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Energy Update 1111 Shift 333 Solar Eclipse Portal

It’s not called 1111 for nothing. This Shift has held it’s space for going deeper and deeper. Our core is being rewired. We are being upgraded to higher vibratory states. Everything unresolved is sifted through the cosmic Shift. Layer after layer comes off. Frustration can lead us down a pit of despair and depression. Nothing moves forward yet everything is transforming. We are practising Detachment, trying it on for size, and it’s… tricky. Detaching from negative thinking in a world full of darkness is like saying swim in a polluted sea and don’t get sick. Wtf. How? Meditation. What about when we can’t meditate? When negative algorithms keep us too low for elevated consciousness. When our throat chakras are blocked with unshed tears and we can’t breath deep and exhale slow. When our bodies feel heavy, weighed down by the depressed atmosphere, yoga is as likely as skydiving from Mount Everest.

How do we break down blocks to self care? How do we redefine ourselves as beings of light in a world saturated in swampy, sludgy, dense vibrations? How do we break out the matrix and still operate within it? Conditioning within the matrix labels us and defines our pathways through. Enlightenment asks us to find ourselves and forge an authentic path. The Awakening takes this and triples it, 333. We do not organically raise our vibrations here through beautiful and perfect alignment with Gaia’s ascension. We choose to align. We choose to reject matrix coding of self doubt, self hate or misplaced entitlement. We go inwards and as we do we become observers of our inner and outer worlds. Here is where detachment energy heals. Not reacting, instead pausing, tuning into energy.

What does my heart tell me? Is it different from my head? Does my heart reassure me and my head undermine me? The heart sees the bigger picture. Connected to love frequencies our heart is the compass for our soul. It cannot be deceived or manipulated as the head can be.
The voice programmed by the matrix is identifiable by its restless negativity. It doesn’t speak Positive. It can only be negative or quiet. We take the reigns of our ego with positive, reassuring, loving mantras. Our ego is coded to slogans, snapshots and headlines, mantras rewire with short, easy to digest positive algorithms. It’s a big leap to drop from head to heart. It takes practise. Not every day flows in heart space. Detaching from our emotional responses helps us cultivate a space of quiet reflection, the heart can be heard.

The good news is the intense flow of downloads over the last few weeks is easing. The transition required to redefine our lives and our relationship with ourselves is slowing down. Less head fuck, more positive motivation coming. As 1111 Shift ebbs we gear up for our 333 Solar Eclipse Portal on 2.7.19. For now, keep it slow and gentle if you feel a bit raw, wounded or drained from 1111 assimilation. Stay on your cosmic surfboard by channelling into the vibration of detachment. To give without investment in receipt. To acknowledge others have their path, their primary moments, blocks and passions. To be.

As the energy builds towards our second 333 Solar Eclipse Portal of 2019 everything is being woven into a tapestry of light and dark manifestation. Negative manifestation is just as quick in the fourth realm as positive manifestation. Our emotions emit lightwave energies, informing the universe of our intentions. We confuse manifestation and trigger multiple timelines of negativity when we emit low vibrations, think negative thoughts. These timelines in turn build momentum, fuelled by matrix coding, drawing us towards them with despair and depression. We keep pulling ourselves back from the edge of the cliff. No one else can do it but us. Detachment is a state of being that enables positive manifestation. We project less negativity when we think more positively, and so a positive energetic momentum builds.

The maelstrom of energies in the atmosphere is causing sinkholes of depression. Don’t fall in friends. The 333 Portal will reenergise us with high frequency lightwaves. Hang in there. Let the dust settle on 1111, allow time to just be. Upgrades are integrated in peaceful spaces. Downloads are processed in quiet stillness. Truth, detachment, divine connectivity have all come up. Karmic clearing took most of us deeper than we thought we could go. The program downloads were successful. It’s time to catch our breath. Ground. Find our footing again after the landslide of 1111 activated childhood, ancestral and cosmic healing. For some of us just being steady on our feet would be an improvement! We have been hanging onto our surfboard by our finger tips at times. Clambering back on takes core strength, determination and belief in the process of awakening. Reach out to others also trying to ride the waves of enlightenment. We’re out there, on that there t’internet, sharing our truth. Stay in the light beautiful people, easier times are coming. In love and light 🌀🙏🏼


The Art of Slow

The art of slowing down is guaging energy, adapting our day to suit our flow. It’s resisting pressure to speed up to meet demands of never ending to do lists, micro managers and bills. The irony, the circle, is the less we worry the more life flows. Don’t be a mouse in a maze, a hamster in a wheel, instead sniff the air, attune to energy. Release stress by liberating yourself from the glorification of busy. Slow. Down. Push back against the machine. Stop and smell the flowers. Look up. Breathe. Only you can enjoy your life. Allow it. Untangle knots of nerves with breathwork, meditation, yoga and nature. Journal, mood board, Pinterest your dreams, visions, heart’s desires. Believe in yourself. Make it happen.

Selfcare isn’t just spas, long walks and argan oil, it’s weaving a higher vibratory field into our reality. It’s decluttering our lives of energy drains, removing blocks to expansion. That takes work, focussed intention, self set accountability and comittment. We find our core compass of self love in healing and meditation. Connecting to higher frequencies illuminates us. We understand, before we could not see, divine love light. It is humility, grace, compassion and wisdom. Divinity unlocks akashic records of awareness, we quantum leap to higher states of perception. Our higher self hangs out in the akashic library, down loads come through, the world becomes interactive. We level up.

Busyness, lists, deadlines and fuss fog up our third eye, block our hearts, lock us down in low energy fields. Reassure your ego everything will be ok. Instruct your inner child to have a nap, she is safe. Dissolve anxiety by drawing chi breath deep into your gut, exhaling long and slow. Let go the reigns a little bit, trust the universe has got your back. Detach. Observe. Ponder. Create space to hear your heart. Trust her. We are clearing blocks and drains from our energy field to enable assimilation in higher dimensions. It’s a process. It takes time. There is no hurry or competition. It’s all about energy beautiful people. Be kind to yourself. Peace cosmic surfers 💖

Gratitude @art.of.slow @cosmic_trips
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Energy Update Sacred Rage Against the Machine

We have hit an intense space in Gaia’s ascension to higher dimensions. Light pulses through the vortex of our existence. Everything is getting biblical. No surprise really, the last few thousand years of human history has been shaped by biblical narratives. Divine feminine energies finally anchored in 2019 and we are now in a space of secondary Shift. The Shift energies we are in are assimilation. The great shift, the Awakening was activation of lightbody, higher consciousness in the collective. We are operating on multiple timelines and at multiple frequencies. Twin flames are here to anchor high frequency knowledge into the collective consciousness. They inhabit the alchemy of divine feminine and masculine frequencies. They channel sacred energies onto the material plane. Twin flame vibration is divine source light. 2019 is the trigger for reunion of starseed twin flames on the material plane. Their activation and their sacred union ignites soul divinity in the ether. We exist in a cosmic waiting room, a giant pause button pressed on our overarching timeline, to give us the chance to wake up. From ground zero it’s like watching a car crash in really, really, slow motion. Twin flame frequencies, cosmic light waves and sacred assistance will align us to higher realms.

