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Elon Musk and AI

What is AI? Is it already here? How do we spot it? What if the matrix is AI? What if Google is AI? What if we are being coerced into a fusion with AI? Is it already happening? Elon Musk speaks of human interface, how we already interact with a technologically advanced, perceived reality. Is he sweet talking us into compromising our humane sovereignty? He believes “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” a solution committed to third and fourth dimensional realities. Musk shows no interest in higher consciousness, where duality dissolves.

Is Musk a demon in disguise or a genius seeking to evolve us? Our smart phones are plugging us into a cyber world, no doubt, but we still have the free will to leave them in another room, or even (!) switch them off. The technology we are being shown is not organic, yet. Elon Musk is keen for us to forget we are creators, our imagination knows no bounds. We control the dial to our mindbodyspirit, no-one else. Recognising this affirms our humanity, validates our emotional, creative and cultured world.

Stay sane in a complex, convoluted, sometimes creepy world, with nature, meditation and solitude. Embrace quiet reflection, avoid drama, stay grounded to Gaia by stepping away from technology. Moderation is the name of the game. Retain sovereignty with self care, soul tribe, creating, and exploring nature. We are of Gaia, of the cosmic multi verse, of stars and comets. We are not machines. We are not transhuman yet. Be aware, research and think about the world we are in and the world we want to create. It’s all up for grabs. Release fear and manifest the new earth from love beautiful people x


6 thoughts on “Elon Musk and AI”

  1. No we are definately not having that machine world and those robotic citizens the Saudi’s were creating under the old regime! Gosh I saw those cyborg realities within the NWO timelines. Not only was Bill Gates foisting deadly vaccinations on the world but using his money to build robotic cities. This was the vision of the dark ones not ours, thank God!! I feel also that Google has sold out the entire world by mapping the earth grid and using Quantum computing to control our biology. However, these are timelines that we are clearing and collapsing and integrating as we speak. Keep up the great work family! The truther indigos are awake and active now totally uncovering all this darkness as we of the crystal vibration transmutate the lower energy. The only power they ever had was our ignorance of their dark manipulations. Working together we hugely outnumber them in every way possible! Where we go one, we go all!! Stay positive! Thank you Morag, sending lots of love and joy to you!


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