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How they do it… Hollywood, Horror and Hosts

Audience Reactions to The Exorcist, first weekend.

The Exorcist Event was an engineered cultural phenomenon in the West. The elite Nazi propaganda/brainwashing machine was in full swing, heavily promoting the new horror film. Few warnings were given and there was no social media for people to let others know how disturbing the film actually was. People flocked to the cinemas, under pressure from advertising (Nazi conditioning), to soak up the devil. The Exorcist was possibly the first main-stream mass demonic possession the cabal rolled out. Based on Nazi research, the intention was to maximize the numbers of people caught on the astral web of attachments in one go as possible. The laboratory used, a darkened movie theater. They even call it a theatre… entertainment or medical? We go in medical ‘theatres’ where doctors ‘perform’ surgery on us. We go to the cinema like lambs to the slaughter, our senses are manipulated, our minds are projected onto, we are essntialy hypnotised, and our emotional spectrum is out on the dissection table for whatever purpose they choose (choose movies wisely friends). It’s a dark trinity between Hollywood hypnosis, military mind control techniques and corporate gain. In this case the purpose was mass possession using a particular demon, known to his followers, used by the catholic church, and widely regarded to be extremely powerful.


Built up through media/brainwashing outlets as the event of the decade, the film scored record breaking views on its first weekend and birthed a decades long franchise. For those who have watched the film, you will know it features some extraordinarily gory, disturbing scenes with the demonic possession of a teenage girl, played by Linda Blair, age 12. Based on a true story, backed up in catholic church files, this exorcism did occur and failed several times. The demon possessing the girl operates like a horcrux of satan, birthed in dark, with no reason for existence beyond parasitic possession of human hosts, it contains the heretic blueprint of the devil. Just as Archangels have names we know, so too do famous demons, everything is Inversion. Devil worshippers can call dark entities the same way we call the light angels to us. The difference is Light beings seek to guide, protect and love us. Demonic entities, the Archons, seek to possess us, drain us of our chi and zombify us for the machine.


Some of the audience remained in the cinema and absorbed the whole film, even returning to see it again. Others rejected the film, walking out in disgust or offended by its content. A third group of people experienced extreme reactions to the film, exhibiting distressed, frightened behaviors, fainting and collapsing with petrified expressions. These were the people who could SEE. Who knew they were under attack. Their Higher Selves shut them down, got them out of the theatre, locked out the demons, broke Hollywood hypnosis and protected their souls from viral attack, Archon possession.


The first group, those who stayed in the cinema and watched the film were either too obedient, inert, zombified, or already marching to the beat of dark drums, to walk out. Their obey, conform, status/power programming enabled them to absorb the movie. A number in this variable loved the film, dark natures resonate with the frequencies of demons woven into the fabric of the film. The intention being that they go home and continue their macabre interest in all things demonic and dark. Ritual is taught, the information on how to call dark spirts is always imparted in horror films, homework for those already in his dark army. Those who remained in the cinema may have enjoyed the movie, found it thrilling and darkly expansive. The remaining may have been too obedient or too scared to walk out.


A small number of people are interviewed exiting the cinema in disgust, their sensibilities offended by the subject matter. These people could be said to have a sound moral compass and an ability to think for themselves. Their critical thinking skills are still operational inside the matrix. They have talked with their feet, resisted the programming and attachments inside the movie theatre, followed their higher self guidance and removed themselves from the dark vibratory space. They are confident enough to say why they left, they were frightened, disgusted, and don’t appear distressed more shocked or insulted or annoyed by such a horrific movie. These folk are able to observe, analyse and trust their gut over their ego, the programmed mind, peer pressure, Hollywood hypnosis and think for themselves. They act accordingly, despite being inside the matrix.

The final group responded in a purely energetic way. Their sensitive souls sought to exit the physical body, hence they faint or collapse. Exit stage left was their response to the attachments coming out the movie into the audiences energy. Some speak clearly, voicing their souls distress at demonic attack on a such a large scale. The darkness emanating from the movie having pushed them out their seats and out the movie theatre. Distressed and disturbed, they voice truth. Cognitive dissonance means we often speak truths and don’t believe or are unable to process what we mean. Some of these people are reacting accurately for the situation they have been presented with. Yet they probably don’t believe what they are saying. Their higher selves got them out. Their angels got them out. Those with Jesus in their hearts would be targeted by the exorcist demon, any sign of Jesus is an immediate target for all of darkness, his armies thrive on stealing Jeshua’s peoples’ souls. Their energetic reactions are verbalising truth.


The Big Bad has an army of entities using celluloid as a portal from the astral to facilitate attachment to people (Sia/Kpop/Billie Eilish video anyone?). Attachments are astral parasites, they seek human hosts to survive. Ethereal, non organic, corporeal entities are birthed in darkness for the purpose of draining people’s chi. Our chi is our inner energy field, our own little batteries producing light wave ignition of our evolution. When our chi is drained we lose ourselves. We lose hope, laughter, love and joy. The rumours are true, ghosts, attachments, demons, entities steal our happiness. Alcohol is a gateway to satan, but there are many others. Bitterness, vengeful thoughts, hate, greed and entitlement all lead direct to satanic vibrations. Generally those whose frequency is vibrating on service to others bandwidths will not fall into traps of dark thoughts attracting dark entities. Compassionate people don’t harbour the internal wiring making us compatible with attachments. Kind people are victims of others attachments rather than carrying their own. Matrix toxins will bring entities into our mindbodysoul beings, but if we are vibrating high enough they cannot attach, they will be washed away in our light.

