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Spiritual Lockdown where’s my divinity?! Symptoms & Solutions


Spiritual lockdown is a block to divinity. We struggle to align with higher vibratory fields of existence. We are prevented from achieving spaces of inner zen. Spiritual lockdown is a weapon of mass destruction within the matrix, engineered specifically to prevent humanities ascension. It affects all souls who incarnate in human lifetimes on Gaia. Soul siphoning ensures too many simply don’t have enough signature soul imprint to break out of conditioning, automatons hardwired to keep the system operating. A travesty of soul rights recognised across the multiverse. The Federation of Light have taken steps to fix this situation. We are part of the solution. We have been targeted in past lives and in childhood, our destinies known to our enemies before they were known to us. Most of us were triggered, woken up, in the last few years of Gaia’s accelerated ascension.

Structurally we are recalibrating to crystalline core coding. Upgrades to our DNA bringing us online with higher states of being. Our minds expand beyond the constraints of established narratives of our existence, rights and place in the multiverse. We reconnect with the divinity of our bodies, unplugging from toxins, making moderation our baseline algorithm to break apart consumer conditioning. We stoke the fire of our souls, evolving in shadow work and spiritual practice. Spiritual lockdown prevents all of the above, our mindbodysoul being is cordoned off, separated, kept in dense, low vibratory fields.

For lightworkers seeking to level up to transdimensional travel yet struggling to access full empowerment, there may be a deeper issue. Ancient dark energy wizardry causing spiritual lockdown, preventing cosmic soul activation. Modifications coded into our DNA can cause spiritual headlock or a self care shutdown. The giver who can’t give to themselves? The carer who puts herself last? The empath who doormats himself for others to trample on? The spiritual guru whose context is hierarchy not love. The teacher who cannot care. The lightworker still plagued by envy and competition? Fear frequency maintaining it’s hold, blocking divine light vibrations.

Signs of Spiritual Lockdown blocking divinity.

  • cynicism
  • entitlement
  • messiah complex
  • self care blocks
  • resistance to love
  • trouble meditating
  • reliance on established narrative to explain life
  • commitment phobia
  • intimacy phobia
  • atheism
  • poor long term memory
  • unable to access higher states of consciousness
  • envy and competitiveness
  • instances of witchcraft
  • embroiled in 3d politics, economics and fear
  • inability to unplug despite awareness of the matrix
  • intellectual understanding of the awakening, blocked emotional resonance
  • blocked psychic abilities
  • confused synchronicities
  • memory Loops
  • poor transmission from guides
  • rarely trust gut, overriding instinct with matrix ‘logic’ algorithms
  • ego led living blocking heart led living
  • selfish behaviours born from fear and envy
  • repetition of ancestral curses, glitches, traumas and negative behaviours despite knowledge of karmic clearing
  • matrix addictions maintain their hold despite consciousness
  • trapped in spiritual headlock blocking zen vibrations
  • despair, depression, anger, frustration
  • loss of mojo, mission, mantras lifestyle, meditation and spiritual care
  • lack of energy,
  • narcissism
  • narcissist-empath cycle unbroken
  • negative algorithms control decision making
  • viewing guides as entourage
  • feeling superior to sleepers, sheeple, blue pill people, folk not woke
  • lack of humility
  • loss or resistance to gratitude
  • negative manifestation, problems, dramas, obstacles
  • blocked soul mate, twin flame union
  • can’t see the wood for the trees
  • self sabotage behaviours
  • hierarchical perspective
  • awareness of blocks
  • lack of focused motivation.

Trouble meditating. Feeling detached, cut off from the truth in spirituality. Identifying as Woke but not divine. We can be firing on all cylinders politically, this doesn’t mean we are Lit. We can be researching, suffering our way down rabbit holes of mass, organised depravity and power plays, yet resist the hardcore truths about who, why and what they are doing. To acknowledge the darkness, the devil’s playground, is to expand our consciousness. We in turn acknowledge Love, Light and Cosmic intervention. We connect to angels, energy, source. We recognise the frequencies of light and dark. Spiritually locked down folk are unable to process either, clinging to conditioned beliefs generated by the system. Heart consciousness is blocked. We see the pyramid but fail to accept the matrix. Cosmic cognitive dissonance. We can recognise synchronicity, number codes within the mainframe, yet reject the light of sacred geometry woven into our daily lives.

It’s a confusing space for spiritual people to navigate. Terms like spiritual ego have arisen from this lockdown. We cannot embody matrix programmed ego when we are humbled by the presence of source. Fact. Spiritually arrogant folk are blocked from the vibratory fields of grace, gratitude, humility, compassion and mindfulness. Service to Self algorithms disguised in the fluster and bluster of being ‘woke’. Hierarchy, status, envy, competition, cynicism, superiority and entitlement are the core processing units associated with spiritual lockdown. Russel Brand called it the Messiah Complex. When we start our spiritual awakening, hit matrix lockdown and get stuck in the position of ‘I am god’. The universe speaks to me, I can manifest my heart’s desires, big cars, houses and tonnes of money. Divinity activations are profound, plugging us into the light mainframe. It’s a natural part of awakening to experience a sense of accelerated expansion, empowerment and focused intention. The lockdown is evident when folk get stuck here. Humility runs from them, egoism becomes their baseline vibration, despite being woke.

