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Energy Update Sh*t Shovels and Shifts

Q Anon refers to it as the Swamp. Dr Amp offers us his gold shovel to dig ourselves out. Movies like the Hunger Games, Dark City and the Matrix depict it as a bioengineered system of control. The elite tell us the Pyramid Tomb is how it is, always was and always will be. The Children tell us it’s all upside down. The Angels show us the way. We light our path, push our way through the mud, avoid sink holes, trip wires and traps. We drag ourSelves out the mess that is our perceived reality. Look up at the stars. Grasp the Wonders of our world. Drop into source heart beats. Raise our biorythm to love vibration. We do this by digging ourSelves out of the shit. No one else can do it for us. We change our lives to embody and inhabit joy, peace and balance. We Shift in alignment with Gaia’s ascension. We ARE the consciousness blueprint of prosperity, peace and progress.

The elite are manifesting Orwellian Police States intended to lead to Zombie nations. Their’s is a dark world. Our critical thinking skills are the greatest threat to the machine. Ai aims to think for us (just ask Siri). The elite have their agenda sown up. Humans, functioning, sentient BEings, keep the machine running. Our souls, our chi, our energy and frequency are siphoned. The birth of AI is the matrix of the new millenia, inversion of fourth realm magnetism. The gloves are coming off. The Alien War is raging all around us on dimensional fields just beyond human sight. Those with adventure, curiosity and free thinking minds are exploring the world, shrinking it with their drones, vlogs and twitch. Those with eyes see truth. Those with the stomach for it seek answers from the darkness. The dimensions are merging, fluctuating, interwoven and unstable. We are in a quantum computer. We are processing vessels, sacred, lit, connected and evolving. The Transit of Venus is our platform for ignition. Divine feminine earthing. Electricity Magnetism Male Female. Portals and planets, timelines and transformation, truth and trust. Celestial intervention. Winged warriors and demons of darkness battle hard for the souls of humanity. We turn our back on darkness, walk calmly away, focused and fearless in the Light beautiful people. We manifest. We create. We build. Stay positive or feed the machine. Our choice.

Everything is Shifting. We are in the fourth dimension. The world gets trippy, interactive, synchronistic and ethereal here. Light and dark dance. Humanity was locked into Survival Mode in the third dimension. The fourth realm facilitates CHOICE. We choose the mode of play. We can upgrade to CREATIVE mode here. We can activate cosmic downloads, warrior skill sets and creative prowess in spiritual surrender. The Shift is our PERCEPTION. Humanity is being POSITIONED for Zone Lockdown. This is a drill. The elite are testing out their 4d/5g network. This is not real. Fake news. Fascist generators. Fear algorithms. Division and controlled Separation is the agenda. Tick Tock. Access codes are present in celestial alignments. Be present, mindful and aligned. Harness all the magic and high vibe energy of planetary interactions with our dimensional space.

Fear is being used to Block Dreamweaving. Dissolve fear by detaching from external triggers and travelling inwards for illumination and reassurance. People are being bamboozled with relentless fear algorithms, we are being POSITIONED by the police state to further their control. We hold fast to our Rights. Speak up, challenge the system by being grounded. Reminding others of Rational Critical Thinking. Influencing others to BE positive. We are Generators of Energy. We are the fuel cell for the 4d dark matrix. There are Hearts of Darkness all around Her, Gaia is burning her way out the swamp. Her ascension is that of the phoenix rising from the ashes of engineered hell dimensions. And we riiiiiiiise with her. We sing the Song of My Soul Mate, ride 2020 twin flame waves. Think, feel, BE love. Look up. Hug a tree, plug into nature. Chant. Dance. Allow JOY in. Meditate inwards to expand out into the cosmos. And if none of that works we can order one of Dr. Amp’s ‘gold, two coats, shovel your way out the shit shovels, only $29.99! Everyone should have one! Peace up the rEvolution cosmic surfers.

Ps there should be a gold shovel emoji. That is all šŸ™šŸ¼