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Energy Update It’s All About LOVE Vibbraaatttion


Love makes the world go round, love gives life purpose, love is all we need. Love is the vibration of higher realms, it’s signature frequency permeates the matrix because it is wired into the human DNA motherboard. We are seeded by BEings of great enlightenment, their DNA crystals hold source coding, a power pack for ascension. Current energies are all about love beautiful people. Love expresses itself in many ways in our lives. Love from family, friends, pets creates a safe space for us, a sanctuary. Love as it manifests in relationships will be at forefront of many of our experiences as we ride wave after wave of 222 twinflame energies. Love for Self is magnetizing as the core processor for awakening and ascension. Love of Self is a language we are learning to speak. When we connect to 222 wavelengths we are propelled to look inwards, to ask do we love ourselves?

‘If you don’t love yourself then how the ‘ell can you love someone else?’ Mama Ru planting her source seeds into darkness, in lit soundbites of love. Some of us were fortunate enough to be raised in families where love was spoken. For adults who were loved as children there is a grounded sense of self, a space of self esteem stoked by the fires of love received in their secure families. The starseed, first and second wavers, experience has often been very different. With handlers present for walk ins, narcissism modifications and ancestral curses to Klear most starseed have bypassed the warmth of a loving family for something more authentic to the matrix. We have to know our enemy to identify it and fight it.

Demons are walking the material plane like they own it, for those of us who can see, the best way to address this is to drown them in love vibrations. Children of parents with attachments, KNOW. We knew as children, sometimes the adults babble in tongues, incoherent, their eyes change colour or intensity. Entities peer out irises, mocking, deviant, evil, adults behavior can be frightening and threatening when matrix toxins are involved, and of course no one talks about it. Consumption of alcohol in the west is social engineering, mind control programming, astral and chemical warfare, anchored into culture and tradition. Fogging up critical thinking skills, vacuuming self esteem, joy and gratitude, it’s the drug of the nation for sure.

Adults choosing not to drink alcohol witness the change in people when they consume alkuhul. Its ugly, its demonic. Aggression, violence, misogyny, racism, division, hate, depression, entitlement, arrogance, inertia, illness and disease come from regular, long term alcohol consumption. Sown into our society for relaxation, celebration, commiseration, any time we feel like it, G’n’T for lunch, wine at dinner, mid afternoon/evening beers, late night whiskey. Normalized so that if we don’t participate we are made to feel like social lepers. The reason being alcohol attachments don’t want witnesses. Sober people make drunk people uncomfortable, their demons will draw daggers at the sober person in the room, the group will gang up and growl at the perceived ‘outsider’. Alcohol is an astral weapon of mass destruction used relentlessly to drain people’s chi, blocking self love.

Opioids are the latest evolution of this Nazi program of oppression and control. Opioids are dangerous, we can float off and forget to come back, a silent killer. They don’t bring attachments like alcohol, nasty little flea entities ready to latch on and suck the life out of us. Opioids open a portal for our spirt to exit our bodies and flyyyyyyyy. The opium seed is a Source Seed, when consumed it opens vortex to higher realms, heavenly spaces we can soar in. We de-tach from our bodies, escape the darkness and density of the matrix and release our souls to astral, dimensional travel, freedom and ecstasy. The elite use this to their advantage as a secret weapon of soul siphoning. Without medicine women, shaman, healers present to administer Gaia’s cosmic happy pill, by taking care of the body while the person flies, dis-connection can occur.

Dynamic, LIVE connectivity between body and soul is essential for our organic life to continue. If our spirit is astral surfing for too long our body forgets to breathe, stops pumping blood into limbs and muscles when they’re not used, stops BEing. With no life force in it, the fuel of soul fire, the body closes down. Similar to alcohol in that cause of death will not say opioids, it will say ‘died in sleep’ or ‘unknown’. Alcohol deaths are written up as chronic heart/liver/organ disease, the game would be up if they came clean on cause and effect. Cross referencing the list of illnesses associated with stage 3 and 4 alcoholism with national and global statistics for illness and death makes for enlightening reading. Its not rocket science to join the dots and see the full picture. Opioids are decimating the population and no one is talking about it because they are generally prescribed, with no exit strategy, no adequate support for use and no long term guidance. Alcohol just marches on, taking us down like tiny ships in dark stormy seas. The lighthouse is self love.

