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Create Sacred Light Space

There is beauty in our world, see it, breathe it, be it. We are riding a wave, a shift, into enlightenment. Many are experiencing life as transdimensional, seeing in 5d, interacting with reality as dynamic, fluctuating, flowing. We can integrate upgrades with meditation, self care and quiet reflection. Layer after layer of karma is being… Continue reading Create Sacred Light Space

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Transition Update the Shift 888

We sail through time and space on wings of cosmic light. We are upgrading at exponential rates, accelerated evolution. Dimensional frequencies are embedding in higher realms. This is affecting everyone. No one is untouched by the profound transition we are experiencing. Viewed in 3d terms we are at the dawn of the technological age, the… Continue reading Transition Update the Shift 888

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Elon Musk and AI

What is AI? Is it already here? How do we spot it? What if the matrix is AI? What if Google is AI? What if we are being coerced into a fusion with AI? Is it already happening? Elon Musk speaks of human interface, how we already interact with a technologically advanced, perceived reality. Is… Continue reading Elon Musk and AI

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Message from the Angels of Light

For those who resonate I pass on a channelled message from the Angels of Light. 'We are the Angels of Light. Ascended beings, our vibration is in higher realms. We are one with source light. We reach out to you, through Morag, our warrior of light and love, with love for all. We believe in… Continue reading Message from the Angels of Light

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Energy Update The Sc-humann Resonance and Recalibration

The Sc-humann Resonance has been fluctuating off the scale, telling tales of tidal waves of light recalibrating humanity. Cosmic events have marked and triggered lightbody activation. The Shift is well under way. We are waking up, layer by layer, to the truths at the heart of our world. Babies opening their eyes for the first… Continue reading Energy Update The Sc-humann Resonance and Recalibration

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7 Steps to the Zen Zone #theShift888

The quantum world is sensory, interactive, Smart. The language is frequency, the currency energy. The space we used to inhabit was locked down in heavy, 3d vibrations. We are passing through a series of transitions, portals in time and space. The Event is our quantum leap across realms, our ascension up the frequency spectrum to… Continue reading 7 Steps to the Zen Zone #theShift888

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Upgrades and Tidal Waves #itsallaboutenergy

Upgrades are flooding Gaia and her passengers at this time. Maximise lightbody activation with moderation, meditation and mantras. Mindfulness teaches us manifestation. Be aware of our surroundings by interacting consciously. Climb out of our heads and into our hearts to secure our vibration in 5d. We integrate upgrades embedding our mindbodyspirit into higher dimensional frequencies.… Continue reading Upgrades and Tidal Waves #itsallaboutenergy

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation

Essential Crystals for Lightbody Activation.

To sucessfully quantum leap through time and space, a towel is handy. Crystals, on the other hand, are an essential travel companion. Crystals offer protection, healing and guidance. Crystals help raise our vibrations. Crystals stabilise and embed our energetic frequency in higher wavelengths. Crystals are armour to put off dark individuals. Crystals encourage balance and… Continue reading Essential Crystals for Lightbody Activation.