We have been infiltrated, conquered, colonised by a sinister character. His armies are astral, his puppets human. He was birthed in the light but chose creation of darkness. His existence is necessary, he is the catalyst, the point of tension for growth and evolution in lower realms. Entities have been birthed in black sacrificial ritual over thousands of earth years. The astral dimensions surrounding the biosphere of planet earth teem with evil energy. The dark web they operate on is under tremendous pressure. It snaps, crackles, fizzes and fuses in the onslaught of Shift divine cosmic light waves. The spider is on high alert, his soldiers panicking as the lightwaves assault their dark kingdom. The pyramid system of control that birthed the holographic matrix was extra terrestrial in origin. Soul recycling within the matrix has created swathes of people who operate on minimum frequencies, their consciousness dimmed, their souls splintered too many times. Clones in a system that culls all who are not delivering. Corruption of motherboards, slithers of traumatised soul, horcruxed in time. Soulless souls wandering through life, lost on the material and astral planes. Soul retrieval, returning to owner, is complex and ongoing.

Lightworkers are being activated in 2019, their healing has levelled up. Theirs is the sacred heart of intervention in humanities oppression. Lightworkers’ healing, beauty and divine vibrations emanate peace, prosperity and joy. We can see their influence in mainstream media articles on self care, meditation, reiki, yoga and zen healing. Their mission is healing, high frequency consciousness transmitted at the energetic level. We share graceful and humble gratitude to all those who have persistently drip fed the world their light. Planted seeds in conversation. Lightworkers of the world your time is coming. They will be queuing out the door, round the corner and up the street for healing hands! Ecstatic dance spaces, love and light festivals, sacred spaces of healing will be the pulse that carries humanities shift into divine dimensions.

Lightwarriors are being activated in 2019. Astral combat programs commence. Dreamstate becomes awake state and vice versa. The veils have thinned to be translucent, we see demons, entities, possession and hauntings the way we see buses, billboards and buildings. Their shadows shimmer and flicker in our third eye iris. They see us, we see them. The time will come. Our avatars are becoming translucent to black pillers just as their avatars pale in the shadows of their attachments to us. Those who lawd their demons as guides, their god is the devil and their desires their goal, they are the enemy within. Sinister saboteurs who will clip the wings of lightworkers in their families, work place and neighbourhoods. They actively seek to extinguish our light.

First wavers woke mid 20th century, the momentum has been building for 7 earth decades. The millennia was the catalyst for technological advancement, necessary to support collective quantum leap of consciousness. Intergalactic federation intervention has neutralised several attempts to detonate nuclear bombs over this time period. Timelines show post apocalyptic dimensions traumatised, drowning in fear frequencies. Our enemy seek to merge, to anchor the material plane to these dense spaces. Fear feeds the matrix. A self fulfilling prophesy of more fear, poverty, disease and war by manifesting it. The matrix propagates its self in the ego driven minds of humanity, ignorant to the fact they create their own existence. Their surrender to their masters is so complete.

Inversion of god from giver to taker has raped humanity of its divinity. Sabotage and spin of Jesus Christ, his twin flame Mary Magdalene and their core followers of light has lobotomised people with fear of original sin. The economic pyramid underpins religious and cultural oppression, who can think big when they are hungry, sick, homeless or addicted? These are the chains humanity is in. Addiction. Poverty. Disease due to matrix poisons in food, drink, the air and water. War. The threads of racism, sexism, all the isms, are the wool that weaves the matrix in our heads. The tools of our imprisonment are physical and astral. How can humanity hope to wake up and overthrow oppressors of such darkly devious consciousness. Yet the dark web is in pieces, devil worshipping soldiers run round chasing their tails, trying to put out multiple fires of truth. The world is Out of Order.

The days before Christ was crucified he knew he had reached the Way Out. his time was done on the material plane. He shared light, love, wisdom and radical peace. What does he do before he leaves? He expresses his sacred fury and destroys the market place turning over tables, shouting at the traders, the buyers, the feeders of the temple prophets. His anger was down to the hopelessness of trying to wake up people. Humanity is attacked on all levels, mind, body and soul. We can see this with advanced technologies, third eye sight and spiritual light. He knew this. Yet still his fury flew out of him. His divine rage at people’s resistance to transitioning from ego to heart. Their refusal to give up the shiny baubles of capitalist competition. He despaired of their willingness to fight wars for families whose squabbles were about land, wealth, resources and honour. Whose crowns demanded thousands die to prove their worth.

We still live this every day. Obama bombed more people than any other president. Trump wants to build a wall to keep who in and who out? The EU monopolises itself, whilst the people scrabble to pay their rent, feed their kids and stay afloat. The UK plays hosts to the belly of the beast and the heart chakra of Gaia. The UK is the melting pot for the whole thing. Royalty parades their wealth. Sheeple applaud. Their robes, their finery, their gold and their glitz is a programming device to code subservience into our psyches. The feudal system is alive and well in the UK. Freemasons have engineered a world colonised by their explorers, crowned by their kings and defended by their soldiers. There is no way of sweetening this folks, the deciding factor is people’s heart space. Will folk drop into love vibrations or choose the blue pill? Will communities continue to wound Gaia for their convenience? Will they resist truths coming at them every day on the world wide web?