Love combats all dark weaponry, especially when it starts with love of Self. Long term abuse of alcohol and opioids will not happen if we love ourselves. The reason being both negatively affect our health. Long term use of opioids detaches the soul from the body, we neglect our physical needs, our body shakes with loneliness, cravings and heartache, sores and sickness manifest. Opioids carry engineered danger of taking too many and just floating off into the ether, never to return. Alcohol does much more physical damage. Pickling our bodies, soaking our cells, fermenting our organs, poisoning our minds and splintering our souls. Mass produced alcohol is a weapon of the matrix and it has been used beyond successfully to control the population. Woven into DNA memory after generations of use and abuse in the west, it has decimated the integrity of people’s motherboards, recurring genetic sickness and mental illness. Woke millennials are having none of it, a third don’t consume alcohol at all in the UK, whoop whoop! From dipping the babies dummy in whiskey to help her sleep, to encouraging our kids celebrate their 16th birthday with a beer, alcohol has been woven into the human experience in the west to facilitate the attachment astral entities to humans to use as hosts and to kill us off with disease and illness.

Love… starts with self love. We turn the tables on the matrix, we unplug from negative algorithms, we rebel by loving ourselves. Alcohol and opioids are just two of the myriad of weapons used to ensnare us in a web of mindbodysoul neglect and abuse. Stress plays a huge role in paralyzing our enlightenment. When we are locked into anxieties about money, work and bills we lose the skillsets for expansion. Too many ‘careers’ are functioning middle men algorithms, the old pen pushers, or salary men, did anyone ever know what Chandler actually did in Friends? He was the typical white male working in the city and no one actually knew what he did, in fact he didn’t know either. Lots of people feel this about their jobs. This is a militarized weapon used to assault our creative soul integrity. Our passion is our propose. We are all gifted with something as part of our journey, a space for us to explore, develop and share. The matrix nips our path in the bud before we are into double figures. Sausage meat education for those lucky enough to receive an education, and tiny boxes determined by gender, economics and geography as our ‘options’ consciously suppress and stamp out our creative passions.

When we release the machinery of the matrix from our minds and our lives, we can see that each person brings their own colours to the loom, the magical weave of life. When everyone is able to roll into their strengths the world has all it needs. A flow occurs, a dynamic magnetism of cellular movement and vibration that allows all things to harmonise. We can zoom into tribal societies operating without the matrix middle man algorithms, money being a key middle man nonentity. Where resources are caught, created or crafted and exchanged for mutual benefit. Everyone plays to their strengths, everyone wins. In the matrix we are prevented from lots of pathways due to gender, colour, religion or sexuality. These divisive codes are dissolved in systems where we each provide something for the group reflective of our own special skills. No middleman seeking to squeeze profit, life, time, energy out of the rest of us.

Self love turns the whole thing on its head, we look back at our childhood, what did we love to do, make, before cardboard cut out teachers crushed our dreams? All of us remember that one teacher who SAW us, and all of us know the degrading and soul destroying monotony of the teachers who ‘looked right through’ us. We become our own cheerleader, our own special teacher who sees our talents, the person who stokes the fires of our passions. We stop seeking approval, support or enthusiasm from outside of us and instead become our own fanbase. Sadly the experience for most starseeds was tonnes of negativity and very little support or encouragement. The reason being right from the start our little indigo child minds were seeking the beauty of BEing human, an offense in the matrix and sure to get us noticed by all the wrong people. It’s time to take the reigns back. To stop crying over spilt milk, to stop chasing our tails looking for love, approval, happiness from external sources aka matrix programming, to refocus our intention on Self. We get to know all sides of self, the good, bad and ugly. We take small steps, channel moderation, seek inner peace and cultivate outer calm.

When we align to Light algorithms our perception of the world shifts. The people we attract and magnetise into our lives become reflective of our own journey of self discovery. We find our soul tribe. Love in relationships is playing a big part in current 222 energy fields. Soul mates, childhood sweethearts, twin flames and Tinder surprises will be foremost in many of our minds and hearts in 2020. Those in relationships are seeking to deepen connections, expand intimacy into the fifth dimension. 3d relationships are so last millenia, dahling! In the fourth realm we can all access tantric spaces of divine connectivity. Twin soul expansion in relationships is about exploring each other, mind, body and spirit. Woke millennials have set a new bar in terms of what we can aspire to in relationships, spiritual growth, physical joy and intellectual stimulation. We can develop our relationship in divine source light together, is the woke millennials mission statement. We can communicate as cosmic lightbeings in a material world.

