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Aurora Ascension Wave


A Transformational gateway, Aurora Ascension Wave, was activated by 23.01.20 New Moon in Aquarius. The Aurora ascension wave is activated through February’s Leo Super Moon 9.02.20. The gateway will close with Pisces New Moon February 23.02.20. The Aurora Shift is occurring across Gaia’s material plane, elemental transfiguration, affecting all who walk her green and hallowed ground. The collective consciousness is experiencing a massive shift in 2020. We are creating a conscious light matrix. Gold webbing. Aquarius, Leo, Pisces moon vibrations are Water and Fire. The flow of cosmic light sets the parameters for our transformation. Fire ignites our soul, burns our blocks and clears the way for rebirth.

We are reaching a tipping point, a great shift, rebirth. Leo Supermoon is the peak of the Aurora first wave of ascension frequencies. Our dreams come alive in the vibrations of magnetised manifestation. We are breathing fire into our heart’s desires. We walk our truth. We see through illusion, disinformation and fake news with laser beam, third eye precision. We protect our lair, our nest, our cave in bright luminescent love vibrations. We roar at the darkness. We stalk our prey. We devour darkness in searing light heat. The lion shakes his mane, the lioness protects and prowls, divine masculine and feminine awakening.

Supermoon vibrations of immense light waves flood Gaia’s plane. We are able to crack our karma off, break glass ceilings, connect with sacred truth. Leo is confident, charismatic, cautious and cuddly. Roll about in the fresh grass, play with our cubs, doze in the lazy midday sun, feel the sweet beauty of Gaia on our skin. We are taking ownership of our lives, our minds and our hearts. Rebirth is our path.

Step into the light. Shake off all remnants of doubt, cynicism, paranoia and delusion. We are here, at Base Camp. Mount Everest is Lumeryan lightwaves permeating the atmosphere. We breathe clean, fresh mountain chi. We reach for the stars. We lean into the flow of lightbody activation. Welcome our Selves at the door. Cosmic surfing at its best beautiful people. Supermoon light is radiance, illumination and transformation. We let go, release, drop our baggage. Lighten the load we carry. Karma is here, let her set the record straight. Breathing into powerful lightwaves is soaring on the wings of angels. Resting and recharging to our favourite Tv or music is soothing balm for our battered and bruised human selves. Nature is like a socket for our charger, plug in, go offline and power up. We are relearning to listen to the world as sensory BEings, intricately woven into the fabric of all that we perceive.

We walk the path of Fire, harness Leo Supermoon waves to focus our minds on what we want. Our passion is our purpose. Align. Burn, baby, burn. Ceremonise with two candles, paper and pen. Write or say aloud what we want to release, burn off our energy field. Light a candle, watch the flame. Visualise negative energies singeing, fraying, blistering, dissolving away. Release the heat of sacred rage. Set our path in motion with affirmations when we light our second candle. What are we welcoming in, what do we want more of, who do see ourselves as now. We dreamweave in the luminescence of supermoon light rays. We share love, we receive love, we are love. Aho!

We bring the light friends. And we are briiiiinging it in 2020! Peace up beautiful people.


4 thoughts on “Aurora Ascension Wave”

    “We are breathing fire into our heart’s desires… We roar at the darkness. We stalk our prey. We devour darkness in searing light heat.”
    You fan the flames like no one 💖

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