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Upgrades, the Matrix and Mental Health

The energy is dense, sticky, tricky and glitchy as we process intense upgrades activated by the 11.11 portal. There’s a great purge underway. We experience this purge on a personal and global level. Bubbles of memories rise to the surface, flashbacks, causing us to reflect on difficult emotions. Synchronicities reveal reasons for our patterns of thought and behaviours. Globally we are facing a tidal wave of disclosure that is rocking the foundations of our society, our global society. Technology has introduced humanity to itself and the picture ain’t pretty. 

We can no longer ignore the travesty, depravity and tragedies at play on our planet. Fake news framed to trigger fear in our hearts, stress static in our energetic system and hate programmed in our minds surrounds us. The matrix continues to plug itself into our psyche, its mission to destroy our trinity mindbodysoul being. To relentlessly disrupt our peace of mind. Older generations are looking at the world with open eyes for the first time. They see algorithms of oppression and control where once they saw clear boundaries, parameters and rewards. The bridge generation, those born in 60s, 70s and 80s are caught in a wind tunnel of technological advancement. Speeding up, shrinking and transforming the world before our eyes. Younger generations are wide awake and distraught with what they see. Facing blocks and walls at every turn as they try and realise their dreams. What can be done? How can all the damage be reversed and fixed? 

The matrix continues to push it’s agenda of work work work, conform and compete, squeezing us all into tight little boxes labelled, stamped, locked down and stifled. Economics squeezes all but the super rich. Change is necessary. Change is happening. We are all running to keep up. Exhausted, confused, bewildered, frightened and angry. The matrix grinds on relentlessly, refusing to give us space to breathe. Refusing to let us go offline for a time, to recharge our batteries. 

Dna upgrades require energy, time, space. We should be turned off or at least on flight mode during intensive recalibration. We require solitude for big chunks of awakening. Solitude to hear our own mind body soul, to mute the non stop chatter of matrix slogans, to untangle our energy field from everyone else’s. To fully integrate upgrades, to get all systems go, charged and powered up in 5d frequencies, we need to go offline, sleep mode. The need to retreat from people can become overwhelming as we evolve at an exponential rate. To stay in and be. The matrix is a relentless drain on our energy. Trying to integrate higher vibrations simultaneously stretches us pretty thin. See for symptoms of recalibration. 

Our mental health is at risk. Depression, anxiety, fear can seep deep into our psyche as we wake up. Seeing the matrix for what it is has to be balanced with self care or we risk crashing like Neo. Do what makes you happy as often as possible. Sit in nature, pot plants, paint, read, walk the dog, clean the car, spend time with children. Retreating can still be active just stripped back to involve as few other humans as possible. When we interact with people, when we move in crowds, our energy field is interacting with theirs. All the time. When we are upgrading we are essentially running on empty, most of our energy is being redirected to recalibrate our systems. Ordinary routines become mountains to climb. We become more empathic, hyper sensitive to our environment. Our appetite changes, our energy levels fluctuate, our sleep is disturbed. The world can take on a bendy, movie like quality, this is awakening to the matrix hologram. 

The matrix conditions us to see fulfilment in possessions, belongings, material possessions. Career success is the holy grail of the first world, not family or friendship, culture or spirituality. Feeding your family and staying safe is the primary goal for many more millions in the world. First world guilt is being triggered for release. Our ignorance, our trance induced state of mindless obedience has enabled the cabal to plunder, rape and pillage large parts of the world for resources that make them filthy rich. And it goes on and on and on. Release this global guilt friends. We are a prison planet, a panoptican of oppression, invisible chains round our necks, manufactured walls and wars separate us from each other. It’s all upside down. It’s all back to front, the wrong way round. Everything. And it is truly, deeply overwhelming. How do we fix this? How do we fix our own lives? How do we straighten this whole mess out so that people live peaceful, safe fulfilling lives? A fair society. How do we address the injustice’s in our lives, our world? The division and fear and relentless draining pressures of the politics of greed? 

This is the current climate, stormy cosmic seas of transformation. Cyber space fizzes with anti establishment, revolutionary, questioning activity. Social media has shrunk the world. Fake news is recognised as a thing. Having a news blackout is a thing. Happiness, joy, mindfulness are things people talk about, read about and do more of. This is a movement and it’s gathering momentum. The inequalities, the sinister machinations, the fascist rhetoric and primitive politics of the elite are being exposed. Humanity is displaying a warrior mentality in its awakening. Petitions of outrage, political pressure, marches and demonstrations. The re-emergence of true investigative journalism and authentic politicians is creating a new perspective on conspiracy theories, disclosure and truth. People are demanding answers and changes. People are finding their voices. Revealing themselves as strong, humble, graceful and fearless challenging their neglectful, abusive leaders in every way they can. Rrrressspect to the people of planet earth!

The synthesized timeloop we are caught in is crumbling as humanity wakes up from the matrix induced trance it has been in. The rebalancing of yin and yang energies on Gaia through realignment and karmic release. Masculine energy in harmony with feminine energy. Traumatic events trigger outpouring of emotion, global purges of fear, anger, grief and pain loosening the collective hard, heavy nuggets of lower vibrations for release. This is 5d healing operating in the third dimension. We have the chance to create a new paradigm, to shift humanity and Gaia towards positive timelines. These higher wavelengths operate in the emotional energetic spaces of joy, gratitude, freedom, peace, connectedness and sovereignty, the wavelength of love.

Key is the expansion of enlightened unified consciousness. Realising we are creators, we manifest our reality. The matrix doesn’t work if we challenge it. We have been groomed, gas lighted by algorithms of control from the womb. Our free will is in tatters. Revolution is in ourselves, it is exercising our free will as sovereign beings, breaking free from the panoptican prison walls of the matrix hologram. To do this we wake up. We examine the furniture of our lives, decluttering, simplifying and being grateful. De-stressing our minds and detoxing our bodies. It takes time, concerted effort. 

The matrix will offer pharmaceutical remedies, anti depressants and mood enhancers, painkillers and sleeping pills with no exit strategy. Western medicine will not advise you to walk once a week in nature. To do gardening or yoga. To go part time in your job so you see your kids more. Or change the relationships you are in. Talk therapy gives us emotional release, helping us make sense of our personal journey in this global evolution. To fully heal and protect ourselves as we upgrade to higher frequencies, energy work is just as important as psychological healing. Reiki and energy healing therapies work with our energy field, our chakra system, to break apart blockages caused by emotional trauma. The two go hand in hand. Talk and energy healing will restore balance and inner calm. 

All the help is out there. Don’t give up. Reach out and find the healing that works for you. Take your time. Know that many, many people are feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by their own lives and by the global big picture. Overwhelmed by exhaustion as our system recalibrates to fifth dimension frequencies whilst we are pushed through the sausage meat factory of the matrix. If you can take time off, time out, do it. Do it now. Find that time for yourself, for your mental health and emotional stability. Reflect, let the memories take form, reconnect, release, accept. What is your passion, make it happen. Heal and protect yourself energetically. This is a global experience, none of us are alone. Stay on that cosmic surfboard cosmic kids! In love and light ๐Ÿ™.

Mantras: I ask my higher self for protection and healing.

I am calm, I am safe, I am love.

I exhale fear, anxiety and tension. I inhale calm, peace and love. Namaste.


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  1. So needed to read this again – decided last night to unplug my landline phone (I only get junk calls on it these days) and put my mobile on ‘flight mode’ regularly – and consciously take the offline/ downtime that is so, so important. With huge gratitude as always.

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