Dreamweaving is key to deepening existing relationships. Take time to plan joint futures, to discuss each other’s dreams, desires and hopes. We aren’t supposed to have dreams past the age of 35 in the matrix. Remember our soul dies when we grow up? When we consciously dreamweave in our 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, we are literally tearing up the matrix, nuking its algorithms of depreciation, deterioration and depression. Ageing, like time, is a manufactured concept reliant on chemical warfare, toxins and mind control to manifest. The truth is we could live in our human bodies for hundreds of years if we nurtured and nourished our trinity beings. In the matrix people aren’t getting old, they are dehydrated. We are made of water, the Inversion is instead of reenergizing and recharging our minds and bodies in hydration we are conditioned to consume any liquid except water. Juices are sugar pills for matrix addiction, alcohol…, milk is questionable from modified sources and water comes in expensive plastic bottles. Generally people are dehydrated by the time they are 40, with alcohol consumption, matrix junk food, preservative diets and lack of fresh air and exercise compounding the deceit that we are past it by the time we are 50. Bollox, we’re just getting started. A powerful demograph in the matrix, old and wise enough to have survived, young and fit enough to rule our own lives. Its no surprise the machine throws everything at us to crucially dumb us down as we mature into our truth and power.

The new earth is being created by us, in our dreamweaving. Do we want to travel, take a bite out of Gaia, grow a garden of love, climb mountains, dance with dolphins, paint sunsets, create magic? The matrix wants us on the shelf, obsolete by 70, 60 preferably. Data for heart attacks, disease and illness within 6 months of retirement are frightening. Suicide levels in men have reached all time highs, where is male nourishment long term in algorithms of status symbols, trophy wives, sport obsessions and tax avoidance. No one talks about dreams after we’ve ticked off the cabal sanctioned dreams/codes of job, marriage, house, kids, pension. It literally sucks the life out of us, the machine.

We break the programming in our spirituality. By reaching for the stars in each stage of human life, seeking expansion to always walk our highest path, we dissolve conditioning. Starseed in their 40s, 50s and 60s and older are living proof we are breaking the matrix. Feeling fitter, healthier and sharper in focus than we did in our 20s or 30s, we are upgrading in alignment with Gaia’s ascension. We are defying the matrix core processor of ageing, illness and disease. Most people die because of matrix weaponry, when we unplug from said weapons, we lengthen our lifespan and accelerate lightbody activation. Self love is key and it’s a key that is in abundance in current energy fields. Grab it beautiful people and use it to unlock the gates of self love.

Single starseed are feeling its time they met their soul mate. Twin flame vibrations are intense in sexual chemistry. When dating its all about third eye response and physical chemical reactions. Cardboard cut out people will not resonate. Entitled and arrogant people will operate like sharks dating indigos and Starseed, ward them off with protection mantras and lightwork. Show our light and light will come find us. Be specific with the universe, make it clear what we want and don’t want. This isn’t a matrix style magazine list, if we want to travel put that in, I would like to manifest my soul partner and they will be a traveler, like me. It’s not about looks, or even personality in 222 love waves, its about chemistry. Our souls KNOW. We listen. Harness 222 love frequencies through 02.20 in dreamweaving meditation. Refine what we seek and clarify the details, link to our passions, our purpose, our dreams for the future. We are creators and the world has shifted beyond recognition, the old algorithms don’t apply anymore. Channel woke millennials, use our antennae not our eyes, our heart chakra not our ego, our soul not our logic, to feel our way to that special person. Clear out clutter and baggage consciously, release all that may be holding us back from finding true love and happiness in a fulfilling and magnetized relationship. If we don’t ask, we won’t get!

We exist here on the ground, we find ourSelves when we align to balance in our lives. We drain drama from our daily lives, and find our dharma, our path of expansion. We seek truth of self. Healing therapies are powerful for soul reintegration, lightbody activation and karmic clearing. The matrix conditions us to seek approval and love from external sources, then doesn’t offer us those sources. Spiritual enlightenment is learning to love everything about who we are, to give ourSelves approval, guidance, support and encouragement. 222 beautiful people, its about self love, creating love, stoking and growing love and finding love. Make it work for us! In light and love.


Under the protection of my higher self I embrace all 222 upgrades.

I tune into love frequency.

I turn down the volume of my ego, sleep now, and wake up my heart chakra, hellllo!

I drop into heart spaces, all my choices will come from love.

I dissolve hate, fear and pain in 222 lightwaves.

I cleanse my auric field, my energetic Self in light love vibrations.

I am ready to embrace happiness, joy and peace in my life.

I seek to deepen my relationship with…. in …. by….

I call my soulmate to me, I am ready to receive their love and gift them mine.

I connect to 222 love vibrations, heal my heart and soothe my soul, in gratitude.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.


TwinFlame access codes to 5d light mainframe… Diamonds (twin flame code) and Demons…aye xxx

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