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Phase 2 5th Dimension Shakedown

Light bulb moment πŸ™πŸ» non attachment is surrender. To give ourselves to universal love vibration is to relinquish anxiety, worry and fear. Surrendering to the karmic scales of universal flow means being in the moment, being energetically self aware. We are good people, we try, we hope, we pray, we cry and we love. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of your choices, they shape us, good or bad. Release those who drain your energy, celebrate those who enrich us. Clean up our lives. Sort out our home, recycle, donate, declutter, simplify. Clear out our minds by unplugging from mainstream media, cultural programming and religious oppression. Free our heart chakras from fear, get into the present. If we don’t like something we have the power to change it. We control our own lives. Recognising this, owning it is sovereignty, this is freedom. 

The carrot at the end of the stick? The Sandals holiday in the Caribbean? The imposing new Merc? The perfect house? The perfect partner? The perfect life? Shiny adverts disguised as articles, posts or Insta photos of glamour, security and beauty. Its all bullshit. Matrix mirage programming. Carrots on a stick. Shell Beach. Strive for this. Work for that. Change this. Try and be that. Its toxic mind control. Dump it. Unplug from it. Burn it from your soul. It creates static, residue, sticky, dark energy of envy, self hate, negativity and disappointment. What the neighbours do, what they think, see, feel doesn’t matter. What you say, think, feel does matter. Take back the reigns and be who you are. We find ourselves in the darkness by simplifying our thinking. By decluttering our energy field. By being real in a plastic world. Self care is always the name of the awakening game. Shiny people in shiny houses with shiny lives are either fake, faking it or fabricated. Truth lies in the cracks spreading everyday through the matrix hologram. 

Release fear of solitude. Release fear of connection. A balance is what we seek for energetic alignment. Clear out your soul with high frequency activities yoga, holistic healing, nature, soul tribe, dance and meditation. Darkness can hide in clutter, it can fester and spread. The multi verse is beautiful, expansive and floaty. The matrix is harsh, dark and heavy. Unplug. We know how. Wake up. Be alert to energy, to frequencies and vibrations. Research. Open your mind before it’s cracked open by the malfunctioning matrix. Get there first. We are one people, despite the chasm of polarity growing and dividing and separating us every day. Cosmic waves continue to raise the vibrational energy field of Gaia. Her crystalline heart has been activated and we are coming online. To deny this truth is to deny ourselves freedom from anxiety, fear, hate and insecurity. The rules have changed. The game has changed. Kansas has gone bye bye. We are in new territory, people. Its a quantum world. 

The fear many experience about the higher consciousness community is back to front. The third dimension, the space  those clinging to sleep are in, is the real scary. Where we are is harsh in it’s transparency and truth but it’s awake. It’s a space where we can be nourished beyond comprehension by universal love zen frequencies. Where we learn we are manifestors, we can change our world. It is enlightenment, empowerment and illumination. We are at a tipping point, a cosmic crossroads. Let go of matrix programmed fear of spiritualism, of meditation, of healing, love and peace. Find out for yourself. Sit quietly. Calm the ego, open the heart and be. Our ego will rev up its engines and start talking at a million miles an hour about how rubbish we are. This will happen. But it can be managed. Many find gentle drumming, chanting, flute or space music helps to quieten the ego. Others find yoga, stretching and movement helps to activate chi flow in turn softening the ego. Hugging our ego as we would an anxious, fearful child with mantras ‘I am safe, I am love, I am protected’.

Escapism from ourselves comes in many forms. We can use drink and drugs to ignore our true selves, drown out our relentlessly negative ego. We can use any number of matrix 3rd dimension distractions, burying our heads in the sand. Creative passions and outlets and being in nature allow us to realign. This is different from the relaxation we may get from a good book or movie. To quieten the ego, expand our consciousness and open our hearts is to have a fearless willingness to meet yourself. To step off the hamster wheel of the rat race. To push energy sucking people away. To take time for quiet contemplation, reflection, spiritual growth. These are acts of rebellion in the matrix. Being with ourselves in stillness and serenity is a beautiful thing. 

If it’s guilt that plagues you release it. Let it go. It does no-one any good. What is done is done. It’s what will be that matters. If it’s fear that holds you back look at what truly scares you. Face it. And let go. What will be will be as our hearts desire it. If shame destroys your confidence examine where that shame comes from. Look at it as if you were outside being told about it. Would you blame you for what happened? Were there other forces at work, forces that you could not control? Release pressure on yourself. Stop trying to be perfect. It doesn’t exist. Even on the 11th dimension imperfection, flaws, quirks and kinks exist. Perfection is a manufactured algorithm of control, a matrix mirage to lock us in a never ending cycle of want. Disconnecting humanity from authenticity. 

Gaia is birthing us into an infinite multi dimensional world of beauty, wonder and potential. All the rumours about magic, other dimensions, parallel universes it’s all true. It’s quantum physics. It’s spirituality. It’s intergalactic politics, technology and rEvolution. We are making a giant evolutionary leap. Let go of what is holding you back. Open your heart, mind and soul. Feel energy. Trust energy. Connect and surrender. It’s a magical world we enter and a depraved one we leave. We physically don’t change. Everything around us changes when we change our inner self. When we take control of our own frequency dial. When we say no to bullying, manipulation, to negativity. When we stand tall, firm and strong. Warrior stance people, light saber of love ready. Game on.

2018 is the year the veils come down. Phase 2 Ignite Light Warrior has begun. Are you going to reject your inner warrior or embrace her? Are you going to step into your power? Are you going to spread light, healing, love and peace despite the up hill climb of humanities deep slumber? Light Warriors step up to the task at hand, the mission. Save the world! With love, love and a bit more love! Ride cosmic light waves to higher dimensions. Believe and create. Magic manifestors of light the time is now. Bring it on! Don’t give up, you know it’s true, got to do what we came here to do! Peace is possible beautiful cosmic surfers πŸ™πŸ»


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