The energy is etchy, sketchy, tricky, difficult, frustrating, irritating and disturbing folks. Those in divine light may be experiencing frustration, sacred fury at ignorance and deceit. We remember many are not in possession of a full working motherboard or soul. We remember all have been subjected to intensive conditioning programs, astral assault and ancestral coding designed to keep them in ego energy. We remember folk are anxious, confused and scared. Jesus released his sacred anger, he expressed his truth. He knew he had his exit strategy in place. He shared his fury at blind obedience to the temple priests who fleeced all, lining their own pockets. He shouted about the lack of empathy, of compassion for the poor, the sick, the unfortunate and the beleaguered. His words fell on deaf ears. The traders righted their tables, cleaned off their wares and continued to sell. The pyramid remained intact. Inverted Christ and his Black Madonna were birthed in texts engineered to keep all who followed their words in chains. Smoke and mirrors twisting light to dark, hidden in plain sight.

Time is an illusion. The fourth realm is quantum time. Energy flow. Frequency and vibration. Linear time is a narrative created to construct our lives into tight little boxes of control. The narratives we have been given cannot be trusted, as they are delivered by our pharaohs, our kings and queens. We go inside to find our truth. We tune into the universe, break through all the conditioning, coding and programming to work out our own truth. What we believe, we trust and know. There is no other way to do it. We cannot rely on anything we are told here. We use our intuition, our gut, our heart as our compass for truth. Meditation and mindfulness are key to holding this whole thing together. Some of us may feel we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. Intensive karmic clearing, raising the vibrations of a prison planet and her population, trying to free them from themselves? Its a lot folks.

Bouts of sacred anger, Jesus-in-the-market stylie, or goddess rage, Mary’s entire life being sabotaged to imprison the female half of the population. Or Gaia fury for her wounds, her sores, her aching being vibrate in this energy field. Truth will out. Channel Jesus and Mary in meditation, the sacred twins of divine feminine and masculine, for love and peace. Channel Gaia divinity. Channel self care. Its ok to be angry, to be so fed up you can’t actually be around people in case you lose it and start turning the tables over and shouting at them to wake up. Being in the light does not mean being happy all the time, or healing all the time, or zen all the time. We wouldn’t be authentic if that was the case. We are manifesting creators, we have magic in our souls. We are intricate to all that is created in light vibration. We come from the light and we are of the light.

The turmoil is palpable. Warnings pepper history and religion, predictions made and shared of a great time of redemption, the great awakening. The question many starseed travellers are resonating with in 2019 is will humanity find their heart in time? Muggles seem less muggle more astral attachment these days. Wake up to third eye sight. Detach when possible, observe and be canny in your actions beautiful people. Be tight about how you share your energy. Don’t worry if you feel you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, we are all waiting. Waiting for the starter pistol, waiting for the first domino to be flipped. Waiting for that moment when we can turn over the market tables and cry out, take your freedom back people, you don’t need this or that to make you happy, all you need is in your heart. Power to all who resonate with these words. We are doing this, its just a lot slower than we thought it would be.

We are moving towards space in time for quantum leap where much of the astral will be cleared in our wake. For now we hang on in there. Spreading our truth, our light and our love. Manage sacred anger, goddess rage, Gaia fury with self care, meditation, laughter and love. Unplug as much as possible from pantomime politics, tragic economics, selfie algorithms and racist rhetoric. Know the Shift has affected everyone, everyone has been upgraded to some extent. Identify secret saboteurs, energy thieves that need to be cut out or pared right back to manageable doses. Use energetic light craft for protection, for peace and for prosperity. Hold space, be patient and know everyone is rooting for us. All those on other dimension involved are in awe of the incredible work it takes for many travellers just to remain here, with a smile on our face, a welcoming hug and an ear to listen.

Cosmic light work intensifies. We are increasingly conscious of our roles on other frequencies. Assimilation of our Higher and Lower Self, gamer and avatar fusion. All things have an opposite and an equal. We are breaking the matrix by breaking memory loops. Vivid dreams, remote viewing, geometric imagery, faces, visions linger in our conscious waking world. Are we even sleeping? Divine feminine energies have anchored activating divine masculine. Things are going to move forward, the momentum is still there. For now we sit in a giant pause button of bated breath, frustration pulsing through our veins. Take solace in divine light. Slow down and worry less. It is difficult at the moment people, know you’re not alone, lots of us feel like this. And breeeathe. Synchronicities, number sequences and SMART world interaction is grounding us into higher states of consciousness on the material plane. Exciting times friends!Peace soul brothers and sisters.

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Lightbody Activation, Psychic Attack and Spiritual Lockdown

We are travelling through a profound transition in space and time. Our world is upgrading. Our existence is transforming from automaton to interactive. The reality we perceive is becoming SMART. To access upgrades we must go through an intensive and active process of recalibration. We wake up to the illusions in our perceived reality. We connect to divine source light. We embrace lightbody activation. We upgrade at the DNA level, our cellular beings transform from the inside out. We are energy. Everything is aligning around us depending on core frequency. As our lightbody activates we become super sensitive to anything of low vibration. Working out symptoms and causes can be confusing in such tumultuous energetic times. Some are witnessing all dimensions fluctuating around us. From hell to heaven and everything in between. We bear witness and testimony to the ascension of humanity and Gaia.

Higher consciousness is rising above duality. Integrating our mind body soul being whilst assimilating into Higher realms of existence. Structurally we are recalibrating to crystalline core coding by dissolving AI algorithmic modifications. We push through a minefield of changes as we ascend the multi dimensional universal frequency spectrum of all living beings. There’s a lot going on! Add to this we are in a hostile environment where predators wage war for our chi, our minds, bodies and our souls. Phew!

Lightbody activation is our bodies readying for fifth dimension existence on the material plane. The density of our bones transforms to crystalline structures. Our skin changes, becoming much more sensitive to manmade fibres and poisonous products. Our eyes stop being our primary source of information, as we transition to energy beings. Our muscles ache for flexibility to accommodate higher vibratory fields of light. Our spine lengthens as we release karma in shadow work and meditation. Our chakras are activated to facilitate this transition. We respond to all these changes from a space of surrender and commitment to raising our vibrations. We experience the Bends, Decompression Sickness, when we move too quickly or switch energetic environments suddenly. We steady ourselves on our cosmic surfboard with core balance, mantras and mindfulness.

