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Energy Update Lightbody Activation

We are being pushed hard through intensive waves of higher frequencies. This process can take its toll on our health and wellbeing. We should be offline or at least on flight mode during intense upgrades, few of us have that luxury. Life goes on. Symptoms people are experiencing range from cold and flus, headaches, body aches, extreme tiredness, heaviness in limbs, fuzzy head, blurry vision, ear popping and buzzing and temperature fluctuations. Chakra activation can cause palpitations, fluttering and flipping sensations at chakras, IBS symptoms, dramatic changes in what we can eat and digest from one day to the next, disturbed sleeping patterns, waking up between 3 and 5 am or sleeping in daytime. 

As we clear lower chakras and our upper chakras come online, life can take on a surreal quality. Dimensional slippage, glitches, time anomalies, vivid dreams and memories popping up, can make us feel insecure, shaky, untethered. We can be clumsy, bumping into things, tripping up, stumbling. Our bodies are changing, becoming lighter in structure, our bones and muscles become stronger and more supple. Our agility improves. We crack open and peel back layers of hardened, dense karma. We release matrix toxins clogging our organs and arteries. We shake off low vibration energies stress, worry, anxiety to reconnect to our bodies. We tune into our bodies. This is 5d, a quantum existence where nothing is compartmentalized, we are one united trinity being of light. 

Our minds require special care at this time. Physical symptoms of aches, pains and exhaustion can affect our mental health. Karmic release challenges us to find our core strength by facing the dark night(s) of the soul. We become more sensitive and aware of the effect others  and our surroundings have on us. Screening out high conflict people helps this process as we can be extra vulnerable to energetic attack during intensive upgrades. Our self esteem can take a hit. Affirmations of self love, forgiveness, acceptance and belief help shield us. 

Spiritually we are at warp speed. For many of us this means reprogramming from religious and cultural mind control algorithms limiting our soul growth. For others it requires we face our selves, we step off the treadmill of work work work, career, status symbols and success. We sit in our own space with only ourselves for company. And we get to know who we truly are not the avatar the matrix branded us with at birth. We are being cooked friends. Baked. Roasted. We are experiencing internal chemical reactions to bring more strands of DNA online. This is heavy maaaan. 

The matrix conditions us to push through illness, to maintain high attendance data, to ignore, repress and dismiss physical or mental illness. Our primary role in the matrix is as cogs in the wheel. Only we can break that programming. Take time off work if you need to. Ignore the matrix the way it ignores you as an individual, as a sovereign being. Pare back all but the necessary things to do. Prioritise solitude, soul tribe nourishment, nature and self care. Unplugging requires just as much energy as upgrades, the two go hand in hand. Begin to see yourself as a trinity being mind body spirit and take care of each as part of the whole. Rest and recuperate. Keep shield of love up. Stay as safe and protected as you can. Avoid crowds, exposure to other people, especially for empaths at this time, can drain us. 

The world is in chaos and everyone knows it. Whether they are verbalising it or not, no-one feels safe anymore. The fear agenda of the cabal is in overdrive to keep our vibrations low, to block incoming upgrades. For those in the heightened consciousness community disclosure is inevitable. For the majority of people it’s shocking and frightening. Disclosure of intergalactic communities integral to our planet’s development. Exposure of widespread organised paedophilia supporting a depraved cabal hungry for innocence and power. Revelations of arms dealing, global economic theft, fraud and corruption, human slavery, food and chemtrails weapons agenda, mass mind control programming are bubbling to the surface. Our chakra clearing is as much a collective experience as it is individual. Ancient predictions coming to fruition. 

Technology drags us along behind as it gallops into the 21st century. We are overwhelmed as a race, as a collective global consciousness. We are incredulous by what we see with our newly awakened eyes, heart and soul. We are experiencing anomalies, fluctuations and ripples in the fabric of our existence. Synchronicities and the wonder and magic of the universe. All of this adds up to a whirlwind of confusion, elation, fear and chaos. Who controls the media? Who controls mainstream program(ing) on tv? Who controls social media, the integrity and freedom of the internet? Why is the dark net able to exist and flourish? How does it all hold together so we can break it apart, dismantle it calmly and rationally? There is no long term security anymore. No generation or population on earth feels safe. 

We are in the eye of the cosmic storm friends. The world is in inner and outer turmoil. Our role, our mission, our path is to turn inwards. It is to seek and find inner peace. As we upgrade we become creators, manifestors of our perceived experience. If we integrate these upgrades, we walk the path to inner calm, peace and self love, we will in turn manifest this. If enough of us do this we can and will change our world. No easy task when we are running on empty, relentlessly pressured by the matrix and those people in our lives, society, to confirm conform conform. A huge part of this cosmic evolutionary process is discovering who we truly are. To ignore pressure to conform, to listen to and then march to the beat of our own drum is anarchy. It is to be the glitch in the matrix. It is to shed our matrix avatars and step into our power. 

We are being energetically battered down to prevent this process occurring. Indigos are being labelled and medicated. Lightworkers are being targeted by dark workers, multi dimensional hackers and energy vampires. Our confidence takes the knocks. Our inner calm can be destroyed. It is up to us to realign, to rebalance our energy flow so that we can reset our own vibration. Take the power back from those who seek to drain or destroy us. Look carefully at who can be trusted. Stay vigilant. Protect yourself with light, love, forgiveness and gratitude.

These are trying times friends. Yet our highest path of existence is being offered, a path of peace and love. To walk the path is to shake off pressure, negative energies and drama. It is to take control of our emotional energetic dial. To reset, tune up, turn down the volume on negativity and turn it waaay up on love frequency. We can and we will make this world a better place, a more honest, authentic kind space in time to visit and be part of. Don’t despair if you feel run down, tired, emotional, unwell, spaced out or drained. You are not alone. This is a global and individual evolutionary process. All are experiencing it with varying degrees of awareness. Take one day at a time, one hour, one task at a time. Go gently. Slooooooow down. Imagine you are offline and sit quietly with no stimuli. Let your soul wake up and talk to you. We are part of a bigger picture of rEvolution, awakening and empowerment. Play your part with selfcare, spiritual growth and love. Namaste.


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