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20 Signs of Light Warrior Activation


Light Warrior activation is surreal, transdimensional and deeply spiritual. Warrior Activation codes triggering some lightworkers into more of a Grrrrrrrr space and less love, light and rainbows. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! There are a myriad of missions, roles, cosmic travelers signed up for when we volunteered. We are all healers, teachers, light missionaries, some of us are gifted in the arts, communication, medical and science arenas, others are singing the notes of ascension, crafting light into daily lives of folk. We are weaving lightwaves, high frequencies, into the matrix. Some are whistle blowers, Hacktivists or Revolutionaries, all are Free Radicals in the system. Being here, breathing light and life into the densest of spaces, raising the vibrations from ground zero is our mission.

Some of us signed up for supernatural healing. Klearing the astral realm from the material plane. Darker dimensions heaving with tortured, deviant, lost souls, interwoven in the matrix, fuelling it. Warrior downloads are dropped in meditation, dream state and visions. DNA upgrades follow. We can feel lightheaded, faint, nauseous, sick, dizzy, clumsy and weak when upgrades are being processed, embodied. Our mind body soul beings are receiving a mega boost for interdimensional lightwork. We are transdimensional, able to traverse alternate dimensional frequencies, and so much more when we get there.

We have survived spiritual lockdown engineered in mk conditioning, witchcraft, DNA modifications, tracking, soul siphoning, handlers, psychic attacks, abuse, matrix addiction and more. Warrior lightworkers will resonate with some, or all, of the following experiences, and be able to add many more strange, targeted insight.

20 Signs of Light Warrior Activation
1. visions
2. psychic
3. fearless
4. can SEE/Sense the matrix
5. shamanic guides aiding healing
6. constructs materialise during deep meditation, enabling astral training
7. weapons of light being gifted to us
8. mentors aligning to offer guidance
9. woke as a core baseline vibration
10. resonate with Walk In volunteer theory
11. been targeted by dark workers since early childhood
12. handlers present since childhood
13. affected by spiritual lockdown modifications
14. receiving physical messages from Higher Self in the matrix
15. skillsets for light warfare downloading in meditation
16. astral travel
17. sleep paralysis experienced since childhood
18. sensitive to poltergeist activity
19. accelerated spiritual awakening
20. KNOW angelic/source/god/Jesus/light/higher self protection is the reason we are still here.

Healers are transmitting shamanic Andromedean, Arcturian healing practises in accelerated upgrades. Lightworkers are receiving a mega boost to their energy healing. We are in an accelerated growth space. We can Klear much quicker than before. Our daily lives have morphed into a strange, trippy, multidimensional, deeply spiritual, interactive existence, anchored in mindful gratitude and bliss. Ghosts in the machine need to be Kleared. Seeing/sensing demons hiding in people, places and things, matrix black algorithms and political/corporate manipulation, hidden no more. When the vibrations get really dense, dark, the world drains of colour. We use spiritual practice to lighten our internal vibrations. Demons see us as we see them. People release pretence of knowing what’s going on, many are surrendering to their attachments, matrix addictions, ancestral programing. Sleepers. Sleepwalking through their lives. Fulfilling dumbed down conditioning, ancestral curses, hamster wheel conditioning, rinse and repeat. Their souls drain from them a little more every day.

This is a high tech transdimensional ascension. Our Allies render our enemy’s weapons defunct. Celestial alignment conspires to unseat corporate kingpins, destroy their dictatorships, little pharaohs serving a dark and evil lord. We are here to light the Exit sign for hearts and souls lost in the heart of darkness. We stay focused. Connected to guides and source. Committed to raising vibrations by raising our own. Stay centred listening to energy over all else. Warriors we are being kickstarted. Conserve energy. We See vast light nets dissolving all caught of dark intent, in shimmering crystalline light.

Everything else pales into insignificance when we understand the full power behind these downloads. We are restructuring our lives to accommodate interdimensional travel on command, to facilitate light warfare from the material plane. We create the space and the high vibrations. We learn about protection and containment. We practise in constructs during intensive meditative learning programs. We release all of shadow within us. We embrace our sacred rage. We channel divine justice. We lean into source for guidance. We surrender to heart led living. We embody stealth mode. We expand into Christ soldier senses. We are the ones who will be going into the darkest spaces to release all to love, light and peace. We stay grounded by the pain we See everywhere. We care less and less about the pressures of society, expectations of our peers, families or friends. Its about so much more.

We can be overwhelmed by the darkness we See. People reduced to soul truth, demons or Light. Know we are protected at all times. Each of us has a spirit animal for this assignment. Warrior spirit animals take the form of dragons, lions, tigers, wolves, snow leopards, large fierce animals, spiritual, expansive and here with one role, to protect us. If you resonate with my words and haven’t seen or connected with your warrior spirit animal, ask in meditation, for you higher self to allow you to see/sense him or her. Dissolve blocks to belief, turn down human senses and turn up cosmic sensory antennae, they walk our path, by our side, at all times. All on the astral can See them.

Our angel guides can bend space and time. They can manoeuvre and manipulate the matrix construct in quantum time. If we are under attack, and we choose to remain here, our angels will ensure we remain here. The game is not as solid as it looks. It’s all energy. The Archangel Michael and his angel army are with us. Call upon Michael, he is Fam. Travellers know we have been here before, this is the last lifetime here. This is the one we’ve been working towards. Trust gut over all else. Warrior drops will come from 5dhealing throughout the year cosmic surfers. Peace up the rEvolution warriors #dontforgettobreathe


6 thoughts on “20 Signs of Light Warrior Activation”

      1. I am a musician and teacher/healer in the Catskills of New York and I had a dream about an Arcturian Star seed last night and it brought me to you. You are a soul sister to me. Thank you for your beautiful messages. I sometimes feel alone, but then I reach out to my fellow Light Warriors around the world and know we are one in our mission. Glad to meet you!


      2. Welcome beautiful Empress 🦄 it’s so lovely to read your message! We are a community, we know who we are. It keeps things anchored, grounded, to connect with each other. Lovely to meet you too! 🤗


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