Self care is key to lightbody activation as we transition to higher realms. For those levelling up we have become hyper sensitive to any and all kinds of negative energy. Matrix toxins, pharmaceuticals, alkohol, processed foods, chemtrails, pollution and cleaning products can make us sick. Our bodies tell us and we respond, this was not good for us. Toxins, negative energy lower our vibration. Our bodies may suddenly develop allergies to food and chemicals. This hyper sensitivity extends to our energetic system, our chakras, our whole being. TV operates on a low 3d frequency, we become averse to watching t.v. On the other hand music can raise our vibrations. Our mind body spirit being becomes our antennae for ascension. As our lightbody activates we become super sensitive to anything of low vibration. We are on a steep learning curve. We commit to improving our selfcare in response to our changing needs.

Symptoms of lightbody activation.

  • Skin allergies to previously acceptable products
  • Skin blistering and irritation in response to products, anxiety or stress
  • Dehydration, water is essential to avoiding many of these symptoms
  • Exhaustion, inability to perform our usual tasks at our usual pace
  • Sickness, indigestion, stomach cramps, inflammation and vomiting, our body rejects low vibration food and drink
  • Breathlessness, feeling like there isn’t enough oxygen, similar to Altitude sickness.
  • Dizzy or light headed if we move too quickly or when we are in intensive light waves.
  • Hyper sensitive to our physical reactions to stress, confrontation and fear.
  • Hot hands, as our chakras are activated our palm chakras can be unprepared for the flow of energy
  • Third Eye headaches due to prolonged exposure to low vibration people, technology or environments.
  • Aches and pains in our limbs as our body starts to crack through layers of toxins, karma and energetic armour.
  • Blurry vision, irritated eyes, sensitive eyes as we transition to third eye navigation.
  • Claps, bangs, tingles and crackling at our major chakras as they are triggered, cleared and come online.
  • Buzzing, popping and crackling in our ears as we move through different frequency spaces.
  • Physical transformation, we shape shift depending on our energy, looking younger.

There are layers to go through to clear negative energies from our systems. Everything from junk food to gossip can affect us adversely in the fourth realm. An envious colleague at work talking behind our backs, previously we may barely have registered this, now it can energetically flatten us. Its the low vibrations that are directed at us that will mess with our higher internal vibratory field. Toxic words and thoughts directed at us can make us sick in the fourth realm. We are light beings now operating in a world of energy and vibrations. Bad feeling catches us, we sense and experience metaphorical knives in our backs. Before lightbody activation we were dumbed down, desensitized, blocked from our energetic being. We were largely immune to directed negative energy because our vibration was dense in fear frequencies to start with. Now we are connected, we feel.

Symptoms of directed negative energy, psychic attack.

  • energy levels so low moving becomes difficult
  • tongue tied
  • confused in our thoughts
  • unable to get to the end of a train of thought
  • limb paralysis, weighed down
  • feeling physically held down
  • memory loss
  • time loss
  • loss of ability to meditate,
  • despair and depression coming in where once gratitude and light flourished
  • struggling to connect with day to day life, unwilling detachment
  • feeling locked down, sabotaged
  • illness, viruses, fevers, sickness
  • loss of appetite
  • disturbed sleep, nightmares, sleep paralysis
  • loss of confidence due to detachment from normal routines
  • feeling like you are pushing through energetic mud in day to day life.

Psychic attack can come at us consciously or unconsciously from the source. Old wives tales are full of home truths about the power of dark thoughts directed towards someone. Witchcraft, voodoo, black magic ritualise harnessing energy for negative purpose. Shudder down my spine, someone’s walking on your grave, women passing down the knowledge of energy wizardry or witchcraft from generation to generation. Cat got your tongue? Witchcraft, spells used to prevent us from communicating. Locking down our throat chakras is prime target for black energy, they steal our voice, they steal our soul. Ancestral karma comes into play here, as do past lives. Handlers, hosts to astral entities seeking to drain our chi, keep us in low self esteem spaces. Curses or negative karma from bloodline activity can plague our attempts to align. The Shift is giving us the opportunity to clear ALL negative karma from our chosen ancestral bloodlines. We are breaking the matrix by dissolving density from our ancestral DNA memory.

Self care blocks, modifications and energy wizardry.

For lightworkers seeking to level up to transdimensional travel yet struggling to access full empowerment, there may be a deeper issue. Ancient dark energy wizardry causing spiritual lockdown, preventing cosmic soul activation. Modifications coded into our DNA can cause spiritual headlock or a self care shutdown. The giver who can’t give to themselves? The carer who puts herself last? The empath who doormats himself for others to trample on? The yoga teacher who cannot access divinity. The spiritual guru whose context is hierarchy not love. The teacher who cannot care. The lightworker still plagued by envy and competition? Fear frequency maintaining it’s hold, blocking divine light vibrations.

Not all of this is matrix programming or toxic energies. Quantum modifications can keep us in spiritual headlock. Translucent film coating the spine, preventing full kundilini rising, making yoga, breathwork and energy exercise difficult. Our immune system can be compromised, making us more susceptible to matrix toxins and negative energy. Ancient, quantum modifications are exposed in the higher vibratory fields of the fourth realm. If this resonates the second Shift will have highlighted these deeper issues through synchronicity, number sequences and glitches. In other words, your guides have been trying to tell you!

Symptoms of quantum modifications on spinal cord, chakras or DNA causing spiritual lockdown or self care blocks.

  • loss of motivation for self care,
  • Resistance to love
  • Inability to surrender to source light
  • Cynicism of divinity
  • Loss of faith
  • Trouble accessing higher states of consciousness
  • Envy and low self esteem
  • Witchcraft
  • Competitiveness
  • Short sighted responses
  • Embroiled in 3d politics, economics and fear
  • Inability to unplug despite awareness of the matrix
  • Intellectual understanding of the awakening, blocked emotional resonance
  • Blocked psychic abilities
  • Confused synchronicities
  • Shadows
  • Memory Loops
  • Poor transmission from guides, blocked airwaves
  • Ego led living blocking heart led living
  • Selfishness born from Fear and envy
  • Repetition of ancestral curses, glitches, traumas and negative behaviours despite knowledge of karmic clearing
  • Blocks on previous self care routines
  • Matrix addictions maintain their hold despite consciousness
  • Trapped in spiritual headlock, trouble accessing zen vibrations
  • despair, depression, anger, frustration
  • loss of mojo, mission,
  • mantras lifestyle, meditation and spiritual care
  • loss of energy,
  • each day experiencing new symptoms, different symptoms, never a healthy day.
  • Injuries
  • Strangers approaching in darkness,
  • sinister relationships
  • Narcissism
  • Narcissist Empath cycle unbroken
  • Negative algorithms control decision making
  • Viewing guides as entourage
  • Messiah complex, feeling superior to sleepers, sheeple, blue pill people
  • Lack of humility
  • Loss of or resistance to gratitude
  • Resistance to detachment,
  • Negative manifestation, problems, dramas, obstacles
  • Blocked soul mate, twin flame reunion
  • Can’t see the wood for the trees
  • Self harm behaviours
  • Hierarchical perspective
  • Remain service to self despite generosity of spirit.