Ancestral karma comes into play here, as do past lives. Handlers, hosts to astral entities seeking to drain our chi, keep us in low self esteem spaces, have targeted many of us. Curses or negative karma from bloodline intervention can plague our attempts to align. Each Shift gives us the opportunity to clear ALL negative karma from our chosen ancestral bloodlines. We are breaking the matrix by dissolving density from our ancestral DNA memory. Many enlightened people are blocked from their own divinity due to ancestral dark wizardry. Self care blocks also arise from these modifications and curses. To take care of Self, mind, body and soul is to break free from matrix programming, spiritual lockdown engineering ensures we don’t fully inhabit self care light codes, we continue to poison ourselves with matrix toxins, low vibe food, thoughts and activities. A web of darkness, a fog, shrouds our third eye, we cannot hear or see our guides, gut instinct is muffled, confused. Our chakras remain unaligned, gritty, blocked and isolated from each other. All of this conspires to keep us mired in the swamp. Only we can break the chains, dissolve modifications, break ancestral curses. We seek authenticity in healing in therapies and crystal balancing. We work at it.

Is it possible to maintain a high vibration and work 8 hours a day in fake lighting, eating fake food, coming home to watch dumbed down, rinse and repeat tv? Nope. It all adds up to the same thing, engineered limited expansion of consciousness. We are bullied if we think. We are intimidated if we question. We are threatened if we fight back against any of the isms, sexism, racism, ageism or homophobia. Try saying ‘I don’t watch Love Island because its a sick, hyper sexualised, cosmetic surgery advert, using people as performing monkeys’ to literally anyone in the UK right now and they will freak out. Its family viewing here. Really. All hidden in plain sight. We recognise the programming but when we speak up, folk, sitting at our dinner tables, on our fb walls, in our office will shout, jeer, point the finger, exclaim, mock and generally have a great a big hoo ha. It’s tiring and eventually most spiritually woke folk pull back from low vibe spaces as much as possible. We are the change we want to see in the world, but it ain’t always easy.

The system is spiky, dark and evil, hard wired to find our weaknesses and exploit them. Very few people have their sovereignty, their soul, intact. Soul recycling has been a staple of the machinery of the Anunaki matrix for many linear years. This has led to hollow people, SIMs upholding the functionality of the matrix by their presence and their obedience. Ghosts in the machine. Folk who are not whole, understand on some level they are not fully present in their systems, moving like automatons, shifting the machinery of the matrix with repetitive, cyclical thoughts and actions. Japan’s salary men, big city slickers, money men chasing the American dream, its all an illusion. Peasants, deemed too ignorant to manage themselves, the feudal system birthed the nanny state, are today’s cashiers, cleaners and carers, cogs in the matrix wheel. Drudgery, boredom, low vibration lighting, materials, manufactured air in supermarkets, malls, factories and offices lower our core frequency. Synthetic, fake, engineered low vibrations aiming to lock our internal core processing units down. We should be on the superhighway of thought communication instead we are still on the long, twisty, slow back roads of duality and division.

Not all of this is matrix programming or toxic energies. Quantum modifications can keep us in spiritual headlock. Translucent film coating the spine, preventing full kundilini rising, making yoga, breathwork and energy exercise difficult. Our immune system can be compromised, making us more susceptible to matrix toxins and negative energy. Ancient, quantum modifications are exposed in the higher vibratory fields of the fourth realm. If this resonates each Shift will highlight spiritual blocks through synchronicity, number sequences and glitches. In other words, your guides have been trying to tell you! Dissolving AI algorithmic modifications in healing light will rebirth our authentic Self. Quantum modifications on spinal cord, chakras or DNA cause spiritual lockdown, we are blocked from accessing divinity despite being woke. But just being here, existing in the matrix lowers our vibration, its up to us to raise it in alignment with Gaia’s ascension.

In the fourth realm lightbody activation is hampered, delayed or blocked by this type of advanced genetic and astral warfare. Quantum modifications on our cellular development limit our ability to fully drop into heart chakra space. Cutting off or limiting flow between the chakras. Locking some into spiritual ego, hovering just above the third dimension frequencies, enough to feel superior, not enough to experience humility, true spiritual awakening. Twins hold the knowledge to break the codes. Activated shamanic healers working with ascended beings, carry out spiritual surgery neutralizing negative binding. We can align and activate our light beings with karmic clearing, crying out our traumas, talk therapy, healing therapies and meditation.

We consciously weave divine light into our waking moments. Be present. Mindful, senses tuned into the physical world around you. Ground in meditation, nature and mantras. Without quantum technologies the fourth realm is a strange and slippery space to exist in. Manifestation is instant here. Good vibes, good life, bad vibes, bad life. Seek healing from reputable shaman if ancestral curses or handlers resonate. We are cocreating the new earth, if we feel held back, limited, we should take time to look at possible causes. We are here to bring Light to Gaias’s ascension field, illuminating the darkness of the matrix from the inside. Woke IS divine. Woke IS humble. Woke is Sacred rage. Woke is self care not self sabotage. Woke IS dropping into heart consciousness and working hard to stay there until it becomes all we know. Woke is our future and its already here. In love and light beautiful people.