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Elemental Transformation Cosmic Moves and Counter Moves


Energy update Moves and Counter Moves

The Age of Aquarius Transformational Corridor of Light is being seeded through 2020. We have birthed the new earth, now we grow her. We are caught in a high tech astral game of moves and counter moves. Each time we riiiiise through gateways and portals, light transformation corridors, we are subjected to intensified counter attacks. Most of which we cannot see. Sound wave technologies used to subdue the population. Sonic booms blasting out low frequencies worming their way into our minds, seeding fear from the inside out. We are all susceptible to their codes until we consciously deflect them. We block sound wave weaponry by taking responsibility for our energy field. Mantras are Voice Activation in the matrix. Mantra All energies not of my creation I return to sender. This mantra works for everything from matrix webs to psychic attack, as well as helping protect us from militarised attack. Psychoactive agents are filtered into our consumption wherever and whenever possible. We are destabilised from birth. Toxins are fed into our blood stream by our very existence in the matrix. We can clean up our act, make moderation our baseline, unplug our mind body soul. We do what we do to remain here, connected to our mission and anchoring our light to Gaia’s grid. We are aiming for the next Event horizon, this will be a core vibration through 2020. We have just jumped through our first 1111 quantum shift, there will be more.

Uluru is burning friends. The core of Gaia, her solar plexus is on fire. Her sacred rage ignited by dark forces seeking destruction. How do we respond? By breathing calm into the atmosphere. By staying centred in our core truth, the Light is here. By standing up for the rights of people. By sending love and light deep into Gaia’s core. We are here. The angels are here. Gaia is burning. Enough of the rinse and repeat. Teenagers are being blamed, aren’t they always, terrorists, anarchists… Laser beam technologies used to trigger chaos, the devil’s playground. Uluru burns and we burn with her, our hearts on fire, our solar plexus burning with her flames of rage. Enough. 1111 wake up starts for many people as political awakening. Uluru burns, Grenfell burned, the Amazon burned. Base Camp is ready beautiful people. Her lightwaves shimmer, cool, calm waves, an ocean of blissful, gentle, peace. The more of us reach her, the more of us riiiiise beyond the fear being generated at warp speed by a desperate cabal, the cooler Gaia’s ascension field is, the calmer her flow is.

We can breathe high vibrations, chi into Gaia’s traumatised, tumultuous energy field by holding space for her. We can filter what comes in, censor ruthlessly, blocking, cutting out all the made up, smoke and mirrors illusion. But we can’t exist outside the matrix whilst in it. We can go off grid, but we are still here. Allow our natural response to unnecessary destruction. The key to engaging and not losing the plot with fury, fear or folly is to maintain high vibration in spiritual practise. Meditation, yoga, movement, nature, Gaia, we can only do our bit friends. We can’t fix everything instantly. We allow it. We surrender then we consciously detach. Step back, flip the energies, drop into heart, in mindful gratitude.

We are in a deep elemental transformation vibratory field Fire Air Earth Water Ether. Gaia ascends to Ether and we can transcend with her. We are part of the process. Some of us are here for that soul purpose. We are the breath of light immersed deep inside the matrix, undercover. From within the darkness we are blasting light out into the atmosphere. We cannot lose sight of our purpose here. We knew there would be moves and counter moves. Inversion is the core processor at the heart of the matrix. It works in subtle, dynamic, high tech algorithms, mirroring quantum technology. Nothing is at is seems and yet everything is exactly as it seems. It’s all about perspective, and we are on Shutter Island friends, perspective is a luxury here. We are conditioned in a web of dark design, engineered to magnetise deviance, manifest darkness and materialise evil.

It’s all about perspective in a space where we aren’t supposed to have any perspective at all. Cultivating perspective is an act of defiance in a holographic reality designed to skew our perceptions beyond all rationality. We use healing therapies, reflection, research to see the bigger picture. We learn by focusing on the smaller picture, us, in self care, dreamweaving, grounding to Gaia, we make a difference. It rolls out, 100th Monkey Effect stylie. Everything is energy friends. Each of us still standing is a soldier of the Light. We are absolute survivors who have trusted our gut instincts above everything else. Everything else. Many of us have been subjected to institutionalised abuse, targeted by automatons, lizards and predators to derail us from our mission. Traveller Teams have taken massive casualties. Enough of us made it. Event horizon 2020 is where we are headed. Bring. It. On.

Event Horizons occur when portal alignments have maximised quantum Shift fields in the collective consciousness. 100th monkey effect, much disputed by main-stream academics, is the reprogramming unit we are using to destabilise matrix mind control coding from the inside. We are tipping the collective consciousness to heart vibrations. It required physical presence on Gaia’s material plane to Make. It. Happen. We have hit several event horizons already. Huge shifts in the collective consciousness since the 2012 Mayan Activation Wake Up call. Many of us were triggered, woken up, around this time for our Missions. We have been persistently and relentlessly breaking matrix control algorithms ever since, steadily raising our internal vibration to align with 5d frequencies. We birthed the new earth, pushing through the final membranes in October 2019 under heavy fire. Stealth mode saw us through. We are being tracked online and offline. We disable 4d technologies by maintaining healthy mindbodysoul internal vibratory fields. Not an easy task when we are literally buried in the depths of darkness. The light penetrates the dome, and us, we just have to align beautiful people.

We have help. Allies. Source. We are not alone. Volunteers know this because we come from out there, so it’s understood the ascension of Gaia is not an isolated event. In fact it’s probably the biggest event the known multi verse has borne witness to. A diverse and magical space filled with galaxies, planets, peoples and places vibrating in divine alignment with growth, joy, peace and harmony. Progress is the baseline frequency of higher realms. We reach for the stars. Unfortunately, the natural cycle of transformation that evolves all peoples to the higher realms has been thwarted, maligned, twisted, inverted and blocked in this obscure little corner of the Askari galaxy. And here we all are. Playing our part in a great war of dark and light, with archangels, quantum technologies and divine assistance, it’s all happening. There’s no doubt we are warriors, friends. We are the bringers of divine justice. We have no fear, we know we are held in source light at all times. The darkness exists in perpetual fear, we can feel pity, compassion and sadness for such limited, frightening lifetimes. We are here to set the whole thing to rights. It starts with ourSelves and rolls out from there.

I am one with universal love vibration, protected at all times from anything that may mean or cause me harm.
I connect to Gaia’s core sending her deep, cooling, calming light vibrations.
I anchor my light to Gaia.
I am one with love, light and peace.
I centre myself in heart vibrations
I am aligned to Gaia’s ascension field in divine love
I surrender to my highest path
I thank my higher self for guidance and protection
I am one with source light
I share love, I receive love, I am love.
Peace up cosmic surfers.


7 thoughts on “Elemental Transformation Cosmic Moves and Counter Moves”

  1. I need some clarification/explanation/expanded thought on Uluru please. Thanks. kk In Grace, Kathy Kirk
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  2. Replacing fear, worry, doubt, with love and prayers was hard.
    Continuing to be sick and in pain was harder.
    Perspective is grand, thank you for this!

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