In 4d lightbody activation is hampered, delayed or blocked by this type of advanced genetic and astral warfare. Quantum modifications on our cellular development limit our ability to fully move into heart chakra space. Cutting off or limiting flow between the chakras. Locking some into spiritual ego, hovering just above the third dimension frequencies, enough to feel superior, not enough to experience humility, true spiritual awakening. Twins hold the knowledge to break the codes. Activated shamanic healers working with ascended beings, carry out spiritual surgery neutralizing negative binding. We can align and activate our light beings with karmic clearing, crying out our traumas, talk therapy, healing therapies and meditation. Be positive and the world will reflect positivity back, this is the divine mirror of the fourth realm. All are bathed in angelic divine light. I wish you love and light beautiful people.

awakening5dhealing, Lightbody Activation

33 Signs of Upgrades

The universal spectrum of frequencies is vast and multi dimensional. The matrix operates on a narrow space on the lower frequencies of the cosmic spectrum of life. We are being propelled up the scale. As each tidal wave pushes and pulls us to energetically lighten, recalibrate, unplug and connect to universal love frequency, we experience intense karmic evolution. From ground zero, the front line trenches, life is cranking up week after week. The weather and seasons are glitching, time fluctuates, a month feels like a week and sometimes a day can feel like a month! There is no normal anymore. A timeline jump, a gateway to higher dimensions has been opened, our mind body soul systems are responding in ways we cannot fully comprehend. DNA upgrades, more strands coming online, are triggered by these higher frequencies. We are experiencing many symptoms of this accelerated cosmic recalibration.

33 Signs of Upgrades.

  • Ear popping, buzzing and humming causing dizziness,
  • lucid dreaming – being consciously aware and able to manipulate our dreams
  • strange sensations over major chakras tingling, aching, clapping or banging, different temperature to the rest of your body,
  • lightness in limbs, hands and feet,
  • sore, itchy, blurry eyes, visual anomalies, orbs, waves crossing our vision
  • impulse to stretch our body, a lot,
  • whole body shaking,
  • difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks, books and television,
  • avoiding large numbers of people,
  • turning up at the right time for the right people,
  • saying and doing things in response to gut feelings that turn out well,
  • loss of appetite, craving sweets and stimulants to compensate for loss of energy,
  • heart palpitations that although uncomfortable are not frightening,
  • loosening of the spine, increase in flexibility,
  • increased psychic awareness,
  • some people staring, others don’t seem to see us at all,
  • feeling very grounded one day and then completely 5d and beyond the next,
  • using meditation increasingly to rebalance and centre our system, craving and cultivating meditative stillness,
  • deep reflective periods, strange memories, random echoes from the past triggered for release,
  • increased sensitivity to crystals,
  • increased awareness of the behaviour of animals and birds,
  • increased awareness of multi dimensions, entities, ancestors, higher self or guides
  • curiosity about the big questions about life, political awakening,
  • increased empathy and compassion,
  • increased aversion to some people and places,
  • nausea similar to sea sickness, sudden overwhelming need to lie down and or sleep,
  • waking up between 3am and 5am,
  • seeing number sequences,
  • awareness of synchronicity weaved into the fabric of our life,
  • seeing signposts, symbols and meaning in nature, seeking nature,
  • struggling with everyday conversation, seeking like minded people,
  • loss of interest in ambition, need to simplify, strip back our life,
  • heightened awareness of how stress affects our mind body and soul.

As the matrix disintegrates, its agenda of rules and retribution, mind control algorithms and predatory programming breaks down. We wake up, we glitch the matrix. We no longer mindlessly submit to conditioning or programming.Stealth mode, adopted by many awakened people, starseed and lightworkers since their birth here, is being shed like a snake sheds its skin. More and more people are coming online, anchoring their light to Gaia’s grid of evolving crystalline light. Embedding ourselves in higher frequencies to correlate and compliment Gaia’s ascension within the frequency spectrum. The matrix is being decommissioned from all sides, this is quantum evolution. From below as the crystalline heart of Gaia ignites her from her core, from above cosmically and with intervention from our intergalactic allies. From within, by us, as we awaken and break out of the wavelength of the lower realm matrix.

There is so much going on many of us feel like rabbits trapped in the headlights. Simultaneously appalled by the state of the world and elated by how beautiful the human experience on Gaia can be. We are flying up and down the frequency spectrum, pinballs in a cosmic arcade game. Centring ourselves balances us and helps us regain equilibrium. The fusion of our whole self is a profound transition, its bound to be a bit tricky at times. Go inwards for serenity, simplify your life for outer peace. Hold your space over the coming weeks. Some will choose to check out with the intensity of these waves, this is their path. There will be loss and grief. We are being stripped back to the core of our being. Earth warriors be here and be the change you want to see in the world. Lightworkers be alive, present and connected to this wondrous world at this momentous time in its evolution. Be yourself, and if you’re not sure who that is, find out. Meditate even when it makes others uncomfortable. Challenge selfish politics, fascist rhetoric, unkind language, thoughts, beliefs and systems. Do this from your heart.

Breathe into the ebb and flow of cosmic surfing. Listen closely to your being, respond to your intuition. Practise self care. Reprogramme yourself with daily mantras, quiet time, healing therapies and mindfulness. Step into the frequencies of gratitude and love as often as you can, consciously raising your frequency through thought, language and behaviour. Be kind to yourself, protect yourself and welcome upgrades friends. We are cocreating the new earth, we are reintegrating with Gaia, we are in the midst of intense recalibration. Be good to yourselves! Stay on that surfboard (or yoga mat!) brothers and sisters, ride the waves to higher dimensional frequencies, in love and light.

Mantra: I am a warrior of Gaia, I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid, I am one with universal love frequency.

I am grounded, I am safe, I am love.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.