Insidious chapter 3 movie billboard

Combining psychological research carried out in concentration camps by Nazi scientists to control the human mind, with black blood magic rituals, the cabal were able to maximise the damage caused by demons. The cinema operates like a Nazi research lab, a controlled environment where they are able to project overt and subliminal conditioning programs directly onto our psyche. Its like an uploading station, they can pretty much upload what they want once we’ve agreed to enter the space. Revealed in movies like A Clockwork Orange, we are shown how visuals and sound technologies can warp our sense of time, self and the world. Peeta in the Hunger Games is turned into a human weapon through the controlled manipulation of images and sound projected onto his mind. Named MK Ultra or Monarch Mind Control programming, The Exorcist is a good example of how the cabal applied their findings to enable mass brainwashing and Archon invasion.


We have had decades of big horror events, main-streamed horror movies marketed at the mass population. Who isn’t disturbed by creepy clowns, long scratchy finger nails, or slender men? Due to unrestricted (matrix machinery) advertising we don’t ever actually have to have seen the movies to be aware of their demonic stars and their calling card images or names. Everything is energy, the imprint of the faces and frequencies of these famous dark entities are distributed throughout the matrix to ensure babies, children and everyone else has the imprint projected onto our brainwaves. Their dark twisted faces pepper our world on billboards, buses, TV, youtube and tabloid trash. The mechanics of how the attachments and brainwashing work is psychology, energy and dark magic.


We are seeing an influx of Japanese horror on the internet, often carrying the rumour that if we watch the video we will be possessed by the entity its about. Truth has always been there, hidden in plain sight. Momo highlighted how alive and well demonic activity is in the lives and worlds of children and teenagers. Promoted in the tabloid press, the entity known as Momo reached adult audiences through her infiltration of children’s worlds. We can’t blame the internet, all generations have been exposed to dark energy demons as children, whether in ghost stories, Ouija board dares or word of mouth named entities known to target and frighten children. Rumours of entities stealing children have been around forever, every culture has them. The adult fog machine/memory loops close down this knowledge but as kids we all knew what was out there and how to call it.

IT movie remake billboard

Horror was marketed at everyone in its birth, however the adult population didn’t buy into the machinery wholesale and by the 1980s horror films were largely marketed at teenage audiences and those who enjoy the genre. Main-streamed horror was achieved by packaging the genre for teenagers and young people, everyone gets exposed in their youth. As we grow older in the matrix our capacity for creative thought shuts down, by reaching into the hearts and minds of people when they are young, the cabal are able to plant demonic seeds early, disrupt energetic frequencies with astral interference and recruit their armies of the future. By demonising Jesus, banning his name from main-stream music, videos, movies and merchandise, and overtly promoting their own dark icons, stars of the devil worshippers, we are shifted into darker dimensional realms before adulthood. Its a win for win for the elite either way. Widespread advertising in tabloids, broadsheets, movie theaters, social media, billboards and bus stops ensures the population knows the names and faces of most of its more famous entities.

The projection of the movie onto human minds is the psychological brainwashing. Dark energy wizardry sown into the fabric of the movie opens portals, vortex of evil, in the silent, controlled cinema/lab space. Similar to a plane, we are essentially subjecting ourSelves to controlled environments, we acquiesce, surrender to the space, the movie, the sound and experience. In the case of the Exorcist this was one of the first larger scale astral Archon offensives used against the population, it was extremely successful. We still have the movie around today, along with a whole bunch of horror movies created in its wake. We can watch these movies and not be affected if we have archangel light in place to protect us. The astral operates on resonance, energy, Nazi programming works on overt and subliminal psychological manipulation, not even the most woke of us can defend ourSelves from silent secret assaults. Horror movies are portals to demonic dimensions where passage can be had between the dimensions. We can go there or they can come to us. In the Exorcist it was mass assault of astral demonic entities on a naïve population being subjected to wholescale Nazi cabal dark energy wizardry. Lovely. Not.


Break demonic programming by staying away from triggers, trip wires and traps in the system to expose us to demonic entities. Its all resonance, once we see their image we have their calling card. Once we’ve heard their name we think it and they hear, just like Voldemort, they will come a calling in nightmares, in our thoughts and in our heart fear rhythms, attaching to our energy, this is what they want. We can pressure local and national government, start petitions, hashtag on social media. Demand public space advertising (all physical and digitalised marketing) be restricted to under 18 regulations, no over 18 movies, tv shows, games to be advertised onto the public psyche! We break the matrix by standing up for our rights. We have a right to a demon free world!

Peace up the revolution cosmic surfers.



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