our freedom, sacred spheres of light, force field up. We are in deep people, deep underground. We are the infiltrators. Stealth mode. Made it. We. Are. Here. We got some planning, some strategising, some light weaving to do. Stay away dark workers, we burn. Trust only energy. Agents jump. Lizards are exposed by their cold, dead eyes. Demons glare at us from hosts oblivious to their cargo. Dark energies infiltrate our homes, friends. Cleanse, smudge, Klear. Don’t forget to breathe. Reflect negative, or all (depending on your vibe) energy, right back, return to sender. Breaking algorithms is dangerous friends, they don’t like it. 2020 is game on. The party has started. Tribal gathering in full swing. Firewalls of Lemurya light protection encase shambhala. Force fields of crystalline light immersed deep inside the dark matrix.

CERN activated vortex of black energy cloaks our lit green lands. It closes our minds, questioning everything we believe, fighting with the devil in our dreams. We are responsible for our peace of mind. Dark energy wizardry permeates our sensory spaces through portals woven into the dark matrix. Trapdoors, tripwires, engineered fissures in the fabric of energy, the foundations of the matrix. The hologram is littered with landmine portals, hidden, activated. Light shields up as we transition higher into the fourth realm. We’ve seen hope and we’ve seen struggle, we go into this Eyes wide open. Twin frequencies fluctuate, bend, stretch under the immense pressures of black magic. We are targets. Lightworkers, warriors, healers, empaths, we are targets. The gloves are off. Sleepers no longer know what day it is, clinging to false security, in hamster wheels, blinded by fear, mk mind control, and blood magic to harness their Sight. The world may look pretty to some, magical to others, dark and dangerous, scary and slithery for others. We are steeped in illusion, all we can trust is energy. Our gut. If our gut strikes red alert, Listen. Dim the view from Eyes and turn up the volume on third eye sight.

We are in the energetic trenches. Ground Zero. Blue bloods have made their move. Chemical warfare, brainwashing, Shutter Island meets 1984 in a cauldron of quantum tech. We are Lighting up the rave, the day, the world. We resist all darkness. We fight it. We experience sacred rage. We feel the angels’ rage. We Own it. Divine alignment is the baseline frequency of the light matrix. To align to the vibration, we take precautions. We stop thinking the world is what it was in the 20th century. Its not. We are in the fourth realm. The rules have changed. We can become anything here. Karma is the signature vibration we are traversing in Gaia’s ascension field. Our transition from service to self, outdated modes, is the collective, micro to macro Upgrade to service to others, 5d core processing. Polarity is an antiquated concept. Truth is light and dark. Jedi, Sith or sheeple. And sheeple is scary friends. Do we protect ourselves, or stand and fight for all? We focus on Self. Not the cabal self which dictates status symbols, deviant desires, competition, envy and fear. Self, soul, mind, body enlightenment.

The Youngers are ready. Millennials teeming with indigos, starseed, cosmic kids. The ‘grownup/lost soul/automaton’ world seems to have no idea. Hooked up to daytime tv, Saturday night cattle markets, careers and casinos, tinder and twitter, the great gods… sport and ‘news’. The explanation, sabotage. Infiltration, attachments through matrix toxins. Brainwashing. Light is here, flooding into the heart of darkness, causing tsunamis of lightwaves, lightbody activation. Upgrades are the space we can inhabit through this portal. We are living, breathing manifestation. Both dark and light have aligned with celestial sacred geometry to maximize, magnetize manifestation. Feel blue, create blue. When we are persistently blocked, dragged down, pulled back into the swamp, we dig our heels into the Light. Nope. Not budging. Not bringing my vibes down, maaaaaan. Not even thinking about it, mate. Cut cords, walk away, don’t look back friends. We’re real fly, dudes. We didn’t make it this far by luck or chance. We made it this far because we are flyyyyyyyyyyy. We ain’t dumbed down because we Resisted, we are Rebels, Free Radicals. We ain’t scared. Nah. We golden this year. We glowing. We riiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiing.

Upgrades incoming. Lightbody activation. Lean into it friends. The matrix is in overdrive. Walk our truth. We know who are. We know who we trust. We know the light. We know the angels. Magic and Gaia. The goddess is here. The divine feminine is getting her shit together, and friends when she is ready, lawd, stand back! We channel diplomacy, harmony, peace and progress. World domination? Don’t think so. Intergalactic Light Federation membership? Yeaaaaah. Mission over all else travellers. Earth mamas and cosmic papas, healers, transdimensional light warriors embrace all upgrades available at this time under the protection of our higher self. Young kings, we SEE the game. Young queens riiiiiiiiiiise. Rainbow children, crystal kids, the prophecies are in our dreams, in our hearts and in our mission statement. We walk the highest vibratory path possible. We honour our light. We embody gratitude, sacred rage, love and light. We allow it. We own it. We consciously finetune our antennae, align to the energy waves, listen to our higher self. Meet our guides in meditation. The collective consciousness needs us to be, however angry, sad, upset, happy, joyful we feel, In. The. Light.

We don’t deny the fury friends, we can’t be woke and not furious. The Audacity. Once we SEE, we can’t unsee. It’s there, everyday, in tabloids, on billboards, on YouTube, tv, in shops, on soundwaves, such blatant, apocalyptic evil, hidden right there in plain Sight. Don’t deny the fury friends. Own it. Channel it. Release it. Work on Self healing and become a living, breathing love bomb in the darkest of all matrixes. Christ showed us destroying the stock exchange, hoarded for the Templars, in divine sacred rage, didn’t change anything. We regrouped. He is here. His angels are here. The Archangels surround the Gaia plane. We are immersed in dense, dark fog. We look inwards to find our light, zoom out and See our lights, dots in darkness, connecting, fairy lights circling the material plane. Beauty is everywhere. Trust instinct, energy and third eye sight over everything. Release our souls to blissful spaces. Harness high vibrations, reenergize for rebirth.

2020 is the year the elders, grandmothers, astral rumblings, prophesies, ancient text and standing stones have whispered about for eons. 2020. Are we ready cosmic surfers? We’re gonna do this beautiful people. We. Know. It. It’s already done, we’re breathing the timelines. Stay tuned for more energy updates, warrior uploads, matrix downloads and channeled transmissions from 5dhealing and our Federation of Light allies. We are the light. We are the bringers of truth, peace, harmony and joy. We are here in divine service. We surrender to source love. In light and love cosmic surfers.