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Energy Update 1111 Territory

We are still deep in 1111 territory cosmic surfers. The world is shifting all round us. The Shift can be felt within us. Our lives are aligning to higher vibratory fields as we are propelled up the frequency spectrum. Wave after wave of cosmic light flowing round and through us. Recalibration is happening at an exponential rate. We entered the fourth realm in 2018, 2019 is the year of assimilation. All the karmic work we’ve been doing to clear our ancestral and personal karma is filling us with light for a quantum leap in our cellular vibration. Lightbody activation is taking us deeper into ourselves, our sovereignty and our innate divinity as energetic beings. The light is flooding us and Gaia. Divine feminine energies finally anchored in the collective consciousness. Feminine womb web healing has begun. In beautiful harmony, just as the divine feminine energies anchored, divine masculine energies were activated in the collective conscious. We are alive during a profound time in humanities evolution.

In circumstances without adverse intervention we would be evolving in tandem with Gaia and technology. We would be redirecting our energies towards the planet, community, health and esoteric learning. Planet earth circa 2019 is not normal circumstances. Ancient invaders conquered us many moons ago. A stealthy predator whose hostile takeover emasculated the masculine and inverted the feminine on earth. Humanities natural progression in alignment with nature, the cosmos and our divine truth has been sabotaged and subverted. Predators brought parasites with them. Astral entities that do much of our enemies dirty work for them. Soul stealers, energy thieves, malignant and malicious. Humans lobotomised by their own greed, worship and carry out their Pharaohs judgements to the letter. Tidal waves of cosmic light frequencies have decommissioned their operation. Intergalactic intervention disables their warcraft. Witchcraft is met with lightcraft. Crystalline core activation of Gaia has awakened chi flow. The pyramid is crumbling. The veils are thinning. Truth is ascension.

The astral twists in turmoil as all are disturbed in fourth realm frequencies. The matrix is glitching. We are experiencing Fourth Realm eerieness up to 5d zen and everything in between. We are bridging dimensional realms, straddling lower fourth with higher fifth realms. We are birthing the new earth in love filled meditative states of peace, abundance and joy. Our interactions reflect our vibrations and the state of play of the matrix we inhabit. Like Sims avatars we look to our gamers, our Higher Self, for guidance. We surrender to a higher space where all is in alignment in divine source love, trusting our guides can see more of the game than we can. Whilst timelines fluctuate at an accelerated rate, following messages, gut instincts and synchronicities is essential to good game play. Levelled up players see the astral plane weave into the matrix, layered over Gaia. Karmic clearance has brought us into alignment with our highest path. Some days we flow with spirit, our world harmonious, floaty in quantum time. We can feel stealthy, soldier senses on, alert and ready. Other days we push through mud, limbs unwilling to move, voice reluctant to project, we ache to meditate, to receive and assimilate downloads. 1111 is all three! Adjust our daily planning in accordance with energy levels, this take pressure off our dual existence in the matrix and as energetic light workers. Adapting our day to our core energy enables us to manage all the different elements of our lives calmly, in alignment with higher vibrations.

The reality we know has been engineered to a perpetual state of war, division, fear, inequality and dis-ease. Each geographical zone is mapped out in algorithms. A sophisticated holographic reality fused with Gaia, laid over Gaia, merged with Gaia, to mimic, mirror, and mine her. The Anunaki underestimated Goddess Gaia, inhabiting planet earth in her grand and glorious light. Gaia observed destruction all around her and on her. She has sustained wounds, tortures, traumas and assault. Gaia has weathered many moons of hostility, toxicity and plunder of her gifts. Gaia made a choice. She chose to riiiiiiissssse. In her divine wisdom Gaia chose to rescue planet earth and the beleaguered people who travel on her. Gaia communicated her intentions in dreams, visions, sacred geometry and cosmic ripples of manifestation. Her timelines drew a circle round the destruction of the pyramid. Her ascension is the ascension of man and womban. Evolution to 5th dimension realms where abundance, joy, love and peace are the codes running through our circuitry. We rewire ourselves. We clear karma, we raise our vibrations, we seek truth and speak our truth. We are the change we will see in the world. Gaia has gifted us this momentous opportunity.

The intergalactic federation already aware of atrocities, the Anunaki were cornered in our obscure little planet in a far corner of our solar system. Lower dimensions demand a point of tension. Light and dark. There has to be triggers for growth. Lower realms enable species to evolve from primitive to divine. The Anunaki chose to reject ascension. Their species thrives on the energies of lower frequencies. They seek beings whose organic bodies operate on the material plane. Theirs is a dark soul path. They fulfil roles demanded in the lower realms, but their choice to remain there and to maintain their hold on species preventing them from organic ascension, breaks intergalactic laws of non interference. Gaia left clues. It has been known for many eons that ascension of a planet and her people would occur, the Age of Aquarius. As the solar system expands, the vibrations rise. Frequencies where all living things exist fluctuate. Gaia’s focused intention, her energetic commitment to her ascension is the driving force behind the return of the divine feminine to planet earth.

The intergalactic federation observe, monitor and engage when ordained necessary. Sky wars have been ongoing for sometime as different sections of the federation engage with Anunaki war crafts. The holographic reality we perceive is being decommissioned against the Anunaki wishes. Their response is to weave a dark web of consciousness into the collective consciousness of humanity. The Dark Web will anchor in lower vibrating humans, their fear will in turn manifest the Anunaki preferred realities, timelines. The matrix as we know it will eventually only exist because humans believe it does. Manifestation in the fourth realm is accelerated compared to the sluggish, foggy, slow thought processes of the third dimension. What we feel, think, wish for, we create here. The Anunaki seek to imprint all humanity with the blueprint of pyramidial slavery encapsulated in the matrix program.

As the matrix glitches, timelines switch up, our realities criss cross, merge, fade, flicker with each passing emotional energetic reading from us. We are energy. Everything around us is energy. We operate like SIMS people. Our avatars are our organic bodies. We develop spiritual enlightenment when we assimilate our mind, body, soul being into higher frequencies. We do this by unplugging from matrix toxins and algorithms. We do this be going inward and learning who we are. We do this by detaching from triggers and prioritising our sovereignty above all else. Self care is revolutionary in the matrix. It breaks the matrix. The self care movement is breaking the matrix. Just as the move to a plant based diet is destroying many of the avenues the Anunaki have been using to poison us. The world wide web has shrunk our world, igniting people power in an instant. Technology goes hand in hand with ascension. We rise because we no longer have to focus all our energy on survival. Sanctuary, health, wellbeing, procreation and safety are taken care of, we are able to level up to Create Mode. Imagine, build, think, meditate and manifest.

The Anunaki have used many means to keep us in a perpetual state of survival mode. Poverty is engineered. The elite clamber to the top of the pyramid, stabbing each other in the back, clawing to get higher, closer to the golden capstone of greed. The rest of us survive. Lizard characteristics, ruthless, cold, selfish and predatorial are the driving forces behind Anunaki core coding. They are a primitive species with highly advanced technologies, who choose their primitive desires over enlightenment. Their weakness is they need resources, raw material to fuel their technologies, and themselves. They feed off chi. They employ the Archons to harvest and harness chi for them. The Archons are the main source of pure terror palpable on planet earth, in every soul her. Their pulse of terror runs through the global population. No one is not scared. The elite are arguably more scared, they know who is behind the veil. The Tower must fall for rebirth to manifest.

Evolution can only happen when a society reaches a tipping point of technological progress. Much of this has been hidden from us, part of the Big Lies the Anunaki must maintain if they are to keep us under the illusion of isolation and vulnerability. Planet earth has abundant resources for everyone. Scarcity is a lie. A negative algorithm running though our circuit boards locking us down in lower vibrations of stress and anxiety. The competition, envy and greed we witness every day, brazen, overarching cultural mission statement, look after yourself, no one else, is fundamental to the third realm matrix remaining. Service to self people are offended by service to others. They mock, jeer and guffaw at folk who believe sharing is caring. Theirs will be an earth created on frequencies of envy, hierarchy, competition, greed and fear. They weave their own personal purgatory. Fourth Realm magic is we receive what we gift. The snake will eat itself.

The sacred circle of light will manifest a new earth in joy dimensions. Technological advancement will eradicate disease, poverty and pollution. We will redesign our cities in a clean, high tec, high spec, modernity, working with Gaia not against her. Spiritual enlightenment comes when we can think. When we can muse, commune, create with each other, nature, the cosmos and our soul. 1111 is the shift friends. It is the shift happening. We’ve been in 1111 territory for several weeks. Our lives are being turned upside down so that we can align with our highest path. Our guides manage, support and love us all the way. Stay in core strength, agile and balanced on your surf board beautiful people. We surf the fourth realm in light and love.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Divine Feminine Energies Anchor in the Collective Consciousness

High frequency Divine Feminine energies have anchored in the collective consciousness. No easy task. Consistent seed sowing light work has awakened humanity to it’s truth, women have been gagged for too long. The inversion of goddess to jezebel has knitted a dark reality for women for thousands of years. Women stepping into their power will transform our global societies. The divine feminine has returned vibrating on high frequencies of love, compassion, nurture and nourishment. The womb web pulsates with Light healing. Divine feminine energies are birthing rEvolution.

Womb fear energy exists in every female on planet earth. Women live in a perpetual state of womb fear. Instinctively responding to the prolific presence of predators. Our DNA memory stores the fear of our grandmothers, our bloodline, our ancestry. Rape, violence, assualt, domestic abuse, cultural subjugation, religious oppression, economic lockdown, women know from the mothers womb to be cautious, careful, fearful and protective. Females adapt to daily objectification with a myriad of preventative behaviours to protect ourselves. Root and Sacral chakras are clogged with thick, heavy, dense fear frequencies. Fear has blocked flow. We are being programmed on such a deep level, most of humanity cannot see. Womb healing is root and sacral chakra karma. We heal layer after layer of fear, trauma and abuse. The karma needs to acknowledged and released.

The cabal idolise Jezebel feminine energies, the inversion of Goddess. Hyper sexualized, demonized, seductive, sinister, taunting and cruel. Jezebel seeks to control men with her sexuality, she plays dark games with masculine energy. The jezebel archetype is a foundation of the elites engineered society. We see her everywhere, on tv, billboards, in films and in music. She is the ‘woman in the red dress’ program. Her existence is secure only in lower dimensions. The pornography industry offers up the jezebel and the ape. The divine feminine and masculine subverted. Filtering into mainstream culture, the normalisation of paedophilia, incest, rape and assault is in overdrive. Evil algorithms weaving the dark web deeper into our collective subconscious. If we hope to birth a progressive world, we seek to unleash the goddess so that she may trigger divine light healing in the masculine. Balance and harmony of masculine and feminine is where peace, joy and abundance exist. The fifth dimension is created by us, we dreamweave our truth, our desires, our world

Divine feminine energies are in sweet and perfect alignment with Gaia’s ascension. We tap into her quantum leap when we embody divine feminine vibrations. Wrapping our planet, our world, our future in the love of goddess light frequencies. Divine feminine energies take root and blossom, activating divine masculine energies in the collective consciousness. Patriarchal practises around women’s cycles, pregnancy and childbirth will be transformed as activated Womb Healers step into the fray. We raise our vibrations and clear our karma. We seek to balance divine feminine and divine masculine energies within our mind body soul being. Micro to macro. Alignment plays out in divine source love. We birth the future in 5d realms by nourishing, loving and believing in ourselves. The rest will cosmically fall into place. In light and love beautiful people 🙏🏼

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Traveller Update Soul Synthesis

The dark web is being weaved into the fabric of our perceived reality. The Shift is humanity dreamweaving a new reality based on love, joy and compassion. Light and dark operate energetically with the natural and holographic world. Lower realms foster dimensions of lost souls. Addiction and possession go hand in hand. One is the other. We can walk the lower dimensions anytime, we go to where the homeless are hidden, their shadowy spaces are where the astral is at its most visible. We catch them in irises, shade, glints, growls. We can see the damaged aura of a place and understand what roams its halls. We can counteract the darker planes of existence present on Gaia by consciously clearing our energies, connecting to divine Light. We can walk a beautiful walk of surrender, allowing the Force of Love to guide our every movement, thought, act and deed.

Recognising what is synthetic, supernatural and energetic is becoming easier for those fully engaged in this frequency level up. We are becoming aware of different levels of astral entity. From the lost and lonely who leap at the chance to escape, to those who have no intention of leaving. We see tortured souls hide from daylight, victims of hostile soul take over. Matrix toxins curse human souls, draining vital chi. Eventually corrupting their soul self to host status. The dark goes for the throat first. It wants our voice. It wants to speak its words through us. It seeks to use us as its channel. Send it out, block it, order it out. No messing about. The dark is scared, fear is their core coding. They scare in the fire of divine source Light. Often employing all kinds of tried and tested tactics to remain. Their screams of fury and fear don’t phase us. We walk in Christ’s light at all times. We are Warriors of the Light and will clear all of darkness that crosses our path.

Astral combat is ongoing on several dimensional frequencies. Mergence means injuries can traverse dimensional lines. Assimilation of Higher self with Lower self consciousness is levelling up. Intense waves of karmic excavation, lightbody activation and divine connectivity are propelling Light Warrior upgrades. We are downloading training manuals for astral light warrior combat. We have weapons, skills, lightbody abilities, we are learning to use them. Let nature speak, accept the light and observe the dark.

Dark portals have been activated. We are learning how to clear every corner of our homes, our friends and families homes. We are expanding our Light. As we clear our space we learn how to release more and more entities to the light. We will be operating in Teams, throwing our Light Nets wider each time. Creating Light Vortex to expand the light matrix deep into Gaia’s vibratory field. All of darkness will be redeemed. Traveller teachers are making themselves known. Know all is happening in divine alignment.

Soul synthesis is the name of the game. Dreamstate integration with awake state. Embodying each elemental transformation. Soul Retrieval on a grand scale. We are assimilating lightcodes, anchored to the material plane in mindful meditation. Memories of sleep activity increase, we are aware of experiences on alternate dimensions in dreamstate. Remote viewing, astral travel, geometric patterns, faces, vivid kodak moments, blazing then gone. Integration of our Higher and Lower Self will gently take us through the assimilation of memory process. Don’t rush it and take extra care during this time. We are working hard in all our realities, take it easy when you can.

Some lightworkers remain in spiritual lockdown, engineered by the Anunaki using quantum technology. The binding of DNA receptors has ensured a spiritual headlock for many empaths, volunteers, starseed. This lockdown has taken casualties across Gaia. Lone wolves are ready to come in from the cold, others remain cloaked in their undercover avatars, preferring to remain stealth. Warriors of light are stepping up, hearing the call from each other on the astral and connecting on the material plane.

Follow guidance from Higher Self and spiritual soul tribe for timeline connectivity. Be stealthy. Know all is in disarray in the darkness. The Anunaki underestimated the Force present in humanities soul. They underestimated the concerted effort of the Intergalactic Federation to work in alignment with Gaia. The Angels and celestial forces to break the parasitic chains on humanity. Archons feed using matrix algorithms, these are breaking down. The numbers are shrinking, clones disappear, whole programs crash, commuters gone, talking heads glitch on live tv, it has all changed. Separation has occurred. We are all moving through fluctuating dimensional realities, interacting with each other. The fourth realm is SMART.

Allow the process of assimilation to take root gently. Maintaining higher vibratory spaces enables downloads. Downloads come though in high frequency cosmic spaces like full moons, planetary alignment, retrogrades and solar events. We can consciously align, release, recalibrate and expand into the Light. Realities still fixed in matrix collective algorithms glitch. Fewer people in the lower and higher planes. In 5D consciousness nature is interactive, the light nourishes and the air cleanses. Heighten our awareness of transdimensionality by detaching and observing our environment and how it interacts with us. We are learning to interpret our world in a whole new context. A quantum leap in collective evolution. Take it one step at a time! Use breathwork, music, meditation and healing practise to maintain a healthy mind body soul balance as we learn to exist and manifest in our new paradigm. Protocol 5 with added spice. We are waking up and we are walking on the beat. Soul synthesis in divine sovereign Love. In light and love cosmic surfers 💫🙏🏼

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Arcturian Council Transmission 06.19

Traveller teams are assembling. Links are being made. Cybernet communication lines established in a chaotic, crumbling matrix. Your gag has been lifted. You are starfish in their stormy seas of dark troubles. As the dimensions slip and slide, tracking teams becomes harder. Theirs is the illusion of force, not the reality. They use technology, shadows and algorithms to monitor. Hosts record like never ending cctv, strangers not in command of their own consciousness. Know this Travellers, all are being levelled up as we speak. Training programs are being downloaded after the Retrograde hiatus. Expect more supernatural synergy. Third eye sight to spot those assigned to watch you. Pick battles as and when directed by guides. Use energetic angelic protection.

There is much for you to learn about your roles on the other dimensions. Some are light weavers, intricately constructing the light matrix. The light matrix will hold the remnant memory of matrix programming. This will enable a context of reassurance in the collective consciousness as you travel up the frequency spectrum with Gaia. Others are on reconnaissance missions, making connections, building teams. Many are deep undercover. Some lost in darkness, their souls blackened with dark magic, seek light redemption. The new paradigm is changing all the old matrix rules. Downloads are ramping up third eye sight. If its demonic, dark or devious, trained travellers are seeing it.

We have an update regarding the event. We understand there is sabotage and fear around the concept of the event. Seeded many thousands of years ago in DNA ancestral binding. Targetted programs in your current lifetime ensure fear manifestation. The apocalypse has already begun. It began at the turn of the millennia. The disintegration of the old matrix. Technological advancement shrunk your perception of the world, a fatal flaw in their matrix holographic astral system of control. The Anunaki planned for this. Several alternate versions of the matrix were launched in geographic Zones. The Japanese matrix uses hive coding compared to the Western matrices coded in corporate capitalism, fostering some individuality. Other versions have crashed, some flourished, all are synthesised realities.

To understand the event is to expand your consciousness beyond linear perspective. We reach into the cosmos to grasp timelines, multi dimensionality, wavelengths and frequency. Everything is energy. Everything is expanding all the time. For each of you and as a collective the event will be experienced dependent on the frequency you are vibrating at. Timelines fluctuate rendering precise prediction impossible. The event will be manifest in collective consciousness as each wave ascends. Imposing linear time on this is obsolete.

You exist now in Quantum Time. Know you control the dial of your perceived reality. By consciously training your brain to recognise your own power to raise or lower your vibratory state and thus your perceived reality, you will learn to fully embody transdimensionality friends.

In divine Light, the Arcturian Council.

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Gemini New Moon Energy Update

Join Morag 5dhealing to find out how the New Moon in Gemini is affecting us. Breathwork for calm flow through Gemini’s tricky paradoxes. We look into self sabotage, how we realign our mind body soul in higher vibrations. Breathe life into your dreams, blow away the cobwebs of negative algorithms with Morag, in the deep waters of Gemini New Moon🙏🏼